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Chapter 661

The next moment, Dave’s voice rang.

“Does Miss Alyssa believe me?”

Alyssa turned her head and looked calmly: “The price I pay may not be as high as Claire.”

When the voice fell, she clearly saw Dave’s eyes changed slightly.

Is it because she mentioned Claire?

This discovery made Alyssa very interesting.

Dave took off the peaked cap from his head: “I am not short of money. I need a job and an employer who trusts me.”

Dave is skilled, and those powerful and influential can naturally look at him as a bodyguard, and even pay him a lot of money.

But his experience is too complicated. There are too many things hidden in those eyes. Anyone who is a little cautious will usually check his details.

Although his identity cannot be found by ordinary people, it will only be a troublesome thing for Dave.

After quickly thinking about these questions in her heart, Alyssa said aloud: “I’m going to throw out the garbage now.”

The elevator door was about to close at this moment, Dave directly stretched out his hand and pressed it, and walked in first.

Alyssa curled her lips, Dave was really interesting.

Alyssa followed in, and Dave pressed the number “1”.

When the two got out of the elevator, Dave followed Alyssa a step away.

Now he has entered the working state.

“Am I going to praise you for your dedication?” Alyssa pretended to be making a joke while walking.

Dave didn’t say anything, Alyssa didn’t mind.

After she threw the garbage into the bucket, when she turned around, Dave had already walked behind her again.

Not good at skill.

Alyssa continued to talk to Dave: “I believe that with your ability, you can do other things well, why would you be willing to be a bodyguard for someone?”

For a long time, she didn’t hear Dave’s answer. Just when Alyssa thought Dave would not speak any more, Dave’s voice rang.

“I can only do two things, killing and protecting people.”

Now that I have washed my hands in the golden basin, I will naturally no longer engage in murder and arson.

Alyssa was not so afraid of Dave now, so she dared to ask anything.

“Why would you wash your hand in golden basin?”

Dave didn’t say anything, Alyssa took the next sentence to herself: “Because of Claire?”

After he finished speaking, she felt the cold air coming from behind her side.

“Angry?” Alyssa looked back at him.

Dave’s expression was extremely cold: “Miss Alyssa is very interested in my personal affairs.”

Not interrogative sentences, but declarative sentences.

“Yes, I’m particularly interested.” Alyssa did not deny it, but admitted it generously.

At this time the two had entered the elevator.

When the elevator was almost on the floor where they lived, Dave suddenly said, “Miss Alyssa is so concerned about other people’s private affairs because the relationship with your ex-husband is not going well, do you want to divert attention from it?”

Alyssa was startled, and a touch of anger surged in her heart.

Almost everyone has a person in their heart who they don’t want to mention easily.

Dave didn’t want to hear her mention Claire, she didn’t want to hear Dave mention Karl.

The truth is the same.

Alyssa sighed, “Sorry.”

Dave accepts Alyssa’s apology without reason.

Alyssa didn’t expect Dave to be quite particular.

She and Dave separated at the elevator entrance and went back to their rooms.

After giving time to Grace, she left from Karl’s villa and was later besieged by Robert and went to the hospital again. After so long toss, it was almost evening.

Alyssa remembered that she hadn’t eaten lunch yet.

She opened the refrigerator and looked at nothing.

In the end, she took an apple and felt that she had no appetite after eating half of it.

Sat in front of the computer and start writing the remaining episodes.

It was midnight when she finished writing in one breath.

Her stomach is uncomfortably empty, too lazy to cook, and no appetite.

Is it because the heart is too close to the stomach, so it is also affected, so it is also followed by transient abnormalities?

The scene where Karl and Miana hugged each other on the road before, seemed to be still in sight.

Alyssa sneered herself, and Karl went back to find a woman who was the right one. Why should she be like that?

Can she live without Karl?

She pressed her stomach, stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

Before reaching the kitchen, she heard a knock on the door outside.

The knock on the door was three rhythmic sounds, not hurried.

Alyssa turned to look at the time, half past one.

It can’t be Tina. She saw a Reuters picture of Tina shooting a movie in the desert yesterday.

