Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 371 – 372

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Chapter 371

An ancient feeling rose from the bottom of Karl’s heart, like… Can’t bear it?

He thought this idea in his heart was a little ridiculous.

There was nothing special about this woman, why he couldn’t bear it just watching her in the rain.

When he reacted, he found that he had gotten out of the car with an umbrella.

He took a few steps, and caught up with Alyssa.

“Miss Alyssa.” He just called Alyssa, and he couldn’t help but curled his lips in mockery, without a smile in his eyes.

Alyssa covered her head with her bag and ran into the community. She heard footsteps behind, but she didn’t expect Karl to chase her.

“Mr. Adams, why are you here?”

As soon as Alyssa’s voice fell, she heard a familiar male voice behind her.


Alyssa only had time to look at Karl, then turned to look at the other side, and saw Clifford.

“Clifford? Why did you come out?”

Clifford walked towards her calmly, wearing a soft-soft home clothes, holding a well-made lattice umbrella.

Karl’s low, cold voice sounded behind him: “Your friend?”

“It’s… fiance.” Alyssa didn’t know why she hesitated.

When the voice fell, Alyssa felt that the surrounding air pressure had become lower.

She turned her head in confusion to look at Karl.

However, there was no expression on Karl’s face, nothing unusual, and she couldn’t guess his emotions at the moment.

At that moment, maybe she felt wrong.

At this time, Clifford had already reached the two of them.

His gaze swept back and forth over Alyssa and Karl, his eyes secretive.

Immediately, he turned to Alyssa: “Alyssa, come here.”

Hearing this, Alyssa was about to walk under Clifford’s umbrella.

But she just took a step forward, and she felt her wrist had been caught.

She turned her head and saw that there was a man’s hand on her wrist.

The man’s hands were broad and powerful, and he held her wrists with great strength. His hands were a bit hot, and the heat was astonishing, as if it was going to seep into her bones and blood through her skin.

“Mr. Adams, what’s the matter with you?” Alyssa struggled, but did not shake Karl’s hand away.

He didn’t seem to be exerting much force, but it was difficult to break free.

This Mr. Adams looks so difficult to touch, but now he is holding her and holding her fine?

Karl looked down at her, the woman’s complexion was different from ordinary people’s paleness, and she looked a little sick compared to ordinary people, but those cat-like eyes were inexplicably seductive.

Karl felt that he was really crazy.

I felt inexplicably angry when I heard this woman say that she has a fiance.

What was even more ridiculous was that at the moment Alyssa was about to leave, he subconsciously reached out and grabbed her.

Even he himself didn’t know why.

Clifford’s gaze fell on Karl’s hand holding Alyssa, then he moved away in a flash, and looked at Karl’s face: “Gentleman, please let her go.”

Karl frowned slightly, but still let go of Alyssa.

As soon as Alyssa was released, she immediately walked under Clifford’s umbrella.

Clifford moved the umbrella in her hand, Alyssa smiled at him, raised her head and said to Karl, “Mr. Adams, this is my fiance, Clifford.”

Later, she said to Clifford: “Today I went shopping with Tina and met Mr. Adams’ daughter in the mall…”

She briefly explained the ins and outs of the matter to Clifford.

After listening, Clifford gave her a soothing smile, then turned to look at Karl and said, “Thank you, Mr. Adams, for sending my fiancee back.”

Karl didn’t have any expressions at all, and he didn’t say a word, but he glanced at Alyssa with a heavy expression before turning and leaving.

He was holding a pure black umbrella, his tall and tall figure hidden in the rain curtain, looking a little lonely and lonely.

Alyssa murmured: “What a weird person.”

Suddenly a gust of wind blew over, and Alyssa’s clothes had been soaked, and she shivered from the cold.

Clifford noticed her reaction, stretched out his hand to wrap her shoulders, and whispered: “Go back.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa replied, glanced at his hand resting on his shoulder, and moved aside quietly.

She is still not used to having physical contact with Clifford.

don’t know if Clifford felt her resistance, and then let go of his hand in the next second.


