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Chapter 663

In the next period of time, until Alyssa’s neck injury was removed, no one came to trouble her.

In the middle, Clifford called her several times.

But it was just a phone call and never came to find her.

Alyssa didn’t go out much, and naturally there was no news of Robert.

When Alyssa went out to remove the stitches, Dave accompanied her.

Regardless of Dave’s past, he is a very dedicated and capable bodyguard.

And Alyssa also felt that Dave was a little bit talented to be her bodyguard.

But Dave himself didn’t seem to feel that way, nor did he neglect Alyssa’s low price.

Such a person will not be too bad if he was just a bodyguard and didn’t do other things.

After removing the thread, Alyssa kept for a few more days, approaching New Year’s Eve, Mattie called Alyssa again for a draft.

The first draft of “Lost City 2” Alyssa has completely written. Regarding the areas that may need to be revised and cannot be reviewed, she also marked out and wrote the revision plan.

Alyssa took the manuscript and went to Mattie’s studio.

When she went, the little girl at the front desk greeted her very warmly as usual.

“Where is your boss? Is she in the office?” Alyssa and Mattie had made an appointment in advance. She would ask like this, just casually.

Unexpectedly, when she said her words, the little girl at the front desk was embarrassed: “The boss is seeing the customer.”

It’s normal for Mattie to have guests, and Alyssa didn’t think too much: “Then I’ll wait for her.”

Alyssa then took the magazine and sat on the sofa waiting for Mattie.

After a while, the door of Mattie’s office opened.

Alyssa raised her head when she heard the door opening, just in time to see the person coming out of Mattie’s office.


Rostenvel is really too small.

Alyssa squeezed her fingers on the magazine’s title page and involuntarily tightened it a bit.

When Miana saw Alyssa, there was just a hint of surprise on her face, as if she didn’t know Alyssa.

Then, she turned to look at Mattie behind her: “Miss Adkins, do you have any other guests?”

Miana pretended not to know Alyssa.

Mattie didn’t know the relationship between Miana, Karl and Alyssa.

If you want to divide the winners and losers, at present, among these people, the biggest winner is Miana.

Miana did lose face much before, but now that she is finally with Karl, she naturally exhales and wants to find her place.

Mattie knew Miana’s thoughts too well, but at the moment she couldn’t offend Miana explicitly.

She handed Alyssa a look of “be calm and restless”, and immediately said with a smile on her face: “Miss Palmer, let me introduce you. This is Alyssa. She is the screenwriter of “Lost City”.”

“Alyssa, come here, Miss Palmer’s boyfriend invested in the filming of “Lost City 2″.” Mattie smiled stiffly.

Hearing the words, Alyssa stood up abruptly and looked at Mattie.

Mattie sighed, turned her head and avoided her eyes.

Alyssa knew that now is not the time to ask more, Miana is still here, and she has to wait until Miana is gone before she asks Mattie.

Alyssa pursed her lips, and walked towards Miana, in an official tone: “Hello, this is Alyssa.”

She did not intend to reach out to shake hands with Miana, she knew that even if she did, Miana would definitely not shake hands with her.

Miana seemed to see her thoughts, a coldness flashed in her eyes, and her face became cold.

She didn’t even look at Alyssa, turned her head and said to Mattie: “Miss Adkins, since Karl has taken a fancy to your team, I believe you must be unique.”

“Thank you Miss Palmer for common sense.” Mattie has become more sophisticated and smooth in recent years. Although Miana’s words are uncomfortable, Mattie is still smiling.

“But ah…” Miana said at this point, and the voice changed: “No matter how smart people are, sometimes they will not be able to see others. If you find someone to cooperate, you have to keep your eyes open, so as not to find some inconsistencies. People…”

It was already obvious that this was aimed at Alyssa.

All fools could hear the obvious malice in this statement.

Alyssa didn’t speak, but Mattie’s complexion became a little ugly.

Mattie did not have a good impression of Miana, and her family was not bad, and she hated Miana’s superior tone.

She didn’t even bother to pretend to laugh, and took a half step back, with a cold and detached tone: “If there is nothing wrong with Miss Palmer, I will send you out. I have other work to do. I will ask you another day to have a cup of coffee.”

