Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1111

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Chapter 1111

“What’s your name?” Jacob asked suddenly.

Zhan Hanxuan smiled and said: “Hey, big brother, I want to do something, no way. If I tell you your name, don’t you know a lot of things?”

Jacob said: “I didn’t let you tell my name. I asked your name?”

Zhan Hanxuan blurted out, “Zhan Hanxuan!”

Zhan Hanxuan realized that he had made a mistake as soon as he said it. He stretched out his hand to cover his mouth and looked at Jacob in horror.

Jacob’s handsome face slowly cracked…

“Your name is Zhan Hanxuan.” He said casually.

However, at this moment, the stormy sea was already in his heart.

“My last name is Zhan, too? Right?”

Zhan Hanxuan shook his head, but his eyes did not lie.

Jacob was tempted step by step, “Did they call me Brother Jie?”

Zhan Hanxuan’s horrified eyes almost fell out.

“You and I are equal, so my name is Jacob, right?”

Zhan Hanxuan shook his head like a rattle.

A hint of consternation appeared in Jacob’s eyes: “I am Jacob, the founder of Media Asia? Right?”

Zhan Hanxuan’s sexy Adam’s apple rolled, still shaking his head.

Jacob was staring at Zhan Hanxuan, and roughly removed his hand covering his mouth, “Tell me, what happened three years ago, why did I have a car accident?”

Zhan Hanxuan felt uncomfortable, so he simply gave up. “Big brother, you are my eldest brother, since you already know your identity, I beg you, don’t embarrass me. If you want to know anything, you can go back and ask my sister-in-law. There is her ban in the capital city of Asia. No one dared to tell you the truth—”

Having said that, Zhan Hanxuan realized that he had leaked something that should not have been leaked. Suddenly stopped, looking at Jacob in fear.

A gratifying smile appeared in Jacob’s eyes, “I guessed it right. I really am the founder of Media Asia, Jacob!”

A suspicion spread across his face: “Sister-in-law?”

A woman who can ban the imperial capital, who can have besides Irene?

“Irene is really my wife?”

He was a little confused. Since he was the founder of Media Asia with only one hand covering the sky, why couldn’t he choose his love as his wife?

“Why did you choose a shrew like Irene as his wife?”

However, thinking of the full wall of stars that Irene folded for him and guarding Huanya for him, Jacob deeply blamed himself.

It turned out that the man Irene treasured in his heart was him, and he has always been him.

Although she has a bad personality, she is a rare affectionate girl in the world. He is also happy to get the love that will never change in this life.

“Big brother, little brother, I am in the most beautiful years, and I want to live a few more years, please don’t torture me. Sister-in-law, if I know that my mouth is not strict, I have to get a needle to sew it on me.” Zhan Hanxuan begged hard, it was bad. Kowtowing for mercy.

Jacob handed him a death gaze.

Zhan Hanxuan cried and said, “Brother, it’s no use staring at me? Sister-in-law won’t let us tell you!”

Jacob is even more curious, “If I have to ask you to say it?”

Zhan Hanxuan shook his head and said, “I chose to listen to my sister-in-law.”

“Big brother or sister-in-law? Can’t you tell the dead boy?” Jacob was angry.

Zhan Hanxuan said: “The same k! ss.”

Jacob said: “Are you looking for death?”

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