When Karl returned to the car, Grace just woke up.

She was holding an empty milk carton and looked up at the top of the car ignorantly.

Seeing Karl coming in, she turned her eyes to look at him, and shouted, “Dad.”

Karl closed the car door and looked back at Grace.

Grace also looked at him with black [email protected] eyes.

The two father and daughter are in the carriage, look at each other for a while.

Suddenly, Karl frowned.

The woman named Alyssa just now must have a problem.

Always let him have some inexplicable ideas, forget it, now he actually feels that Grace is a bit like that woman.

Karl drove home with a dark face.

Grace was talking babbledly along the way.

When they arrived at the door of Adams’ Old House, a servant came over with an umbrella to help them open the door.

Karl held Grace and walked directly into the door.

In the hall, Claire was sitting on the sofa, looking like she was asking her guilt.

When he saw Karl coming in with Grace in his arms, he snorted coldly, and said with an ugly face, “You still know to come back!”

Claire’s tone was cold and her voice was a little loud.

After all, Grace was just a child, clinging to Karl’s neck in fright, leaning her head on his shoulder, didn’t open her eyes to look at Claire.

Although she is usually a bit naughty, she is still afraid when she sees an adult really angry.

Karl noticed her subtle reaction and stretched out his hand to pat her back comfortably, and put her on the ground: “Allow you to eat half a box of ice cream, go.”

When he heard the ice cream, Grace’s eyes lit up instantly.

Karl glanced at the servant guarding behind him, and the maid walked up and led Grace to the kitchen: “Miss, let’s go eat ice cream.”

Only then did Claire realize that she had just shocked Grace.

She looked a little uncomfortable, but she also squeezed her neck and said, “How can you be so headstrong? You know how important the meeting today is. How can you just push and push…”

Karl sneered and looked at Claire sharply: “Grace almost lost it today, do you know?”

Claire was taken aback when she heard the words: “What’s the matter? I heard from the servant that it was Miana…”

Karl’s face was frosty, and his tone was frighteningly cold: “Miana took Grace out and almost lost her. Should I settle the account with you or Miana?”

Chapter 372

Claire’s face changed slightly, she didn’t know about it.

According to her and Miana’s plan, Karl no longer remembers the past anyway, so they just kept cheating, making him think that Grace’s biological mother was Miana.

With her helping Miana, Miana didn’t have to deal with Grace.

“Miana, she should just be careless… Besides, isn’t Grace also brought back by you now? I think she is well…”

This matter was Miana’s fault. Although Claire subconsciously wanted to speak for Miana, she didn’t finish her words. Seeing Karl’s cold face, she had no choice but to silence.

At this moment, Claire’s phone rang suddenly.

“Claire, did Grace go home? I took her out today. She was naughty and ran away on her own. I haven’t found her yet…” Before Miana had finished speaking, she cried out of breath.

Claire looked up at Karl, and said, “She has come back.”

Miana’s tone was an undisguised surprise: “Really? I’ll come over right away!”

Claire hung up the phone, and after some consideration, she said to Karl: “Is there something to talk about in person, Miana will come over right away. After all, she is Grace’s biological mother. She must be uncomfortable with such a thing. …”

Karl just glanced at her blankly, but did not speak.

Miana came quickly.

She looked very embarrassed, her hair and clothes were drenched in rain, and the makeup on her face was spent. Claire felt pity for her pale complexion.

After all, she and Miana have been friends for many years. Seeing Miana like this, she quickly ordered the servant: “Hurry up and make a cup of hot tea and bring a blanket.”

“No need.” Miana shook her head. When she saw Karl, her eyes lit up and she walked straight towards him.

She reached out to touch Karl’s hand, but Karl stepped back and avoided it.

“Karl, has Grace really been found? It’s all my fault…I was too careless…” Miana said, eyes red again.

There were tears in her eyes, but she was very stubborn and didn’t let the tears flow out. She looked sad and depressed and looked deeply affectionate.

Karl looked at her coldly, his eyes sharp.

