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Chapter 635

When Alyssa heard Mattie’s first half of the sentence, her complexion changed slightly.

Seeing Mattie as if she had seen a ghost, Alyssa said two words tentatively.


“How do you know?” Mattie sat down beside Alyssa, “It’s really Miana!”

Alyssa turned her head and looked towards the entrance, but the crowd gathered and she sat there, and she couldn’t see Karl and Miana at all.

She stared at that side intently, slowly stood up, and slowly adjusted her dress.

“What are you doing?” Mattie looked up at her series of actions and couldn’t help asking.

“Go and see.” Alyssa dropped this sentence and walked towards the crowd.

People’s forgetfulness is great, because Alyssa was once the focus of people’s eyes once she was with Karl.

But after the incident, the heat subsided, and naturally no one would mention Alyssa.

Even if a few people recognized Alyssa, they didn’t want to think or say more.

After all, the most eye-catching things tonight are Karl and Miana.

Someone nearby was whispering about Karl and Miana.

“Didn’t Adams’ official Twitter, saying that their CEO doesn’t like the woman surnamed Palmer?”

“Who knows? Maybe it’s the change in Mr. Adams’ taste!”

“Ms. Palmer has a good appearance and family background. Even if Karl likes her, it’s nothing unusual.”

“What’s the use of saying so much? Keep watching…”

“Who said no.”

For the words, they went in with her left ear and went out with her right ear, and didn’t even listen to it.

Her gaze was completely placed on Karl and Miana.

The two walked side by side. Although Miana did not take his arm, they were close to each other, and Karl’s face did not show disgust or attraction.

Being able to walk with Karl was enough to make people dream.

Karl wore the usual dark suit, tall and expensive. Miana has been carefully taken care of from head to toe. Even the dress is the work of a famous designer and is a limited edition.

If it had to be compared, Alyssa’s dress would look extraordinary.

Alyssa stood in the crowd, unobtrusive.

She just watched, Karl and Miana walked together, walking straight past her eyes.

The hand hanging to his side was already clenched tightly.

Karl… really mixed with Miana again?

In Karl’s villa that day, both of them said a lot of unfeeling words.

Karl had always been domineering, even if there was a big contradiction before, he would not say to drive her away.

Alyssa heard the decisiveness in his tone, so she didn’t say much, and just left.

She moved out from Karl’s villa until now, and she has tried her best not to let herself think about Karl and what Karl said.

However, the Rostenvel is too small, you can meet him at any event or banquet.

Alyssa took a deep breath, lowered her eyes, her mood was complicated.

Mattie followed and asked her sideways, “Alyssa, your reaction is a bit wrong?”

She has always been very curious about Alyssa and Karl’s affairs. She always feels that the two are a little bit tricky, even if they are not tricky, at least they are connected with each other.

But looking at this situation now, Mattie felt that she might have thought too much and was wrong.

It’s too hard to guess!

“Aren’t you going to take me to know someone? Let’s go, take me see them.” When Alyssa raised her head, the expression on her face had returned to normal.

Mattie was taken aback. She used to tell Alyssa to introduce her to Alyssa. Alyssa was all interested and lacking in interest. Today, she is quite active.

As for the reason for being so proactive, it’s okay for everyone to take the initiative, and don’t have to be too clear.

Mattie nodded: “Well, follow me.”

So Alyssa followed Mattie to get to know the director and producer.

Whether it is famous or not, Mattie is willing to exchange her business cards, which shows her social ability.

After a lap, Alyssa’s cheeks flushed slightly after drinking.

Mattie shook her head: “I will ask the waiter to give you a cup of hot water. Why are you drinking so much? Just take a sip. If you are really in a bad mood, I will accompany you to drink after the banquet is over… …”

“I’m not in a bad mood, but I’m very happy to meet so many seniors in the circle. This way, I will have a better future.” Alyssa looked upright and said seriously.

Mattie was stunned, she really believed Alyssa’s words.