Such an obvious order to chase away customers made Miana’s face changed.

Mattie just treated her respectfully, what’s going on now?

She sneered, but she really couldn’t tell that Mattie and Alyssa had a good relationship.

Everyone can pretend, Miana smiled and said, “Then I will leave first, so that Ms. Adkins will talk about work.”

As soon as Miana left, Mattie pulled Alyssa into the office inside.

Alyssa sat on the sofa without saying a word, Mattie locked the door, and hurriedly walked to Alyssa, and said nervously, “Alyssa, I can explain this.”

“Just two days ago, a kind of subordinate of Karl’s came…”

Alyssa said at the right time in a cold tone: “Smith, Karl’s special assistant Smith.”

“Yes, that’s the one called Smith. He came to the door and said he wanted to invest in “Lost City 2″. Considering your relationship with Karl, I definitely disagreed, but he threatened me. He said if I don’t accept Karl’s offer. Don’t even think about getting other people’s investment.”

“Then… Just as you saw, Miana ran over. She probably knew you were coming over today…”

Mattie wanted to discuss this matter with Alyssa, but there was something going on these days, Alyssa hadn’t come to the office, so she kept delaying.

After Mattie finished speaking, she glanced at Alyssa with some guilty conscience, waiting for Alyssa to speak.

Alyssa was silent for a while before asking Mattie, “Has the contract been signed?”

Mattie quickly said: “Not yet.”

Alyssa fluffed the hair scattered over her ears, and said in a serious tone: “Since Karl has to invest, you should sign it. How many crews want Adams’ investment, he sent it to the door, why not sign it?”

“But you…” Mattie originally thought that Alyssa would strongly oppose her, but she didn’t expect that Alyssa would not only oppose her, but would instead support her.

“Business cooperation pays attention to profit, and it has nothing to do with personal feelings.” There is no warmth in Alyssa’s tone.

Mattie was also willing to cooperate with Adams’ family. After hearing Alyssa’s words, she also nodded.

“One more thing, I think Miana must still be looking for trouble.”

Alyssa looked indifferent: “Whatever she wants.”

Chapter 664

Alyssa knew exactly what Miana was thinking.

Miana made up her mind to have trouble with her, of course she would not shrink back.

Alyssa knew that Miana had been depressed for too long. Now that she has finally turned over, she is naturally desperate to find a place.

“Don’t talk about it, let’s take a look at the manuscript.” Alyssa took out the hard drive she was carrying and handed it to Mattie.

The following episodes of her are all in it.

Speaking of business affairs, Mattie’s complexion also straightened up: “Let me take a look first.”

Mattie took it seriously, and asked a few questions from time to time where she didn’t understand.

“You may be required to follow the crew later, and some points still need to be changed later.”

“Even if you want to start up, at least you have to wait until the end of the year, right?” Alyssa didn’t have any comments on this.

Mattie gave a good price, and Mattie also respected her original scriptwriter.

“Yes, it must be until the end of the year.” Mattie finished speaking, and looked at the time: “It’s getting late, let’s have a meal together.”

Alyssa did not refuse, and nodded.

When the two went out together, Alyssa walked straight to a black car.

Before Alyssa came to Mattie’s studio by car, Mattie was familiar with Alyssa’s car. She glanced at the car and knew it was not Alyssa’s car.

There seems to be someone in the car.

Alyssa walked to the door and knocked on the window.

When the window was lowered, Dave’s face appeared in front of her.

As her bodyguard, Dave conscientiously followed her when going out.

“I want to eat with Mattie.” Alyssa lowered her head slightly and said towards Dave inside.

Dave nodded, unwilling to talk more.

Alyssa felt that Dave was actually a bit weird. When he was with her, he was very careful and cared about her, but he was usually too cold.

So cold, it doesn’t match his concern for her.

It was as if someone was forcing him, forcing him to treat her.

Alyssa was puzzled, and it could be that Dave was already awkward.

Dave did not want to talk more, but Alyssa, as a conscientious employer, still asked, “Are you eating with us or?”

