Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1114

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Chapter 1114

Jacob looked at her quietly, her slender shoulders made her look very weak. But her eyes were very bright, revealing a tenacious and stubborn force.

“Where did you go?” Irene asked condescendingly, holding her arms.

Jacob put his hands on the back of his head, looking at Irene with excitement, “Go home.”

Irene was stunned, “Did you see someone from the Zhan Family?”


“What did they say to you?” Irene’s eyes showed tension.

There was a chill in the eagle eyes of Jacob, and when he exited, his voice became cold.

“Irene, return Zhan’s enterprise to Zhanjia.”

Irene stared at Jacob in a daze, “Who made this idea?”

Jacob’s imposing manner, “I am the founder of Media Asia, and I have the right to decide whether Zhan’s enterprise will stay.”

Irene’s gentle eyebrows became violent and violent, “You have to make a decision for Media Asia, and that will wait for you to completely recover your memory. Not now.”

Jacob had a gloomy face. “Irene that is my home and my root. The Media Asia I founded has overturned the warrior who gave birth to me and raised me. You are trying to put me in a ruthless situation.”

Irene said: “I see. When you go back to Zhan’s house, did you only see your foster mother? Oh, if you are lucky, you should see Silvia again.”

Jacob: “…”

Irene said angrily: “Your mother, in conjunction with Uncle Bai’s An, is making trouble for Huanya. In order to fight her back, I decided to take revenge on them.”

Jacob was startled slightly, “Are you asking for my opinion?”

Irene’s long eyelashes trembled lightly, and sighed weakly.

He made it clear that he would favor his mother and prevent her from embarrassing his mother. Asking her on this matter will only cause conflicts between them.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion. I just think she is your mother, so I should tell you of course.”

Jacob said: “What if I disagree?”

Irene leaned forward and said forcefully and forcefully: “The opposition is invalid.”

Jacob sat up and leaned close to her face. The two people were close to each other, and there was the breath of needle-pointing to the wheat.

Irene said: “Anyone who dares to do anything against Media Asia’s interests, I will not spare her lightly.”

“Including you.” Irene said.

Jacob saw the firmness in Irene’s eyes, as well as the exhaustion of running around for a day.

Suddenly, the heart made a plan.

“Do whatever you want,” he said.

Irene’s eyes filled with astonishment, and she stretched out her fingers and scratched her nose, “You know the general situation.”

Jacob grabbed her wrist, and the corners of his sexy and charming lips made an evil smile, “Irene, go take a bath.”

Irene was startled slightly, and then she smiled: “Then wait for me.”

Jacob let go of her and looked at him with a wicked smile.

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