Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 602

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Chapter 602

Not only him!

The Bai family was completely shocked by the look of Lin Zongshi in the video.

“Harper, you stayed outside Elvira’s house last night and guarded for the whole night! Are you sure that Shaun really didn’t step out of the house?” Mr. Bai was solemn.

After all, if Shaun’s hidden identity was really Master Lin, it would be terrifying.

That kind of powerful character can bring down their Bai family within minutes.

Hearing this!

Harper nodded seriously, and said with a face full of ghost:

“Grandpa, I can swear that I was outside Elvira’s house last night, even if a fly flew out, it would definitely not escape our eyes!”

“Shaun really hasn’t been out! I’m sure, this Master Lin is just the profile of Shaun, who has a similar face like him! He is not Shaun at all!”

Master Lin cannot be Shaun!

After hearing Harper’s decisive words, family seniors including Mr. Bai and Haibai beside him all breathed a long sigh of relief.

After all, this matter is too big.

If Shaun is really a terrifying great master, he is definitely the super tycoon who is chasing and invited by countless top chaebols in China.

But there are deep grudges between Bai Family and Shaun.

With just a word from Shaun, countless forces will destroy the Bai family.

“Huh! Harper was outside Elvira’s house last night, waiting all night! Since he said Shaun did not come out at night, then the person in the video is definitely not Shaun!”

Haibai believed in his son, especially thinking of Shaun’s trash appearance over the past three years, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Dad! And everyone! Don’t be frightened by that little beast Shaun! He said that the establishment of the Xinbai clan is just bragging!”

“He thought it is really that easy to set up a new group.”

Haibai’s words caused many Bai family members around to nod their heads.

“Yes! I agree with the uncle’s statement that Shaun is bragging trash!”

“Huh! What sh!t, the new Bai group, wait, as long as he is establishing, our Bai family group will make a little trick, and they will completely bankrupt their family!”


Everyone talked a lot, no one at all put Shaun in their eyes.

And seeing this scene.

Mrs. Bai couldn’t help but nod. Obviously, he also didn’t believe that Shaun would be an expert hermit.

“Recently, I heard that Elvira asked about the Blue Ocean Building from various parties! Maybe Elvira planned to set up the New Bai Group on the Blue Ocean Building!”

Blue Ocean Building!

This is a landmark building in Jiangshi.

The building is 33 stories high and the construction cost is as high as one billion!

If Elvira really setups the New Bai Group on the Blue Ocean Building, then the influence will be absolutely extraordinary.

It will definitely have an impact on our Bai Group.

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