“Don’t worry about me.” Dave replied blankly.


Alyssa turned and returned to Mattie’s side.

Although Mattie didn’t follow her just now, she was not far away from Dave’s car. She didn’t see Dave’s face clearly, only knew that it was a man.

As soon as Alyssa walked over, Mattie smiled ambiguously: “I said, why are you so indifferent? You found a new one.”

“What’s new and old?” Alyssa didn’t react for a while.

Mattie glanced at Dave and leaned in Alyssa’s ear and whispered, “New man.”

Alyssa was taken aback, and frowned slightly: “He is my bodyguard.”

“Huh?” Now it was Mattie’s turn to be taken aback.

She just really thought that the man in the car was Alyssa’s new boyfriend.

Mattie felt a little embarrassed.

She immediately changed the subject: “Get in the car first or I’ll starve to death.”

Alyssa went on the pole without continuing the topic.

After she fastened her seat belt, she looked in the rearview mirror and found that Dave was following up in the car.

After the incident last time, Alyssa’s car was sent for maintenance, and never got it back. Dave drove his own car.

Dave’s car is not expensive, 200,000 price tag, very low-key.

Mattie took Alyssa to a newly opened creative restaurant, the taste was very ordinary.

To be straightforward, it is a bit unpalatable.

But Alyssa didn’t care about this either, so she immersed herself in eating the dishes.

Dave also followed in, sat down next to them, and ordered a meal.

Alyssa just wanted to go home after dinner.

She didn’t go to see Grace because of her injury.

The stitches are better now, and she wants to see Grace.

If possible, she would like to talk to Karl and take Grace to live with her for a while.

As the new year is approaching, she has nothing to do now, and with Dave, an outstanding bodyguard, she doesn’t have to worry about safety.

When Alyssa was eating, she didn’t pay much attention to Dave on the side, but Mattie frequently looked at Dave.

After a while, Mattie mysteriously moved from the opposite side to Alyssa: “Where did you find your bodyguard? It doesn’t look easy.”

“Huh? Why?” Alyssa couldn’t help but glanced in Dave’s direction.

Dave ordered two meals and had eaten cleanly. He was holding his phone and didn’t know what he was looking at. He frowned as if he had encountered something upsetting.

Alyssa rarely saw Dave’s emotional appearance like this. She secretly guessed that Dave might have something to do with Claire?

“Don’t you think that your bodyguard looks a bit like the black boss in the movie? He seems to have a feeling of exhausted sails and hidden edges!”

I have to say that Mattie is still very accurate in seeing people.

“Is there? Why didn’t I see it? He just looks a bit fierce.” Alyssa was nonchalant, deliberately hiding his identity for Dave.

Fortunately, Mattie just mentioned it casually, a bodyguard is indeed not worth her attention.

After dinner, Alyssa and Mattie separated and went back in Dave’s car.

Alyssa was distracted thinking about going to see Grace.

She thought for a while before calling Smith.

Smith answered the phone very quickly.

“Miss Alyssa.” Smith changed words this time rather smoothly.

Smith has always been respectful and polite to her, Alyssa warmly said: “Mr. Smith, is Karl in in office?”

Although she and Karl were doing this now, Smith did not offend her, she was naturally polite to Smith.

There was a moment of silence on the other side of Smith: “Sir is in a meeting.”

“Oh, after he finished the meeting, tell him, I want to take Grace to live with me for a while. I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Alyssa’s tone is so polite, Smith is naturally also the tone of business: “I know, I will pass your words to Boss.”

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa looked at Dave: “Go to Karl’s place, I’ll go see Grace.”

Dave glanced at her, seeming to have something special.

Alyssa frowned: “What are you doing looking at me like this?”

Dave didn’t speak, and drove straight towards Karl’s villa.

After arriving at Karl’s villa, Alyssa got out of the car and walked inside with Dave.

Karl was having a meeting in the company, and Alyssa felt a little more relaxed when she came to see Grace.

She didn’t think about how she would face Karl either.

However, when she walked into the lobby, she saw the man who was supposed to have a meeting in the company, coming down from upstairs…

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