Naturally it could not be Peter, Mattie and others…

Could it be that Robert came here so soon?

Alyssa took the phone and pressed the three numbers “110” out. If something goes wrong, she would press it immediately.

There was nothing to defend herself in the room, so she went to the kitchen and took a kitchen knife.

Then, holding a kitchen knife in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, she walked towards the door lightly.

She was sure that there was no sound when she walked.

But when she walked to the door, the people outside seemed to know that she had come, and said aloud: “It’s me, Dave.”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and immediately let go of deluge in her heart.

She opened the door and saw Dave standing at the door with a tray in his hand.

She glanced at the tray hurriedly, did not see what was inside, and asked him, “It’s so late, what are you doing?”

Alyssa’s eyes have an imperceptible vigilance.

She always felt that Dave would live in the same community as her, which was a bit of a coincidence.

Even if he is her personal bodyguard now, it does not affect her to doubt him.

Dave put down the tray in his hand: “Eat it?”

Only then did Alyssa see that the tray he was holding contained a bowl of porridge and two plates of side dishes, which looked fresh and delicious.

Alyssa widened her eyes involuntarily, “You… did it?”

“Take it and eat it.” Dave didn’t answer, and pushed the tray forward again. His brows were frowned tightly, as if what he was holding was not something to be eaten, but a Hot Potato that he disliked.

Alyssa couldn’t imagine anyhow that people like Dave could cook and give her food.

This bodyguard is too dedicated.

If she hadn’t seen Dave’s relationship with Claire earlier, she would have wondered if Dave had a crush on her.

People like Dave should rarely give people anything, right?

For a while, Alyssa felt moved again.

She reached out and took the tray in his hand: “Thank you.”

Dave didn’t speak, as if it would be troublesome to say one more word, he turned around and left.

Alyssa stood at the door, watching Dave enter the opposite door, and then looked down at the porridge on the tray, feeling very complicated.

She closed the door, returned to the room, put the porridge on the table, sat down and started eating.

The porridge and vegetables are in good condition, but they are not bad.

Chapter 662

Early the next morning.

Alyssa’s door rang.

She could vaguely feel that it would definitely not be Dave who knocked on the door so early in the morning.

She glanced in the cat’s eyes. They were two policemen in uniforms.

The police will come here, it must be because of yesterday.

Alyssa didn’t think it was any surprise. If she was actually carried in Robert’s hands yesterday, she didn’t know if she could come back alive, and Robert would naturally take care of the follow-up.

But yesterday, Robert and the others did not succeed, and naturally they would not deal with the follow-up matters.

Robert is an out-and-out villain. He suffered a loss yesterday, so naturally he will find ways to trouble Alyssa.

Alyssa was also mentally prepared for this.

She tidied her clothes and opened the door.

The policeman took out his ID and raised it to her, with a serious tone: “Is it Alyssa?”

“Yes.” Alyssa’s gaze stayed on the ID for a while before she looked away.

“Come with us. Regarding the car accident on Rexter Road yesterday afternoon, we would like to find out about the situation.” The policeman said as he collected his documents.

“Can you wait for me to change clothes?” Alyssa said, closing the door and returning to the room.

After closing the door, Alyssa’s face sank slightly.

She had only thought that Robert would trouble her in this regard, but she hadn’t thought that even if the police asked to come to her door, at least they would contact her yesterday.

This action is a bit too slow.

Alyssa glanced in the direction of the door, walked to the sofa and sat down, took out her mobile phone and lost a few keywords to search for related news.

But she found that there was nothing.

The entertainment industry in Rostenvel is developing very well. How can there be no news about this kind of thing?

Alyssa was a little bit suspicious.

At this time, there was another knock on the door outside.

“Miss Alyssa, it’s me.” It was Dave’s voice.

Alyssa heard this, got up, walked to the door, and opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, she saw Dave standing blankly at the door, while the two policemen were still standing there waiting for her.

As soon as the police saw Alyssa coming out, they asked, “Can you go now?”

“Where to go?” Dave asked aloud first.

Alyssa said, “Where else can I go.”

