Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 813 – 814

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Chapter 813

Alyssa looked at Karl in a daze, with a somewhat complicated expression on her face.

He seemed a little surprised, but also not surprised, and finally calmed down.

After a while, Alyssa said, “Okay, I see.”

Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

At the same time, Karl picked up his chopsticks and continued eating like a okay person.

Alyssa spent a long time in the bathroom.

She is reflecting on herself.

Karl has always been a strong presence in her heart.

He can do many things that others cannot do.

Therefore, after Alyssa connected all these things together, she naturally thought of Karl.

No one can do these things at the same time.

Only he can.

But he denied it firmly.

She couldn’t even find a flaw in his face.

Alyssa stayed in the bathroom for a while, then opened the bathroom door and went out.

At the dinner table, Karl was still sitting there eating.

He eats slowly.

Alyssa took a long look and found that he had eaten most of the dishes.

Has his appetite been so big recently?

Can one lose so much with such a big appetite?

It’s also really strange!

Alyssa went to the side to accompany Grace to explore new toys.

After a while, when Alyssa looked up at the dining room, she found that Karl hadn’t eaten anymore, but stood at the table and began to organize the lunch boxes.

The meals are basically eaten, and all the rest must be thrown away.

There are a lot of dishes, and there is also a big bag of lunch boxes.

Grace noticed that Karl had finished eating.

“Dad, come and see how to dress this toy, I can’t.”

“Wait a minute.” Karl looked over here, “I will go down and throw these things away.”

After he finished speaking, he went out with the bag.

Alyssa sat there in a daze.

She used to live outside, and Karl would also do these things when he was rubbing against her.

But now that he does these things, she always feels a little weird.

Moreover, what he has done in recent months is very abnormal.

After Miana became pregnant, he didn’t even go to the scene on the day of the court hearing. It seemed that he didn’t want Grace’s custody at all.

Since the child in Miana’s belly is so important, how could he not care about the wedding? How could he give others the opportunity to put Miana’s video on his wedding.

With Karl’s caution, it is really impossible to make such a low-level mistake.

And after this happened, Karl didn’t deal with it much, leaving Miana to fend for herself, and no longer care about her…

This thing was so strange, but Alyssa couldn’t find any breakthrough.


Grace stretched out her hand and shook it in front of Alyssa, and Alyssa came back to her senses: “What’s the matter?”

Grace asked her: “Why do you keep distracting?”

“Thinking about something.” Alyssa said.

The wound was a little painful, and she gently reached out and touched her shoulder.

“Does it hurt?” Grace remembered that Alyssa’s shoulder was injured.

“It doesn’t hurt…” Grace pursed her lips and whispered, “I’m sorry…”

Alyssa asked in surprise, “I’m sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You are injured, I have to keep father for dinner, you can’t cook…”

“Your dad asked someone to bring food over. Did I cook?”

Alyssa was slightly stunned. She didn’t expect Grace to have such a delicate mind, and even thought of this.

Grace just shook her head: “I’m sorry…”

Alyssa wanted to say something, the doorbell rang.

Chapter 814

Karl returned after throwing out the garbage.

Grace called out: “Dad.”

He walked over and touched Grace’s head: “Show me the toy you made.”

Grace listened to his words and obediently went to show Karl the toys she had assembled.

After Grace left, Karl said to Alyssa, “There are still reporters guarding outside the community. What do you plan to do with Miana?”

His expression is very serious, there is no trace of concern in it, only the cold-blooded business.

Alyssa said coldly: “Appeal.”

She wants Miana to go to jail and wants her to pay the price.

“Do you think you can solve this problem yourself?” Karl asked her.

Alyssa looked at Karl in surprise.

Without waiting for Alyssa to speak, Karl continued: “So many reporters have been guarding the door, which will definitely affect your daily life. I don’t care about how you are, I just hope that Grace will be safe.”

Karl’s voice was well controlled, not too loud, but it allowed Alyssa to hear clearly.

“So? What do you mean by that, do you want to take Grace to live with you?” Karl was always saying that this matter would affect Grace.

Therefore, it is not difficult to speculate that in order to protect Grace, Karl most likely wanted to take her to live with him.

If Karl really thought about it, it would be nothing to blame.

If he speaks bluntly, Alyssa has no reason to refuse.

It’s just that there is always some fear for Karl in her heart.

She always felt that if Grace was really sent to him, he would not send Grace back.

“I have been very busy lately and have no time to take care of Grace, but I can arrange for you to go abroad.” Karl’s tone was very serious.

Alyssa was even more surprised when she heard what he said.

Karl actually wanted to arrange for her and Grace to go abroad.

“This is entirely for Grace’s consideration, and you can disagree, but I want to arrange for the bodyguard to follow you 24 hours a day.”

Karl’s voice fell, and Grace’s voice sounded over there: “Dad, come and see.”

Alyssa and Karl heard the sound and looked over, just in time to see Grace raising the assembled toy in her hand.

“Yeah.” Karl responded to Grace, then looked back at Alyssa: “You think about it, one day.”

Although Alyssa knew that Grace was there, she and Karl couldn’t really have any contact, but when this day came, Alyssa was still a little bit repulsive.

It seemed that Karl was sure she could not take care of Grace well and he had to arrange everything.

After Karl finished speaking, he turned around to find Grace.

Alyssa called to stop him: “I don’t need to think about it. I can give you the answer now. I don’t agree. Since Grace is with me, I will naturally take care of her. You should take care of yourself.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and poured water for herself.

Karl took a deep look at her back and went to Grace’s side.

She poured water out, and the doorbell rang outside.

Alyssa looked out into the cat’s eyes and found that the people standing outside turned out to be Hania and Smith.

Alyssa had a brief doubt, and then opened the door.

Very politely calling: “Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith.”

“Miss Alyssa.” Smith nodded slightly, as polite as usual.

Hania was carrying a medicine cabinet, with a trace of pity in a calm expression.

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