Mattie still asked the waiter to bring Alyssa a cup of hot water.

Alyssa was indeed a little dizzy after drinking, and her alcohol was a little bit up, but the effect was not significant. She finished drinking and went to the bathroom.

Just when someone came to Mattie, she had no time to scruple Alyssa, so she could only tell Alyssa: “Come back soon.”

Alyssa waved her hand and walked to the bathroom.

She entered the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror, staring at herself in the mirror in a daze, but the picture of Karl and Miana who had been seen walking side by side emerged in her mind involuntarily.

The more she thinks about it, the more she feels it is not a taste.

She bit her lip, took a deep breath, and took out the powder from the bag to touch up her makeup.

When she put the powder back and took out the lipstick, she saw in the mirror someone walking in from the door.

After seeing that the woman who came in was Miana, Alyssa paused for a while, and then continued to add lipstick as if Miana did not exist.

Miana walked slowly to Alyssa, and took out the lipstick from her bag with her eyes down, looking like she came to touch up her makeup.

Neither of them spoke.

Alyssa stuffed her lipstick back into her bag and was about to leave, but Miana stopped her at this moment: “Miss Alyssa is leaving now? Finally, I have a chance to talk to you, so why bother to leave. “

Alyssa stopped slightly, glanced at Miana, and said with a mocking tone: “Miss Palmer can just tell me if she has something to say. It hurts your temperament.”

Miana’s complexion was stagnant, the calmness on her face disappeared, and his face gradually became cold: “Alyssa, do you know the difference between me and you?”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows without saying a word, waiting for Miana to finish her words.

“The difference between us, that is the difference between clouds and mud.” Miana’s voice was with a cold breath, she raised her chin and curled her lips, looking at Alyssa with arrogance, her eyes were the winner. Giving a proud look.

Alyssa could see a lot of this look.

Alyssa didn’t even blink her eyes. She licked her hair that was scattered in front of her, and said casually: “After all, you used to covet my man before, and now you take over the rest of my man.”

Chapter 636

Alyssa’s words fell, and Miana screamed her name with anger: “Alyssa!”

The anger in the tone was completely incapable of hiding.

Miana wanted to show off in front of Alyssa, after all, Karl was the first man to let Miana fail.

Now that she finally achieved a staged victory, Miana’s first thought was to show off in front of Alyssa.

But Alyssa didn’t seem to care at all. Instead, she said that Karl was the man she used to use the rest. Why did this make Miana angry?

Alyssa curled her lips, her expression calm and stable.

She raised her head and was continuing to speak. With a glimpse from the corner of her eye, she saw Karl standing in front of the bathroom.

She stood there in silence, with a cold expression, staring at Alyssa faintly.

When it reached her lips, she swallowed abruptly.

Karl… Did he hear what she just said?

Alyssa couldn’t help but cast her gaze on Karl, trying to see the expression on his face clearly, so as to guess whether he heard what she just said.

But Karl did not give her this opportunity.

Karl only glanced at her, then looked away and looked at Miana.


She was familiar with the deep voice in her bones, but at this moment he called another woman’s name in front of her.

Miana’s anger just disappeared when Karl called her name.

She glanced at Alyssa, the triumph in her eyes was self-evident.

After that, she strode towards Karl as if she was retrieving a letter.

Miana walked to Karl and tentatively stretched out her hand to hold his arm: “Let’s go.”

Alyssa’s gaze fell on Miana’s arm holding Karl.

White and slender fingers, with exquisite and beautiful manicures, are particularly dazzling against the dark suit fabric.

After Miana’s hand was put on Karl’s arm, he did not move away.

She didn’t move away, and Karl didn’t shake her hand away.

Alyssa opened her lips slightly, looked away pretendingly, turned around and walked to the mirror to wash her hands.

Karl didn’t stay for a second, but Miana took his arm and turned and left.

Alyssa’s left light caught a glimpse of the disappearance of the two of them, and then she turned off the faucet in despair, resting her hands on the sink, her expression hurried.

