Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110

Zhan Hanxuan glanced at Irene not far away, and a guilty expression appeared on Jun’s face.

Then, turned around and fled.

Jacob hurriedly chased out.

At this time, Irene walked in front of the media unit, and Enwei said: “Several small media outlets usually report some indispensable lace scandals. They were originally not qualified to film Media Asia. However, now that I am here, I There is no reason to push you. So, Guan Xiao, write down these units for me. If anyone reports news that is inconsistent with Media Asia, I will sue them.”

Guan Xiao stood up and smiled: “Yes.”

Irene smiled again, “Today these employees who have resigned collectively, your media will take a good photo of their faces. This group of people who drink water to revenge the well-digger, report and report well, in the future, all branches of Media Asia, and Cooperative companies that use Media Asia’s patented technology are not allowed to admit these ungrateful villains.”

The sharp gaze fell on the employees who had resigned collectively, and angrily said: “Mean Asia’s high salary trains you and returns you a high salary. But you accept bribes and betray Mean Asia. Since you look down on us, we Huan Asia Ya will take back the skills you have learned. In the future, your abilities will be useless. I hope you will start all over again, cut through thorns, and resurrect with blood.”

Those employees were originally proud of their talents. It turned out that Irene would be cruel enough to block them. Then they are tantamount to ruining their own future.

In the past, President Zhan, no matter how ruthless it was, only prohibited other companies from using Media Asia’s patents. Unexpectedly, Irene’s ruthlessness was even more blue than blue.

“President, I was wrong. I withdrew my resignation letter.”

The so-called people who know the current affairs are handsome. Someone began to waver.

Guan Xiao was frustrated, and his physical strength just couldn’t tolerate these sordid inner walls.

But Irene shook her head at him, and whispered: “This is not the time to be arrogant. Keep them behind so that they won’t help them.”

Guan Xiao suppressed his anger.

Where can small media units dare to provoke Media Asia? In addition, Uncle An, who was in his early days, was cleaned up by Irene, and other employees were also subdued. The media units were also afraid of taking risks and hurried to retreat.

People who eat melon are scattered like birds and animals.

Jacob chased Zhan Hanxuan several streets, and finally blocked Zhan Hanxuan in a dead end.

Zhan Hanxuan was so tired and panting, he fell to the ground, “I won’t run, I can’t run anymore. Do whatever you want.”

Jacob walked up to him and kicked him a few times, “Babbit, you keep running?”

Zhan Hanxuan saw that his white suit was kicked out by Jacob a few footprints, and he roared with distress, “I am your brother, you kick me like this? Don’t you feel heartache?”

Jacob knelt down, squeezed Zhan Hanxuan’s chin, and said, “We don’t look like it.”

Zhan Hanxuan said: “You are like your father, can’t I be like my mother?”

Then he said again, “Bah, baah. What nonsense will I say. We are not brothers, we are cousins. Of course we don’t look like them.”

Jacob interrogated: “Why are you running when you see me?”

Zhan Hanxuan asked, “Then why are you chasing me? I can only run if you chase me?”

“You run first to catch me.”

“If you don’t chase me, I won’t run.”

Seeing that he was about to fall into the endless loop of “the chicken or the egg first”, Jacob’s conversation turned, “I want to be beaten? Isn’t it?”

Zhan Hanxuan said with a bitter face, “Didn’t you mean you have amnesia? You are so fierce after amnesia? Why haven’t you changed your bad temper?”

Jacob said: “Since he is my cousin, I must know a lot of things about me. Then, I invite you to dinner, and you tell me everything you know.”

Zhan Hanxuan’s head shook like a rattle, “No.”

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