Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 905

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Chapter 905

The voice was very rough as if someone has kicked the courtyard door open.

At this moment, the brows of Shaun’s family instantly wrinkled.

And just under their gazes, three figures walked in carelessly.

One female and two males.

The woman is Bai Yan, the daughter of the second master of the Bai family and Elvira’s cousin.

Her exquisite pretty face was full of arrogance and pleasure at the moment, especially after entering the door she was full of arrogance.

Behind her, there were two strong men.

Seeing these two strong men, Shaun’s pupils shrank slightly.

He could sense that a terrible breath continued to diffuse from the two burly men in black.

These two are warriors.

And their strength is not inferior to Old Man Kong Sheng, who is the number one in Jiangnan’s top ten martial arts masters.

In other words, these two strong men are all quasi-grand masters.

“Bai Yan, why are you here?” Elvira’s pretty face was slightly gloomy.

She didn’t expect that Bai Yan would directly lead someone into her home without saying hello.

Especially looking at the appearance of these people, it is obvious that the visitors have no good intentions.

And at the moment!

Hearing Elvira’s questioning, Bai Yan sneered:

“Yeah! Cousin, you have just established a new company, and you showing this attitude towards our Bai family?”

“Hmph, it seems that Grandpa is right, you are white-eyed wolves!”

White-eyed wolves!

Hearing Bai Yan’s sarcasm, Elvira’s pretty face became more gloomy.

It was the Bai family who bullied their family!

It was the Bai family who expelled their family!

They did so much for the Bai family, and in the end, they only ended up being expelled from the house, and now, they turned out to be white-eyed wolves.

“You…” Elvira just wanted to refute.

At this moment, Bai Yan waved her hand:

“Okay! I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with your family! This time, I’m here to collect the bill on the order of Jiangnan Bai’s family!”


When they heard the words “Jiangnan Bai”.

Whether it was Baishan or Elvira, their complexion instantly turned pale.

Although they have been expelled from the Bai family, they are no strangers to the name Jiangnan Bai family.

That’s my family!

One of the four hidden giants in Jiangnan, a super terrifying monster.

Even for so many years, the Bai family in Jiangshi has developed to a certain scale, still, they do not even have the qualifications to contact the Bai family in Jiangnan.

And now…

“Bai Yan, I… I don’t understand what you mean?”

Elvira’s pretty face was gloomy as water, and a strong premonition gradually emerged in her heart.

More than her!

Even Baishan and Paula had cold sweat on their foreheads for a moment, as the words ‘Jiangnan Bai’, has made them horrified.

“Cousin Elvira, tell you the truth!”

“Yesterday, Jiangnan Bai’s family has sent someone here, and the person is called Bai Chen, a young master of Jiangnan Bai’s direct line!”

As she said, Bai Yan pointed to the two brawny men in black next to him:

“And these two are the two bodyguards of Master Bai Chen! Bai Wen and Bai Wu!”

Bai Chen’s bodyguard!

Hearing this.

They looked at the two strong men in black.

They could clearly sense that from the two burly men in black, a shocking sense of terror exuded.

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