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Chapter 657

In the past, when Grace watched cartoons, she didn’t even blink her eyes.

She even said that the cartoons are bad and boring?

Alyssa asked tentatively: “Then what do you want to see?”

Grace didn’t speak, but as soon as she jumped off the sofa, she went upstairs.

Alyssa followed and saw that Grace was already sitting on the ground holding the drawing board and began to paint.

Grace draws attentively, regardless of whether Alyssa has come in or not.

Alyssa tried to talk to Grace, but Grace didn’t care about her either.

Grace was immersed in her own world and seemed to isolate everything.

Alyssa accompanied her for a while and went downstairs to make lunch for Grace.

She didn’t plan to have lunch here, she just wanted to cook a meal for Grace.

The servant knew that she was cooking, and quietly exited the kitchen.

Karl didn’t come back at noon, and now Claire is also gone. Grace’s lunch is also cooked by Alyssa, and the servant doesn’t need to prepare lunch for anyone.

Alyssa spent some thought and made some cute food.

Little girls like cute little things.

Alyssa came out of the kitchen with a smile on her face carrying the prepared lunch, and when she passed the hall, someone came in from outside the door.

She raised her head sharply and saw Karl strode into the hall.

Karl also just raised his eyes to look at her, and their eyes collided in the air.

Thinking of what happened yesterday, Alyssa looked like she had been burned, and suddenly looked away, as if she hadn’t seen Karl, and went straight upstairs.

She watched her nose, and walked upward, suppressing the urge to look back at Karl.

What is so good about him?

When he was in Best Day last night, since he didn’t say anything about her, it means that he has made up his mind and is serious about separating from her this time.

Each club has its own dignity and bottom line.

She is the same!

After going upstairs, Alyssa found that the palm of her hand holding the tray was already sweaty.

Inexplicably nervous.

don’t know what is this nervousness for.

Alyssa brought the lunch to Grace’s room and came out after watching her finish.

When she came out, she couldn’t help but glanced in the direction of Karl’s study.

The study door was closed tightly, and she had just stayed in Grace’s room for almost half an hour. Karl would come back suddenly, maybe just came home to get an important document, maybe he would have left by now.

Thinking of this, Alyssa relaxed a little.

However, when she walked to the top of the stairs and saw Karl sitting on the sofa in the hall, she relaxed her heart and raised it again.

Why is Karl still not leaving!

Alyssa’s mood is a bit complicated, whether he is going on or not.

She looked down again, and Karl was holding the phone and lowered her head not knowing what she was doing.

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

Seeing Karl answering the phone, Alyssa went on with confidence.

When she arrived in the hall, she gave the dinner plate directly to the servant, turned and walked out.

At this moment, Karl’s voice suddenly came from behind: “Stop.”

Karl’s voice was low and deep, without a trace of emotion.

Alyssa was stunned for a while, but didn’t stop, but walked faster, and finally ran.

She seemed to hear Karl’s sneer behind her.

But she couldn’t think so much, she didn’t want to stay here to face Karl, facing this Karl who had nothing to do with her.

The relationship between people is too weak.

There is no bondage of marriage between them.

Even with the daughter Grace, they have nothing to do with each other except having the titles of Grace’s father and mother.

If there is a relationship, it is that Karl gave Adams’s to Alyssa at that time, and there may be an interest relationship between the two.

For a time, Alyssa thought a little too much.

So that when she ran outside and was stopped by the bodyguard, she froze for a while before reacting.

“What are you doing, get out of here!” Alyssa lowered her face, her brows stern.

The bodyguards looked at each other hesitantly, but in the end they still had no intention of giving way.

Alyssa understood that this was what Karl meant.

Alyssa turned her head fiercely, and saw Karl walking out of the hall in a hurry.

A black suit made him appear more cold and deep, and it made him feel more and more elusive.

Alyssa twisted her eyebrows to look at him: “Karl! What do you want?”

