Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1109

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Chapter 1109

Irene walked up to Uncle An, sullenly, and questioned: “Uncle An, tell me how much they gave you? Did you decide to betray Media Asia?”

The old man looked a little embarrassed, “President, what are you talking about? No one told me to do this!”

A sneer appeared in Irene’s eyes, “Uncle An, any employee of Media Asia is qualified to sue me. Only you do not.”

Uncle Ann wondered.

Irene continued: “Uncle An, since you fell seriously ill two years ago, you have no ability to work at all. Media Asia has terminated your employment contract with you two years ago. Have you forgotten this?”

Uncle An shook his head, “You lie. I have never signed any dismissal agreement.”

Irene glanced at Guan Xiao, and Guan Xiao immediately turned upstairs.

Not long after, Guan Xiao took the dismissal agreement of Uncle An and handed it down to Irene respectfully.

Irene threw it to Uncle An, “You take a good look, is this the dismissal contract. Take a closer look, is the signature on it yours?”

Uncle An looked through the dismissal agreement and looked at his signature in disbelief.

Irene said: “You only need to sit in the company every day, and even if you do nothing, you have the same salary as everyone else. Do you think these salaries are earned by your labor? You are wrong. Your monthly salary is It was transferred to you from my Irene’s personal account.”

“In other words, in the past two years, I just looked at the former president and gave you a bite of food. But you don’t know what is good or bad, you will avenge your grievances, accept bribes, and have trouble with me.”

Irene was inviting, “Uncle An, from tomorrow, you won’t use it for work.”

The melon-eating people were originally uncomfortable with the bullying of Asia, and they wanted to help the elderly seek justice.

Never thought that Irene appeared and said in a few words, but turned the image of Uncle An’s weak being bullied into an image of an ungrateful little person. The people who eat melons have a lot of complaints about him.

Uncle An anxiously shouted, “You lied.”

Irene raised her hand, Uncle An’s hand trembled, Irene said: “Is it my reward for your meal, you let everyone understand.”

Her hands trembled very badly, and it seemed that he was indeed incapacitated.


“Rely on the old and sell the old.”

A voice of contempt for Uncle An broke out from the crowd.

Uncle An was embarrassed.

Jacob’s eyes filled with a glorious light, he really underestimated Irene, and this girl was very rape.

The employment dismissal contract two years ago was clearly temporary.

However, Uncle An’s loss of labor, Irene’s benevolence is true.

Irene used the melon-eating crowd to show kindness and non-seeking truth, and this battle of psychic warfare was not unsightly.

At this time, Jacob heard an arrogant voice coming from nearby.

“f*ck, you deserve to be the heir hand-trained by the founder of Media Asia. He can beat the gangsters, trample on the cockroaches and mice. It’s so awesome.”

Jacob squinted his eyes, and Zhan Hanxuan’s gaze just turned to his face.

The eyes met, Zhan Hanxuan was stunned.

“Big brother?”

Jacob’s pupils shrank, “What do you call me?”

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