Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 906

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Chapter 906

It seems that these are not ordinary people, but two fierce beasts, making people fearful.


Seems to feel the gaze of the Elvira family, Bai Wen and Bai Wu both made a cold snort.

A wave of terrifying evil spirit swept away from both of them.

Suddenly, the temperature in the entire living room dropped suddenly to a freezing point.

“Ok… so fierce!”

Baishan family shuddered together.

They just feel that their hair is standing upside down.

Even if the family can’t see the cultivation base of the two, they can still feel the threat of death.

The momentum of the other party is definitely not weaker than the old man Kong Sheng that his family has ever met.



Cold sweat ran down from the foreheads of a family.

At this moment, they could only see the horror of such a giant Jiangnan Bai family from the bodies of these two bodyguards.

And seeing this scene.

Shaun frowned involuntarily, and his figure trembled.

There was also a horrible aura, which burst out in an instant, permeating the hall, and suddenly suppressing the aura of Bai Wen and Bai Wu.


This scene instantly shocked both Bai Wen and Bai Wu.

Obviously, they didn’t expect that someone could dissolve their evil spirits here, which made them feel a little weird.

“Uncle Baishan, cousin Elvira! This letter is the order of Master Bai Chen!”

As Bai Yan said, she took out an envelope from her arms.

When she opened the envelope, she glanced at Elvira’s family, her smile became more and more wicked. This smile was full of ridicule:

“Next, I will help you read it!”

“The Jiangnan family says:

Three days later, Elvira, the president of New Bai Group, bring the official seal of the group and all the industry contracts under it, to the Bai’s house in Jiangshi for a dinner!

Turn in the official seal and the property belongs to Jiangnan Bai’s!

From now on, the New Bai Group will be incorporated into the Jiangnan Bai family!

Jiangnan Bai’s-Bai Chen! “


At this moment, when Bai Yan finished the letter, the atmosphere in the hall got suppressed instantly.

Whether it was Baishan, Paula or Elvira, their complexions became ugly.

Three days later, with the official seal and industrial contracts, come to the Bai’s house.

New Bai Group will be under the banner of Jiangnan Bai!

This… This means that the Jiangnan Bai family will annex their New Bai Group openly.

And in such a rude and arrogant way.

This makes the family simply unacceptable.

“Hey…Cousin Elvira, I have finished reading, do you got it clearly? This is the order of Master Bai Chen, or in other words, Jiangnan Bai’s family!”

The smile on Bai Yan’s face was extremely strong at this moment, like a flower:

“What? Cousin Elvira, dares to disobey Jiangnan Bai’s order?”

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