Karl walked to her slowly, Alyssa felt that the pressure on her body became stronger with every step he took, and she involuntarily stepped back two steps.

In the end, Karl walked up to her and stood still, staring at her for a while, then slowly said, “Asked you to stop, didn’t you hear?”

“You didn’t call a name Mr. Adams, who knows whether you wanted to stop me or someone else.” Alyssa raised her chin slightly, her face was cold and uncompromising.

Karl laughed suddenly.

Alyssa curled her lips subconsciously, what did he smile? what’s so funny?

Pretend to be a fool!

“You think you were able to get out of trouble in Best Day, so you think you are capable?” Karl looked at her mockingly: “Be a peaceful woman and avoid trouble. After all, you are the mother of my child.”

——You are the mother of my child.

Oh, it’s so clear.

Karl was cautious and suspicious. When it was critical, he always spoke without leaking.

Alyssa looked at him mockingly, and said word by word: “It is none of your concern.”

Sure enough, she only uttered these words, and Karl’s face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing Karl’s face changed, Alyssa couldn’t mention how happy she was.

Let her say something plausible and make him unhappy!

She didn’t make him happy!

Alyssa squinted her eyes and stared at him without letting go.

Karl’s jaw was tight, and the expression on his face remained unchanged, but Alyssa strangely noticed that Karl was clenching his teeth secretly.

Don’t know if the two have been together for too long and have a tacit understanding, or she thinks too much.

After a while, Karl said two words coldly: “Very good.”

“Since it’s good, can I be released now?” Alyssa was not afraid at all.

For her now, the most important thing is Grace. Even if Karl regained his anger, he could never take Grace away.

Facing Karl, Alyssa was confident now.

To put it another way, break the jar and fall.

She and Karl are already like this, how bad can they be?

Thinking of this, Alyssa’s expression became more calm.

Karl let out a cold snort, passed her straight ahead and walked outside.

Karl has gone, and the bodyguards who have stopped Alyssa had also retreated.

Chapter 658

When Alyssa got outside, Karl drove away.

Alyssa could only see the back of the black car disappearing in the distance.

She got into the car with a complicated look.

Karl has been in the news recently, but they are all lace news.

In fact, it is not only Miana, but occasionally there are some scandals about Karl and other women who cannot be beaten by eight.

As for whether these scars are true or not, whether it is written by the media for bloggers’ eyeballs, or whether Karl really has anything to do with them, Alyssa couldn’t know.

If you really don’t care at all, it is fake or not, it is fine.

She and Karl have been together for so long, and it’s not that she can’t live without feelings.

She would still pay attention to the lace news of Karl unconsciously, but after reading the news, she herself felt extremely uncomfortable.

It’s like self-abuse, knowing it will be uncomfortable, but it still depends.

And deep down in Alyssa’s heart, she still felt that Karl was abnormal recently.

How can a man who is not lustful, has frequent scandals with different women?

This is simply not in line with Karl’s acting style.

Alyssa drove the car, a little distracted, so she drove slowly.

It wasn’t until a few cars caught up from behind to overtake her car and crossed her car before she reacted violently and stepped on the brakes.

Because of the sudden stop, her body leaned forward inertially.

She was dizzy for a moment. When she raised her head and looked outside the car, she saw people coming down one after another in the cars that were blocked in front of her.

The leader is Robert.

It’s really lingering.

Alyssa took out her mobile phone to call the police.

However, as soon as her mobile phone was taken out, Robert’s people directly smashed the car window.

Shards of the car window glass splashed on her body, and her hands and face were scratched to varying degrees.

Alyssa panicked in her heart, and subconsciously turned her head and fled towards the passenger position on the other side.

However, Robert’s people had reached out from the broken car window and pulled in Alyssa’s hair.

And Alyssa just made the alarm call at this time.

The phone slipped from the hand, and the voice of the police rang: “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Alyssa’s hair was pulled very tightly by them, her face turned pale with pain, and she said loudly, “This is Rexter Road, I…ah!”

