Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 940

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Chapter 940

However, looking at Irene’s young age, the shareholders settled their minds and decided to wait and see if the female president has a few brushes.

If not, they would not give her a good face.

“Who just proposed the bad idea of selling Media Asia?” Irene sat on the president’s revolving chair, raised her legs, and stared at the crowd with cold eyes.

Her words and deeds revealed the shadow of Jacob.

Shareholders are all wondering, where the former president went to find such a woman, and he was in the same way as him-it is unpredictable.

Shareholders dare not answer rashly.

Guan Xiao pointed to the shareholder who made the most trouble just now, “The president is him.”

Irene glanced at the shareholder faintly, her eyes full of contempt, and it seemed as if it were 256,000. “Guan Xiao, pay him the money and kick him out of Media Asia.”

The shareholders were not lost, “Hmph, President Zhan is gone, who knows what will happen to Media Asia in the future? It may not be a bad thing to pay me the money.”

Under his bewilderment, other shareholders were also a little moved.

Who knows that Irene’s conversation turned, “If you want to withdraw from Media Asia, then hurry up. Next, we Media Asia will have a big move. Success or failure depends on this.”

Irene said this, but suddenly stopped.

Those shareholders looked at each other, “Big move?”

Irene started to fiddle with her nails that were as shiny as shells. Above is a sunflower inlaid with diamonds?

Then she heard her slowly said: “Mean Asia, since standing on the shoulders of giants, we should carry forward the past and achieve greater results. In the next three months, I will acquire all competitors in the industry and make Media Asia a monopoly giant. Nothing. Man can be the enemy.”

Guan Xiao was very surprised…

This goal was the goal of Jacob.

If it wasn’t for the president’s child to induce labor, the president Zhan would accumulate good deeds and pray for the child. And gave up this plan.

Unexpectedly, when President Yan took office, the first thing he did was to continue the wish of President Yan.

Guan Xiao’s face was relieved.

Other shareholders changed their faces in amazement, “Monopolize the market? The Bai family, Tian family, and Zhan family, Yan family, will they agree?”

Irene said: “They are not fools, of course they will not give in.”

The shareholders were dumb.

Irene stood up and said: “If you have the courage, stay and ride the wind and waves with me. Media Asia succeeds, and your value doubles. If Media Asia fails, I don’t need to tell you the consequences, you should know. You don’t want to stay. If it comes down, it will give the company a decremental share withdrawal agreement. Media Asia will compensate you accordingly according to the market value.”

After Irene finished speaking, she reprimanded Guan Xiao very severely, “Are you full and okay? Wasting time with this mob. Go back to the office, sort out the competitor’s information, and give it to me before get off work today. .”

Guan Xiao was reprimanded—all in comfort.

The style of Irene’s management company is seamlessly connected with Jacob.

Irene walked away.

The shareholders wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads.

President Yan left the words here, and only gave them the right to choose. Otherwise, there is no extra nonsense.

Originally, they thought that the new president, stage fright, would inevitably keep them, but she was colder than Jacob. More ruthless.

Jacob cherishes words like gold without explanation.

Irene was pulled at 25,000, not only completely ignoring them in words and deeds, but also disdainful of them with the expression in her eyes.

As a result, the group of shareholders who tried to put gold on their faces left dingy at this moment.

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