Being stared at by his jet-black eyes, Miana felt like she was being seen through.

She blinked, and tears rolled out like a broken string: “Karl, where is Grace? I want to see her.”

The coldness in Karl’s eyes was even worse, and he uttered three words in a cold tone: “Are you worthy?”

Miana’s complexion changed: “Karl, you…will not forgive me?”

Karl suddenly raised his hand and waved at the bodyguard behind him.

The next moment, the bodyguard handed over a check and pen.

Karl took the pen, wrote a long series of numbers on the check, and then threw it directly to Miana: “Grace has nothing to do with you in the future, and please stop coming to Adams’ family.”

The cheque slammed on Miana lightly, and then fell to the ground.

Miana looked at the cheque falling to the ground in disbelief. She didn’t expect Karl to be so ruthless.

No, more than ruthlessness.

This is clearly an insult to her.

She tried her best to marry Karl, was it money?

She is not short of money!

Claire was also very angry at Karl’s actions, and she shook her finger and said, “Karl! Are you acting like this to Miana! Apologize to her!”

Karl was never a person at the mercy of others.

In the past, he and Mr. Adams could work against each other, let alone Claire.

As if he hadn’t heard of Claire’s words, he turned around and went to the restaurant.

The servant couldn’t control Grace, always indulging Grace to eat ice cream.

When Karl went to the restaurant, he saw a bunch of servants around Grace, trying to take the ice cream in her hand, just to coax her.

Karl walked over, but yelled, “Grace.”

Grace, who was eating ice cream with relish, shook her little hand and hurriedly hid the bottomless ice cream box behind her back when she heard this sound. She raised her head to please, and yelled sweetly: “Dad .”

Karl hugged his arms, standing tall in front of her, looking down at her.

Grace pursed her small lips, widened her eyes and looked innocent, but quickly defeated under Karl’s gaze.

She consciously took the ice cream box and handed it to Karl.

Karl didn’t reach out his hand to take it, his tone was faint: “How much did I tell you to eat?”

Grace said in a low voice, “Half a box…”

Karl asked her with lips, “How much did you eat?”

“I ate… so much.” Grace stood on tiptoe and raised the ice cream box in her hand, seemingly a little scared.

“You are not allowed to eat in the next week.” Karl reached out and took the ice cream box in her hand and put it aside, and ran her up: “It’s time to go to bed.”

The Adams’ Old House is very large and its design is very clever.

The restaurant and the hall are not connected, so Karl can avoid Miana and send Grace back to the room.

After comforting Grace to fall asleep, Karl withdrew from the room and went to the hall.

Claire is still in the hall, Miana is no longer there.

“I have asked Miana to go back.” Seeing him come down, Claire stood up.

Karl ignored her, only turned his head and told the servant: “Cook a bowl of noodles and send it to the study.”

After speaking, he went upstairs.

Claire was so ignorant of him, so she had to suppress her temper and shouted: “Karl, I hope you can have a good chat with Miana when you have time.”

Karl turned to look at her, and answered the wrong question: “Have you eaten?”

Claire didn’t know why he suddenly asked this: “I have eaten it.”

When Karl heard the words, the corners of his lips twitched mockingly: “I didn’t eat.”

“Didn’t you just ask the servant to cook the noodles?” Claire’s voice fell unconsciously.

“You and I are the sisters of a female compatriot. We are close relatives by blood, so when I woke up three years ago, I chose to believe in you. You said Miana is my ex-girlfriend. I believe in you. You said I and AdamPic Peter have no friendship, I believe you too.”

Karl’s tone was very plain, without a trace of blame or discomfort, but every time he said a word, Claire’s complexion was ugly.

After a short pause, Karl looked at Claire with a smile but a smile deried of affection: “My trusted sister doesn’t care whether I have dinner or not, but cares more about the feelings of others. You are really selfless.”

“Karl, you…” Claire’s complexion changed suddenly, and she tried her best to calm herself down: “Miana and I have been good friends for many years, you know, I just…”

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