Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 907

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Chapter 907


Bai Yan almost buttoned a big hat on Elvira with a word.

All of them knew how terrible the Jiangnan Bai family was.

And disobeying Jiangnan Bai’s?

This is almost the same as looking for death!

Thinking of this, the Elvira family’s complexions became even more gloomy, almost dripping with water.

“Bai Yan! All this must be done by your Bai family, right?” Elvira’s pretty face was flushed with anger, and there was a deep anger in her eyes:

“Why your Bai family did this? Why do you have to drive us to a dead end?”


At this moment, Elvira’s heart was completely cold.

She had done her best for the Bai family before, in exchange, she got shame and expulsion.

And now!

She founded the New Bai Group, and never had the idea of being an enemy of the Bai family, but it was no surprise that the Bai family took the lead in attacking the New Bai Group, and wanted to annex the New Bai Group.

This is too deceptive.

“Huh! It is our Bai family’s work, so what? Whoever allows you to get the support of the Shengshi Group and those Jiangnan chaebols poses a threat to our Bai Group!”

Bai Yan’s words were cold, and there were deep jealousy and anger in her eyes.

She used to be jealous of Elvira because Elvira is the president of the Bai Group.

And now.

Elvira made her jealous to madness. She never imagined that after leaving Bai’s house, Elvira would be so flat, not only creating the New Bai Group but also becoming a new noblewoman in the Jiangnan business community.

This made her more jealous and resentful.

But now…

“Hehe…it’s a pity, even if the Shengshi Group supports you, so What? Jiangnan is one of the four giants in the hidden world!”

“The Jiangnan Bai family wants to annex your group, even the Shengshi Group can’t do anything!”

As she said, the smile on Bai Yan’s face became stronger and stronger:

“So, dear cousin, you just accept your fate! Hahaha…”

Bai Yan laughed wildly and cheerfully.

Just hearing her words.

The complexions of Baishan and Paula got paler.

“No! The New Bai Group was created by Elvira and Shaun, so how we can give it to Jiangnan Bai’s family? I don’t agree!”

“I also don’t agree. Jiangnan Bai’s family has nothing to do with us. If they really want to annex our New Bai Group and they must be dreaming!”

Baishan and Paula at the moment looked extremely determined.

To them.

The New Bai Group is like Elvira and Shaun’s child. The young couple had established it with one hand and raised it with the other. How can they give it away for nothing?


“Huh? You old things, how dare you to disrespect our Jiangnan Bai family?”

The two bodyguards after hearing the words of Baishan and his wife, expressions sank instantly.

“good very good!”

“If this is the case, let us teach you two old things a lesson, so you will know that the Jiangnan Bai clan is your real master!”

That’s it!


Bai Wen and Bai Wu didn’t hesitate at all, their figures flashed in an instant, and they rushed towards Baishan and Paula.

Fast! Fast! fast!

The two quasi-major bodyguards rushed to the front of Baishan and Paula instantly, suddenly waved their two big hands, and slapped on the cheeks of Baishan and Paula.

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