Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 908

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Chapter 908

The sound of the breaking wind made people fearful.

This scene almost exceeded everyone’s expectations, and everyone had never expected that the bodyguard of the Jiangnan Bai family would be this rampant.

You have to agree!

“Dad! Mom!!!”

After Elvira reacted, her pretty face changed drastically. She wanted to step forward to help, but at the moment she could only make a sad scream.

Not only Elvira.

Even Bai Yan was taken aback.

But when she reacted, the sarcasm on her pretty face became more intense:

“Hahahaha… it really is a family of idiots, dare to offend the Jiangnan Bai family! This is your lesson!”

At this moment, Bai Yan’s smile was dazzling.

She seemed to have seen the tragic scene of Baishan and Paula being slapped by Bai Wen and Bai Wu.

“It’s over!”

At this moment, Baishan and Paula only felt that they were being stared at by two fierce beasts.

Especially, when the two terrifying palm winds covered Paula and Baishan, they entered the ice pit.

Both husband and wife can feel the terrifying power in the palms of Bai Wen and Bai Wu.

If they were hit, their cheeks would be shattered.

One meter!

Half a meter!

One foot!

In the blink of an eye, Baishan and Paula could only watch, Bai Wen and Bai Wu’s palms almost fell on their cheeks.

Even the sharp palm wind has already scratched their cheeks.

The corners of the mouths of both husband and wife were bitter and desperate!

Snapped! !!

Snapped! !!

Two clear and loud slaps suddenly exploded.

After hearing these two voices, Elvira almost fainted with fright.

The smile on Bai Yan’s face is even more intense.


Just when she was happy and excited, she was surprised to find that as two slaps resounded, two figures in black, like kites with broken wires, flew back.


Fell to the ground.


At this moment, when everyone saw the scene in front of them clearly, they were all stunned.

It was because they saw that the two figures that had been shot back and fell to the ground turned out to be Bai Wen and Bai Wu!


“What’s going on?” Baishan and Paula were also stunned.

They did not feel the slightest pain on their cheeks.

Especially when the two opened their eyes, they suddenly saw that Bai Wen and Bai Wu were thrown to the ground.

There were two bright red palm prints on their cheeks.

Red as blood!

More than everyone!

At the moment, the most daunted are Bai Wen and Bai Wu.

They only felt that their face bones were almost shattered. The pain was abnormal, and their whole face was hot, which made both of them feel like they were stepped on the tail and exploded instantly:

“Boy, you beat us?”


The gazes of both of them swiftly looked at Shaun, with deep shock and incredibleness in their eyes.

Their slap was about to hit the faces of Baishan and Paula, a black shadow appeared in front of them like lightning.

Especially the palm of that dark shadow was incredibly fast.

With almost no resistance to them, they were flown back alive.

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