Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1112

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Chapter 1112

Zhan Hanxuan said, “If I tell you, my sister-in-law will make me die worse.”

Jacob heard that his prestige was not as good as that devil.

This made his self-esteem suffer. “Are you so afraid of her?” he asked angrily.

Zhan Hanxuan said: “More than I am afraid of her. Didn’t you, eldest brother, be afraid of her before?”

“I’m afraid of her?” Jacob seemed to hear the fantasy.

Zhan Hanxuan said, “Brother, don’t talk too big, you must leave some leeway for yourself, otherwise the younger brother is worried that the durians on the market will not be enough for you in the future.”

Jacob’s face was ugly, how did he feel like he was coming to abandon his son-in-law.

Zhan Hanxuan saw Jue Zhan Han’s slumped expression, patted him on the shoulder, and comforted: “Brother, you should obey your sister-in-law’s arrangements. Your sister-in-law will not harm you. In this world, everyone can hurt you. Sister-in-law will definitely not.”

“What benefit did she give you, are you saying good things for her like this?” Jacob said in a bad mood.

Zhan Hanxuan thought for a while, and said with his face slung: “In principle, my sister-in-law saw me either scolding me or cursing me on the way. She didn’t give me any benefit. I said good things for her because my sister-in-law was kind to you. And you are my most respected elder brother.”

Jacob was speechless, “A mess of logic.”

“Since I am your most respected elder brother, how can you lie to me with her?” Jacob interrogated.

Zhan Hanxuan stunned: “Brother, we are all for your good.”

Seeing that Jacob made it clear that he did not believe it, Zhan Hanxuan raised his hand and vowed: “I use my personality as a guarantee.”

Jacob looked at Zhan Hanxuan contemptuously, “Are you human?”

Zhan Hanxuan: “…”

Zhan Hanxuan was unwilling to disclose a little information, and Jacob could only use a large number of moves.

He took out a pocket watch from his pocket, stretched out his hand, and dangling in front of Zhan Hanxuan.

Zhan Hanxuan hurriedly stretched out his hand to cover his pocket watch, “Brother, aren’t you amnesia? How can you still be hypnotized?”

Jacob was startled slightly, “How do you know I can hypnotize?”

When Zhan Hanxuan mentioned hypnotism, he gnashed his teeth, “Big brother, you are so embarrassed to say. When you were learning hypnotism when you were a child, you used me as a test sample. Every time, it made me honestly tell the bad things that I did. My a$s is getting mixed doubles by my parents every day.”

Jacob knew it, no wonder this guy was not fooled.

Jue Zhan Han looked at the particularly defensive Zhan Hanxuan, and fell into meditation.

Jacob also knew that it was difficult for this guy to squeeze out other things, so he pulled him up and said, “Take me home.”

Zhan Hanxuan sighed: “Hey, it’s so sad to fall into your hands.”

On the way Zhan Hanxuan brought Jacob home, he wondered all the way: If his grandfather and uncle knew that he had betrayed his sister-in-law, his a$s would definitely bloom.

So handing over the eldest brother to the compliant aunt is the best way.

Zhan Hanxuan took Jacob, avoiding the surveillance avenue, and then came to the courtyard of the Dafang, and took Jacob to the door, Zhan Hanxuan found an excuse to go away.

“Big brother, don’t say that I brought you back. Little brother is important to save his life, and go first.”

Zhan Hanxuan escaped faster than the rabbit.

Jacob’s pupils looked faint, secretly slandering what secret he was hiding in his body? Why did Zhan Jia and Irene both lie to him?

Jue Zhan Han knocked on the door, and when the servant came to open the door, he saw Jue Zhan Han and his pupils were startled: “Master?”

Jacob nodded.

“Master, please come in.” The servant respectfully and enthusiastically invited Jacob in.

At this time, there was a woman’s heartbroken cry in the lobby.

Jacob frowned, stepped faster, and walked into the lobby.

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