Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 603

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Chapter 603

Hearing this.

In the eyes of the Haibai, a trace of viciousness flashed:

“Dad! The owner of the Blue Ocean Mansion, named Cai Guofu, is from Yunhai City! If Elvira wants to take the Blue Ocean Mansion, she must go to Yunhai City and negotiate with Cai Guofu!”

“I have a friendship with Cai Guofu, so I will let Elvira, draw the bamboo basket to nothing!”

This sentence made the eyes of Mr. Bai and others shine brightly.

It’s more than that!

Harper next to him, his eyes lit up, and quickly said:

“Dad! If Elvira goes to Yunhai City, then Shaun will definitely go with her! In Jiang City, our Bai’s family is not good to compete with Shaun, but in Yunhai City, we can ask Cai Guofu for help and give a lesson to that bastard!”

A lesson to Shaun?

As soon as this remark came out, the eyes of almost all the Bai family members suddenly brightened.

That’s right!

These Bai family members gritted their teeth with hatred for Shaun. In Jiang City, considering fame, they didn’t act on Shaun.

And if in Yunhai City, ask Cai Guofu to teach Shaun a lesson, then they will feel much better.

“Master Harper is right. That waste is too hateful. He hurt our Bai family and deprive us of the order of the Jiangnan chaebols. We absolutely cannot spare him!”

“Yes, it’s time to teach this guy a lesson, let him know the fate of going against our Bai family!”


All senior Bai family members joined together to work against Shaun.

Hearing this!

Haibai turned his eyes and looked at Grandpa Bai.

After seeing Grandpa Bai nodded lightly, Haibai got ecstatic and said quickly:

“Okay! That’s it! I will contact Cai Guofu immediately. If Shaun goes to Yunhai, he will definitely get a lesson!”

The words fell!

The faces of all the Bai family members were full of happy smiles.

They can’t think of what a terrifying super existence the person they are dealing with has.

In a flash, another three days passed quietly.

During these three days, Elvira completely selected the Blue Ocean Building as the location of the New Bai Group.

Here, will become the starting point of the New Baishi Group.

On the highway to Yunhai City.

A Mercedes Benz is driving fast.

In the car, Shaun and Elvira.

“Shaun, you said we chose the Blue Ocean Building, would it be too high-profile?” Elvira was a little worried.

According to her idea, the new Bai Group has just been established and can be started in a small office building.

But Shaun opposed it.

According to Shaun, only the Jiangnan Chaebol’s orders have reached as high as one billion, especially the funds have reached in the company’s account.

There is absolutely no need for a small start-up.

And now, when they went to Yunhai City, they were looking for Cai Guofu, the owner of the Blue Ocean Building, to negotiate about the rent of Blue Ocean Building.

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