Miana took Karl out of the bathroom, and before they took a few steps, she was thrown away by Karl.

Miana looked at her hand being thrown away, frowned, walked quickly to Karl, blocked his way, and asked coldly, “Karl? What do you mean? You just did it on purpose, right? ? You and Alyssa, you guys…”

Karl glanced over, making her silent involuntarily.

His gaze stayed on Miana’s hand for a moment, and he said in a hurry, “You didn’t wash your hands just now.”

Miana’s complexion became stiff, her mouth was open, and the corners of her lips quivered, but she couldn’t say a word.

She did not wash her hands just now, but she just put on some makeup.

Who has the mind to wash hands in that situation?

Even if she didn’t wash her hands, as a gentleman, how could he embarrass her by saying this?


For a long time, she only squeezed out such a word.

Karl sorted out his clothes, reached out and patted his arm, as if there was something dirty on it.

Miana’s complexion is even more ugly.

Karl bypassed her and walked straight forward, without any intention to ease the embarrassment.

Although Miana was a little angry, Karl finally took the initiative to find her. She didn’t want to let go of this opportunity, so she could only bite the bullet and followed.

Karl stepped forward and walked in a hurry. Miana stepped on her high-heeled shoes with some effort.

Miana followed him for a while and couldn’t help but said, “Karl, do you know that when walking with a lady, you should try to accommodate the lady as much as possible, that’s what a gentleman does.”

“Accommodation?” Karl sneered, “I thought people like Miss Palmer would not be so tacky. Nowadays, gender equality is more important? Why do men have to accommodate women?”

When he spoke, there was a serious look between his eyebrows and his eyes, so Miana didn’t know how to refute it.

Miana couldn’t say that Karl could not speak, so she had to stay silent and go to the banquet hall with Karl.

When they arrived at the entrance of the banquet hall, Miana calmed her mind, put on a smile, turned her head and glanced at Karl, just about to reach out to take his arm. But when she thought of what Karl had said before, she had to forcibly suppress this idea.

Somewhat strangely, after arriving in the banquet hall, Karl walked slowly as if deliberately adjusting to her pace.

Miana comforted herself, that Karl walked so fast just now, he might be anxious to return to the banquet hall.

No matter how indifferent you pretended to be in front of Miana, but watching Karl and Miana take them away, Alyssa’s heart still felt dull.

She deceived others, but not herself.

On the surface, she pulled a round in front of Miana.

However, when Karl stood at the door of the bathroom and called out Miana’s name, Alyssa knew that she had actually lost a terrible defeat.

She actually couldn’t understand how she and Karl had reached this point.

Karl’s determination made her a little puzzled.

However, the problem between her and Karl did not exist in one or two days.

But gradually formed in the accumulation of time.

She sometimes annoyed Karl’s domineering, but when he really drove her away so decisively, she could do nothing except keep the last trace of arrogance and leave without taking any of his things.

Karl is a very decisive person.


Alyssa laughed self-deprecatingly, raised her head and calmed her eyes for a moment.

When she opened her eyes again, her expression had returned to its original calm.

As soon as she went out, she ran into Mattie who came to look for her.

Mattie couldn’t help rolling her eyes when she saw her: “I thought you fell into the pit! haven’t been out for so long.”

Alyssa lifted her hair, and said calmly, “diarrhea, squat a little longer.”

Mattie was stunned for a moment, and said leisurely: “Miss Alyssa, screenwriter, can you be a little burdened by idols?”

“Let’s go, end this boring banquet early, let’s go have a drink.” Alyssa stretched and embraced Mattie’s shoulders, leading her to the banquet hall.

Mattie was forced to follow Alyssa. As she walked, she turned her head to look at Alyssa: “Drinking? Are you really going to drink? Where to drink?”

Alyssa stopped, thought for a moment, turned to Mattie and smiled, her red lips lightly opened: “Best Day.”

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