Dave turned his head and glanced at the two policemen, and said to Alyssa, “I’ll go with you.”

“Who are you for Ms. Alyssa?” When the police heard this, his attention fell on Dave.

Without answering the police, Dave said: “Let’s go together.”

Alyssa noticed a subtle change in the complexions of the two policemen.

She and Dave looked at each other, Dave said nothing, motioning for her to leave.

Alyssa walked ahead, and Dave directly followed.

“You haven’t answered our question yet!” The police followed, his face not depressed.

“Why should I answer your questions?” Dave sneered, “Because you are fake policemen?”

When the voice fell, Dave stretched out his arm to stop Alyssa. Alyssa stepped back with tacit understanding. He closed his hand, raised his leg, and directly knocked the two fake policemen to the ground.

“You are assaulting the police!” The two fake policemen fell to the ground and did not admit that they were fake.

“Then call the police.” Dave glanced at Alyssa. Alyssa understood, and took out the phone to call the police.

Seeing this, the two fake policemen scolded and got up from the ground and ran off the stairs. They didn’t even bother to wait for the elevator.

Alyssa looked at the direction where the two policemen disappeared, and frowned slightly: “It’s really fake, I just had a little doubt.”

Dave didn’t say much to her on this topic.

He took out his cell phone: “Leave a phone number, you can call me directly if you have something to do.”

Alyssa read her phone number, Dave called her, and she saved Dave’s phone number.

After exchanging phone numbers, Dave had to go back to the room again.

Alyssa thought that the bowl that Dave gave her food was still at her home in the middle of the night, so she stopped Dave.

“Dave, you wait.”

Dave stopped and turned to look at Alyssa.

She returned to the room and took out the tray and the clean bowl.

“Thank you for the porridge.”

Dave took the tray, and Alyssa couldn’t help asking, “You can cook?”

“No, I asked someone to do it.” Dave left after speaking.

Not two steps later, he turned around and asked her: “You haven’t eaten yet.”

“No.” Alyssa shook her head.

Dave didn’t say anything and went straight back.

Alyssa stood there for a moment in a daze.

He is really not short of money as a bodyguard, and he specially invited someone to cook.

How could a person like Dave cook.

After several years, Alyssa felt that she had come to a conclusion too early, and it was normal for people like Dave to cook.

Alyssa returned to the room, and after a while, the door rang again.

You don’t need to guess she knows that it is Dave again.

She opened the door, and she saw Dave standing at the door.

He stood at the door holding a breakfast with no expression on his face, his eyes indifferent, as if someone was forced to give her breakfast.

“No…use it, I’m not hungry.” Alyssa seemed so reluctant to take it.

Dave seemed to pull the corner of his mouth and said, “If you do too much, you can’t finish it anyway.”

Alyssa had to take it over, she was a little unsure whether she had found a bodyguard or a babysitter.

Alyssa took the breakfast and Dave said, “What about the two fake policemen just now? Who did you offend?”

“Robert, do you know?” Alyssa had nothing to hide from Dave.

“Oh.” Dave responded with no expression, and then asked in a flat tone: “How do you want to deal with him? The whole body is still crippled?”

Alyssa shook her hand holding the tray: “Huh?”

“If you think about how to deal with him, tell me, but if it’s killing him, you have to talk again. If it’s just a broken arm and a leg, you can just say it.”

“…” Alyssa didn’t know what to say for a while, only felt that the breakfast in her hand was a bit heavy.

After Dave left, Alyssa returned to the room with breakfast, sitting at the dining table still blank.

Dave’s tone was too easy and flat just now, which made Alyssa a little bit uncomfortable.

If this was said from someone else, it might not make Alyssa feel that way, but the person who said this was Dave.

Dave is serious.

Alyssa realized once again that Dave was a person with blood on his hands, not an ordinary bodyguard.

She remembered that she deliberately mentioned Claire in front of him last time. Although Dave was angry at the time, he didn’t do anything. Now that she thinks of it, she is really lucky.

She dare not imagine that if Dave couldn’t control himself…

Alyssa shuddered, staring at the breakfast in front of her, and started eating carefully.

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