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Chapter 815

The visitors were guests, and Alyssa naturally wanted to invite them in.

Alyssa’s eyes swept back and forth on Smith and his wife, and then said, “Please come in.”

Hania followed Alyssa first.

Smith walked behind and closed the door.

Alyssa asked them as they walked in, “Are you here to find Karl?”

Smith said, “Yes.”

Alyssa’s expression was faint, and she came to see Karl all the time. She could understand, but what did Hania do?

Are the doctors so idle?

As if guessing what Alyssa was thinking, Smith explained: “I picked up my wife by the way on the way here, I’m sorry to bother you.”

She smiled at Smith: “It’s okay.”

In turn, she felt that Smith’s words sounded very familiar.

The last time she had a high fever and fell in the bathroom, and brought Hania to rescue her, which seems to be the same.

By the way?

Is there so much by the way?

Alyssa put aside these thoughts temporarily.

Karl was also assembling toys with Grace, Smith walked over, and slightly nodded and shouted, “Sir.”

Karl did not lift his head, but said lightly: “Here.”

Alyssa went to pour water for Smith and Hania.

Hania is a gentle woman. She warmly thanked Alyssa, “Thank you.”

Alyssa smiled and sat down opposite Hania.

Karl and Grace were playing together, Smith was also there, there might be something to find Karl by Smith, she didn’t need to go there.

Hania drank water and suddenly asked Alyssa, “Miss Alyssa was injured?”

Seeing Alyssa’s face in surprise, Hania said, “I can smell the medicine.”

Hearing this, Alyssa nodded: “A little injury, just going to change the dressing later.”

Hania hesitated and said, “If Miss Alyssa doesn’t mind, I can change the dressing for you and I have everything.”

Alyssa was about to speak, but was taken aback.

She squinted her eyes slightly and said softly, “Mrs. Smith is really kind of a doctor. She always carries a medicine kit when she goes out.”

Hania laughed when she heard the words: “It’s personal habit.”

The two women looked very polite on the surface, but in fact they had their own thoughts.

Alyssa was thinking about how Hania could drop by with Smith every time.

The last time she was sick, this time she was injured.

As for what Hania was thinking, Alyssa was not sure.

Alyssa looked at Hania and said with a serious expression: “It’s really not convenient for me to go out recently. Since Mrs. Smith is here, I also thank Mrs. Smith for making it easy for me to change my dressing.”

So Alyssa took Hania to the bedroom to change the dressing.

Hania skillfully changed the dressing for her, and she was able to separate her mind and chat with her.

“Miss Alyssa this injury may leave scars on your body.”


Alyssa didn’t care too much about whether it leave scars or not.

Hania added: “But it doesn’t necessarily leave scars. Many things themselves are not as bad as we thought.”

In the second half of the sentence, she spoke very slowly, as if she had something to say.

Alyssa chuckled lightly and said half-jokingly and half-seriously: “Nowadays doctors are like you, and they treat people with illnesses, and do they also take care of life mentors?”

Hania also smiled: “Talk to you casually.”

Alyssa was about to speak, and Hania said, “Okay!”

Hania changed her dressing, she didn’t feel any pain at all, and it was over.

In my opinion, Korean noodles should also be a very good doctor.

Doctors like this are generally unable to get an operation, so where is such a leisure?

Chapter 816

Alyssa asked as she buttoned her clothes, “Is Doctor Hania busy?”

Hania bowed her head to receive things: “Busy, but if I have a personal matter, I have to make time and I have to ask for leave. The doctor is also a human being.”

Alyssa paused slightly when she buttoned the button.

——If there is a private matter…

What Hania meant was that coming to Alyssa is a private matter?

She and Hania were originally not relatives, but if Hania came here really only for personal matters, who entrusted them?

Hania had already packed her medicine kit and smiled gently: “Miss Alyssa, take care.”

Alyssa couldn’t smile, “Thank you.”

After Hania packed the medicine box and went out, Alyssa stayed in the room for a while before going out.

With the three of them, Karl stood in the middle of the living room talking.

Hearing the sound of the bedroom door opening, Karl turned to look at her with an indifferent expression: “I’m leaving.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa walked straight to the door: “I will see you off.”

Karl turned his head and glanced at Hania.

Hania lowered her head to organize her clothes, pretending that she didn’t see Karl looking at her.

Watching the three people leave, Alyssa stood at the door for a while before turning back to the house.

They are now downstairs in the community.

Smith had already taken Hania’s hospital box and carried it for her.

Karl said suddenly, “Sister-in-law, what did you say to Alyssa?”

It’s okay for Karl not to speak, and Hania can pretend that she didn’t understand the way he looked at her before.

But now Karl took the initiative to speak, and Hania had no choice but to speak out.

“Just chatted casually.” Hania finished speaking, and noticed that Karl’s face became heavy.

Smith also felt a trace of anger emanating from Karl’s body.

At this time, Hania turned her head to look at Smith: “You go drive first.”

When Smith stood still, Hania pushed him.

Smith had to turn around and left.

Looking back at one step three times, he glanced at Hania, and then at Karl.

He knew what Hania and Karl were going to speak.

Before Karl had to clean up Clifford and prepare to put a long line to catch a big fish, he couldn’t hide it from Smith.

Later, Karl played more and more, and even had a wedding with Miana. He couldn’t hold back talking to Hania all the time.

As a woman, Hania gave up on Alyssa and cursed Smith.

However, Alyssa was injured again.

Karl worried about Alyssa’s injury and wanted to know how she was injured.

He couldn’t directly follow her to the hospital, so he could only ask Smith to find someone to get Hania to change Alyssa’s dressing.

Hania originally didn’t agree with Karl’s approach, she must have said something when changing the dressing with Alyssa.

After Smith left, Karl asked Hania again: “What did you say to her?”

“In fact, I didn’t say anything.” Hania smiled: “However, Miss Alyssa is a smart woman. If she is interested, she should think of something.”

Karl curled his eyebrows, his face was scary.

Hania had little contact with Karl, but because of the Smith, she also knew something about him.

This man, who was two years younger than Smith, had an unfathomable mind and a strong aura.

Hania was still a little afraid of him.

She could feel that Karl was angry, but he didn’t say anything, only strode out.

Hania heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that he was gone.

When he got to the outside of the community, he drove the car and waited there.

Karl drove over by himself.

He stood in front of the car and said to Smith: “You send sister-in-law back, and then arrange for reporters to block Alyssa’s door.”

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