Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1113

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Chapter 1113

As soon as Jacob entered the lobby, he saw his adoptive mother and Silvia crying.

Silvia’s beautiful face was bruised and swollen like a pig’s head, and her lips were cracked and bloody.

Jacob frowned, “Who did it?”

Hearing Jacob’s voice, Silvia and the old lady raised their heads suddenly. Seeing Jacob, the eyes of both people showed surprise.

Immediately, the eldest lady choked heartbroken: “Son, don’t ask. What can you do if you know it? Now our war family is no better than before, and everything is controlled by others. It’s really awkward to live.”

Silvia’s eyes aroused a cold light of jealousy, but she pretended to be miserable by the heavens, crying and crying: “Mom, you are right, Irene is the president of Media Asia. For so many years, she has been in the imperial capital. Covering the sky with only one hand, we can’t afford to provoke her. My injury is nothing, and my grievance is nothing. As long as she can give the warrior a way out, no amount of grievance is worth it.”

There was a deep chill in the eagle eyes of the cold war.

“Why did she beat you?” Jacob asked.

Silvia said with tears: “Since Media Asia annexed Zhan’s enterprise three years ago, Zhanjia people have been very struggling. Since I know my mother, I think Irene will miss our sisterhood. So I Go and ask her for the shares that belonged to the Zhan clan. She didn’t give it and beat me.”

Silvia held her red and swollen face, tears streaming down her eyes. “Since she became the president of Media Asia, she has become disapproved by her parents.”

The eldest lady filled in indignation and said: “My child, you founded Media Asia. Although I don’t know why you transferred Media Asia to her. But I believe that this is definitely not your intention. Moreover, you will definitely not let her and Zhan Shi Enemy. After you had an accident, she bullied the warrior family and unscrupulously annexed the warrior family’s vast legacy. It was really chilling for her to do so.”

Jacob frowned——

Although the words of his adoptive mother and Silvia are not credible, Jacob also believes that when he founded Media Asia, he will only expand the business territory with his own ability, and definitely will not make a feat of righteousness and extermination.

It should not be his intention to annex Zhanshi.

“Where’s father?” Jacob looked around, but he didn’t see anyone else in the Zhan Family, and asked quite puzzled.

“Your dad was originally the chairman of the Zhan’s enterprise. He went out early and returned late every day and had a fulfilling life. Since Irene annexed the Zhan’s enterprise, she has emptied your father’s rights. Now he has nothing to do every day and hangs around outside.” With emotion.

Jacob’s face darkened, “If my father wants to continue to manage the Zhan’s enterprise, I will ask the devil to return to the Zhan’s enterprise. Return it to my father.”

The eldest lady was secretly happy. In order to be foolproof, the eldest lady suggested with ulterior motives: “My child, although Irene is a female generation. But her brain is very smart. If you ask her blatantly, she will definitely not follow it. Why don’t you think about it her seal was taken out. As long as the contract we drafted was stamped, she would be helpless.”

Jacob nodded. “Ok.”

He said indifferently, “Wait for my news.” Then he turned and left.

The eldest lady and Silvia met in ecstasy, hard to hide. Silvia said: “As long as he is willing to help us get Irene’s private seal, Irene’s end will come.”

The lady nodded.


Jacob took a taxi back to the Calendar Garden, tied the shackles again, and lay on the bed quietly waiting for Irene to return home.

In the evening, Irene dragged her tired body back home.

Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching, Jacob simply closed his eyes and slumbered.

Irene pushed the door and entered, seeing Jacob, dumbfounded.

Xiu’s face showed a lost and recovered surprise, walked to him, and pulled the pillow that covered his face.

“Stop pretending.”

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at Irene with bitterness.

In front of her, he felt that he had no secrets at all, because she always penetrated all his thoughts at once.

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