Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1115

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Chapter 1115

Irene held her pajamas and walked to the bathroom. When she walked to the bathroom door, she suddenly looked back and smiled.

Jacob always felt that her smile contained deep meaning. But the smile he returned to her was even more meaningful.

After Irene entered the bathroom, Jacob opened the shackles and quickly got up from the bed.

He rummaged through the cabinets in the bedroom, and under the guidance of his subconscious mind, he found the safe embedded in the wall. Inside, he found Irene’s seal box, which contained two seals. Jacob took them out, staring at the seal but began to be in a daze——

Does he really want to do this?

Irene lay in the bathtub, the thick ink on her face was washed away by the water, revealing a pure face.

The egg-like skin can be broken by blowing, and the eyes without the blessing of smoky makeup become smart and innocent.

After taking a shower, Irene put on a white nightdress, and her wet long black hair was naturally scattered, as if she had washed away her sharp sharp edge. She looks so harmless.

She dried her hair, washed her face seriously, and then walked back and forth in the bathroom nervously.

She doesn’t know, he saw her without makeup, was it a lot of surprises or scares?

Or is it angrier?

She and Faith joined forces to lie to him, he should be angry, right?

Irene knew that he would not be able to escape the catastrophe, gently opened the bathroom door, and walked outside slowly.

Jacob hurriedly put the seal into his pocket, and lay on the bed quickly.

Irene suddenly turned off the light, and Jacob’s vision was instantly dark.

“What do you mean?” He was slightly angry.

Just when he stretched out his hand to turn on the bedside lamp, Irene suddenly jumped onto him. Hold his hand to prevent him from turning on the light.

In the dark night, Jacob let out a sneer, “Is it because he looks ugly and has no face to see people?”

“No.” Irene muttered.

“Then why turn off the lights?”

Irene said: “I’m afraid that the makeup is too beautiful, I’m afraid you can’t hold it. But my aunt is here tonight.”

Jacob: “…”

“So are you reminding me to fight you bloody battle?”

Irene blushed, “Who is going to fight you bloody. I’ll go to sleep next door.”

She was about to run away. But she was pulled back, “Irene, I’m not old enough to stand alone in the vacant room.”

Irene was imprisoned by him, “Brother Jie, I can fight with you bloody battle, but can you not turn on the lights?”

The corner of Jacob’s mouth made a wicked sneer.

A hand has reached towards the bedside button.

When the room returned to light, Irene buried him in her arms urgently.

Anyway, just don’t let him see her face?

“Didn’t you say that you look like a country and a city? Are you afraid of being seen by me?”

Irene shook her head, “I was talking for fun.”

“How ugly are you, you don’t even have the courage to meet people?” Jacob wondered.

Pushing Irene away from her arms, she covered her face with both hands.

When Jacob went to take her hand. Her hands seemed to merge with her face. He can’t take it out.

Jacob didn’t care about her bare face, but seeing her hold it so tightly, he became very curious.

Holding her wrist, Irene’s hands were torn apart from her face with sudden force.

When Jacob heard her exaggerated tearing sound with her own sound effects, his eyes were grinning.

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  1. Irene I’m giving you a piece of advice. If he wants the company give it to him. You’ll end up suffering. Surrender and give up even your love for him, take faith away and go to jason then search for derek. You three can live a beautiful life without this mentally tiring situation. I really feel bad for your character to be honest


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