Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 601

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Chapter 601


As soon as these words came out, Paula, Elvira, and Baishan frowned.

In particular, Elvira thought about last night, that she didn’t hear any sound of Shaun going out before saying:

“Mom! Don’t think too much about it, Shaun is similar to that of Master Lin Zong but not him!”

“How could he be Master Lin!”

Elvira did not believe it at all. Her husband was such a terrifying figure.

In her eyes, Shaun is just an ordinary person with little ability, nothing more.

Hearing what Elvira said.

Bai Shan next to her also laughed and said to Paula:

“Wife. Don’t be suspicious! We have lived with Shaun for three years. We know what kind of person he is and how capable he is.”

The words of Bai Shan made Paula’s mouth twitch.

Naturally, they didn’t know what is actual identity Shaun has.

Paula had seen it before.

Characters like Tianlong Xu and Blood Rose call Shaun the BOSS!

Even the number one Zhang Guohao, Dao Ye, Hu Ye, and others all bowed to Shaun.

In the eyes of Paula.

Her son-in-law, simply lied to the people of the world, even if Shaun was really Lin Zongshi at this moment, Paula was not surprised.

Thinking of this!

Paula took a deep look at Shaun, and then scolded:

“Shaun, I won’t ask, what status do you have! But next time you do such a dangerous thing, you must think of the safety first!”

“You are Elvira’s husband. If you die, what will Elvira do? What about your Baishan and me?”

At this moment, Paula almost knew that Shaun was related to Master Lin.

Although the tone is a reprimand, the meaning of the words reveals concerns about Shaun.

Hearing this.

Shaun’s heart warmed slightly before nodding and turning back:

“Mom! Don’t worry, I will concern about my safety!”

Both have something common in their minds.

It is Baishan and Elvira next to them who are confused.

In their eyes, Paula has always been weird for the last two days, as if in her eyes, Shaun is really omnipotent.

The father and daughter looked at each other and shook their heads with a wry smile, not paying too much attention.

But they don’t know.

After the Kelly incident was reported, and the live video was released, the Bai family completely exploded.

Grandpa Bai, Haibai, and other seniors gathered together.

Their eyes were fixed on the computer on the table.

When they saw the mysterious and powerful Master Lin after he appeared.


The entire Bai family’s main hall was completely exploded.

“No impossible! How could he look like Shaun?” Harper staring at Master Lin in the video now, his eyelids jumped wildly, and his expression was full of shock and disbelief.

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