Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1339 – 1340

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Chapter 1339

The relationship between Maria and Peter?

Some things from the past flashed in Tina’s mind, and her expression was indifferent: “If you want to know, just ask your cousin, where do I know.”

Tina speeded up her pace while speaking. Stephanie’s legs were not as long as hers. She trots to keep up, and whispered, “But after hearing you talk to Maria just now, you seem to have known each other very early.”

Tina paused, but seriously thought about it, and then said, “We have known each other for many years.”

“How did you meet?” Stephanie approached gossipingly.

Tina leaned against the elevator wall, looked up at the lamp, and forgot it in her heart: “It’s almost 20 years, she and your cousin are classmates since elementary school.”

When she was young, Peter loved playing with her, and Maria loved playing with Peter, so she knew Maria when she was very young.

However, she and Maria have always been at odds.

Maria doesn’t like her, and she doesn’t like Maria’s pretending to be noble.

Seeing each other is wrong.

Stephanie widened her eyes in surprise: “They were classmates since elementary school? You mean, are they classmates in junior high school or high school?”

“More than that, after graduating from high school, they went to study abroad together.” Tina finished speaking, curling her lips and showing a mocking smile.

Seeing her look, Stephanie felt a little puzzled, but at this time the elevator reached the floor where they lived.

Tina took the lead to go out, and Stephanie followed, called the laundry service of the hotel for her, asked her to go to bed earlier, and left.


In the hotel lobby.

Maria looked at Cathy pretentiously, and asked Peter, “This is…”

The story of Peter and Cathy was very popular on the Internet, and she naturally knew it.

But she never believed that Peter would be with a woman like Cathy.

“I’m Peter’s girlfriend,” Cathy spoke, and stretched out her hand to take Peter’s arm.

Peter frowned slightly and took his hand out of Cathy’s, but he did not deny Cathy’s words.

“When did you come back, and why are you here?” Peter and Maria are classmates from elementary school. After knowing each other for so many years, they still have some friendship, so their tone of voice is also milder.

Cathy was still happy that Peter didn’t deny it, but seeing him and Maria talk so softly, the bottom of her heart was even more angry.

Maria glanced at Cathy casually, with a hint of provocation hidden in her eyes, and when she talked to Peter, a smile appeared on her face: “Which question should I answer first? It’s too late today. Why don’t we find another day? Have a meal together at a time and talk while eating.”

Peter lowered his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, suddenly turned his head and rushed to the side of Cathy and said: “There is nothing wrong with me here. Go back to your room.”

“I’m with you…” Seeing Peter’s expression getting colder, Cathy had to give up: “Then I will go up first.”

When Cathy left, she looked back while walking.

Just now she noticed that the clothes worn by Maria are the latest models of the season, and the bags are also limited editions.

Being able to go to a school with Peter is naturally a person in the same circle as Peter. She has a good family background, a good background, and a good temperament.

Although she doesn’t want to admit that Maria looks very good, but the facts are in front of her eyes.

Every woman around Peter is very good.

This made Cathy more and more of a kind, that she and Peter are people in two worlds, but the more so, the less she can relax.

Chapter 1340

After Cathy’s figure disappeared, Maria looked at Peter and said in a mocking tone: “Among us, what else can we say without your girlfriend?”

Peter couldn’t help but smile when he heard this, “If you let the paparazzi hear it, it will be a trending search again.”

Although he never contacted Maria after returning to the country, she was an old classmate from childhood to adulthood. After a few conversations, the kindness came back.

“What’s the big deal on the trending search, you will definitely handle it.” Maria knows how to get along with Peter, otherwise she can’t be friends with him for so many years.

For example, at this moment, Peter also sent his girlfriend away to chat with her, which shows that he still trusts her.

A love prodigal like Peter will not really love anyone, and will find the most suitable person to marry in the end.

At that time, she, a well-knowing old friend for many years, was naturally Peter’s first choice for marriage.

Peter said in a calm tone: “You know what kind of temper Tina has. Don’t provoke her if you are fine.”

“What?” Maria’s face changed slightly. She didn’t expect that Peter only sent Cathy away just to tell her this.

She quickly adjusted her emotions and said with a smile: “I don’t have one, but I just happened to meet Tina. You think too much.”

“That’s good.”

When they were young, Tina and Maria didn’t fit together. As long as the two met, they were sure to fight.

Peter didn’t know what was going on between the two of them, until they grew up, they were still wrong.

This circle is so big. The George family and the Grant family have also worked together. Peter also knows that Maria played with him when he was a child, just to squeeze into his circle.

This kind of thing is very common around Peter.

And Maria is also a well-measured person, and doesn’t cause trouble, but is a bit at odds with Tina, so Peter also opened one eye and closed one eye to make friends with her.

Peter stayed true to Tina, and Maria couldn’t hold her smile anymore: “Didn’t you deal with her in the same way?”

“You are not me.” Peter pursed the corner of his lower lip, which was a sign of his impatience.

“That’s right, after all, you and Tina are childhood sweethearts, here is how ordinary people can compare.” Maria was very unconvinced, but before Peter, she could only follow his words.

Peter’s expression was slightly relaxed, and even his tone eased a little: “When I finish here, I will return to Rostenvel to form another meet out, so that everyone can get together.”

Maria concealed the loss of her eyes: “Okay, you can just let me know when the time comes.”

She originally wanted to eat alone with Peter, but listening to his meaning, he wanted everyone to have a party together.


The next day, Tina played earlier and got up at four o’clock.

The hotel has a breakfast buffet. After she sorted out, she went to the restaurant with Stephanie.

It was still early, and the people who had breakfast in the restaurant were basically from the crew of “Lost City”, all of them were sleepy, and a few had their eyes closed to eat.

Stephanie glanced at the breakfast area, rubbed her hands and said happily, “Wow, there are meat buns.”

Tina glanced at her disgustingly: “I’ll go and say hello to the director first.”

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