“The smelly lady dared to call the police!”

The person pulling her hair outside the window slammed hard at this moment, and her neck got stuck on the broken sharp corner of the car window glass.

She wore a white scarf today, and the blood dyed her scarf red.

Alyssa was so painful that she couldn’t speak.

The door of the car was opened, she was dragged out directly, and her mobile phone was also taken away by them and threw it hard on the road.

Robert came up from behind, and when he saw it, he cursed and said, “What’s going on? You killed me before I did it?”

Someone hurriedly explained angrily: “Mr. Scott, it’s not that serious. You can’t die.”

“Better don’t kill me, I want to live!” Robert tilted his head and glanced at Alyssa, smiling very gloomily: “Today, don’t think that someone will come to rescue you. I won’t let you go!”

After he finished speaking, he snorted and straightened up and said: “She called you to deal with it. Later, she will try to throw me away to police and send people to me.”

After Robert finished speaking, he got in the car first.

It was just that he got into the car, and a black car rushed over.

Robert’s eyes widened, and he kept scolding the driver: “Son of a b1tch!”

The driver turned sharply, but the car still crashed.

Alyssa’s neck was still bleeding, and her body was already a little cold at this time, her vision was a little fuzzy, and she couldn’t see who was in that car.

Karl had just left in front of her, is it Karl?

The door opened and a tall figure walked out of the car.

The man walked straight over.

When he approached, Alyssa couldn’t see who was coming.

She murmured in disbelief: “Clifford…”

“Alyssa.” Clifford called her, with a consistent smile on his face, but when his eyes touched her blood-stained scarf, his face suddenly became gloomy.

Alyssa no longer felt any physical pain at this time, and she was just thinking about one question.

Why not Karl?

Why not him?

But no one can answer her.

Robert’s car was hit, but his car was fine and there was no problem.

He originally thought it was a big man, but when he got out of the car, he saw Clifford standing there alone, and he was full of confidence: “Smelly boy, are you new to Rostenvel? Do you know whose car you hit?”

Clifford turned his head and glanced at Robert, and said coldly, “Let her go.”

It may be because of his love to laugh all the time, Clifford’s face made people who didn’t know him or his details looked at it, and they only felt that he has no attack power.

Robert didn’t look at Clifford at all: “Huh, you are so courageous! I haven’t seen anyone with courage like you in a long time. You know where all the courageous people I have seen have gone?”

“They are all dead.” Robert smiled very viciously: “I will give you a chance. Now you kneel down and say sorry, I can let you go, but if you don’t kneel, you can only be with those people.”

Not only did Robert fail to see Clifford in his eyes, but also Clifford did not see Robert in his eyes.

He just took a look at Alyssa, the emotions in his eyes were a little hard to distinguish, as if he was confirming something, and as if there was nothing.

Then, he quickly looked away, and moved very quickly to Robert. Alyssa didn’t see how he moved his hand. She only saw Clifford pressing Robert’s head into the side car window.

don’t know how much energy Clifford exerted. The car window shattered and Robert’s head was smashed. The blood was flowing down his forehead and all over his face.

Robert’s scream was about to pierce through people’s eardrums.

Robert’s subordinates surrounded Clifford and they were about to do it when they heard Clifford say to Robert, “Are you sure you want your men to do it? If they do, do you think you can go home alive?”

Clifford’s attack was too ruthless. Robert had never seen a man like Clifford. Although he usually fought fiercely, he was still afraid of death at the critical moment.

Robert trembled all over, too scared, and even his voice trembled: “Don’t…you don’t come over, go back…”

Clifford saw Robert’s sorrow, a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes, and he said coldly: “Release Alyssa.”

“Let her go, let the woman go!” Where did Robert dare not listen to Clifford’s words.

His subordinates quickly released Alyssa and pushed her towards Clifford in the front.

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