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Chapter 633

Smith sighed slightly: “I understand.”

Alyssa nodded slightly, turned around and walked towards Grace’s room, while saying, “I am going to see Grace and be back soon.”

When Smith heard that she was going to see Grace, he did not say much, and silently agreed.

Alyssa went to see Grace and left the villa.

At the gate of the villa, there were already two cars ready. One of them was loaded with things Alyssa had used, and the other car was probably to pick her up.

Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly: “These things are no longer needed, and there is no need to send me away. I will drive away by myself.”

Smith understood Alyssa’s temper, and didn’t force her too much. He only asked tentatively: “Then I will tell you the address of the house?”

“No, I won’t live.” Alyssa refused directly, and left in her own car.

Standing under the streetlight at the gate Smith, watching Alyssa drive away, he called Karl.


Karl asked, “Is she gone?”

“The young lady just left, but…”

Smith was only halfway talking, and he was interrupted by Karl: “She didn’t want anything, and she didn’t want a house?”

Smith sighed slightly: “Yes.”

There was a silence on the other end of the phone, before Karl’s voice rang again: “I see, you can go now.”

Smith originally had something to say, but Karl’s words directly blocked what he didn’t say afterwards.

“Okay.” He had to hang up.

Alyssa moved back to the previously rented house.

She signed the house for a long time, even if she moved back to Karl’s villa, she did not return the house.

Now it happens to be useful again.

Before, the family of three lived in a house here for a while, and a lot of miscellaneous things were added to the house.

The most conspicuous thing is the set of desks in the hall.

At that time, Karl insisted on living in before placing a desk there.

There were still some files used by Karl in the desk.

Alyssa walked to the desk and stood for a while, then walked around behind the desk, took away all the things left on the desk and the bookshelf, and put up her computer and information books.

From now on, this will be her desk alone.

No one lived in the house for a long time, and Alyssa simply cleaned it up. She didn’t have the appetite and didn’t even bother to eat dinner, so she went to bed.

Early the next morning, Alyssa drove to the supermarket to buy things.

She bought a lot of daily necessities and ingredients, and brought them home to cook for herself.

When she got home, she received a call from Mattie as soon as she cooked the meal.

“I told you yesterday, remember that there is an event tonight? Is there a dress? Do you want to see it together in the afternoon.”

Alyssa leaned against the back of the chair and said weakly, “Okay.”

Mattie heard the anomaly in Alyssa’s tone, and asked her aloud: “Why are you weak in your words? What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay, what else do you have to say? If nothing just hang up now.” Alyssa picked up the chopsticks and poked the dishes on the plate in front of her with no energy.

Mattie called her mainly to remind her of tonight’s activities and hung up after saying goodbye.

The phone hung up, and the room was quiet again.

Alyssa threw the phone aside, took a few bites of rice, and put down her chopsticks.

Get up and slowly tidy up the plates.

After tidying up the kitchen, she sat in front of the computer for a while, wrote some new content, and went out for the appointment at the time agreed with Mattie.

When Mattie saw Alyssa, she glanced critically at her, looked at Alyssa from head to toe, and then shook her head with disgust.

“Alyssa, can you have a little sense of being a celebrity? You go out without even putting on makeup? And you don’t wear clothes, big cotton jackets, jeans, and high heels…”

Alyssa let Mattie scold her with no expression. After Mattie finished speaking, Alyssa said seriously, “Can we go to see the dress now?”

“Did you listen to me?” Mattie felt that she had just said so much, and Alyssa might not have listened at all.

Alyssa answered seriously: “I’m listening.”

Since you are listening? This is the reaction.

Mattie was a little speechless, but still asked concerned: “What happened to you?”

Alyssa usually goes to the studio and dresses well. She looks listless and dejected when she goes out today.

This is not Mattie asking this question every time, Alyssa looked down at herself, and then asked her: “Do I look like something happened?”

Mattie nodded.

Alyssa was silent for a while: “I just didn’t sleep well.”

Mattie had a ghost only when she believed her.

Alyssa didn’t have any big demands on the dress, so she picked it up quickly.

Mattie is very serious about tonight’s activities, even choosing dresses very carefully.

Every time she picks one, she has to ask Alyssa how.

However, after Alyssa said her thoughts, Mattie refuted her again and then picked new ones.

Alyssa stared at Mattie for a while, and then she understood something.

After Mattie tried the dress again, Alyssa walked around her, then leaned to Mattie’s ear, and said quietly: “Miss Adkins, Robin will also participate in the event tonight?”

“How do you know?” Mattie raised her head in surprise.

After seeing Alyssa’s face with a smile but not a normal smile, she hurriedly opened her eyes, took a picture in the mirror, and pretended to say casually: “What does it have to do with me if he comes to participate?”

The tone of deliberate understatement, on the contrary, feels a little bit to cover up.

Alyssa laughed, but did not continue this topic.

In the past few days, Mattie has made great progress in her work and has become more and more sophisticated. However, for Robin, she has always been very obvious.

Mattie picked up her dress so hard, she just wanted to make Robin’s eyes shine and attract Robin’s attention at tonight’s event.

Alyssa sat on the sofa and patiently waited for Mattie to change her dress.

Mattie took a long time to change her dress this time, and Alyssa was a little lost while waiting.

Suddenly, a female voice pulled her thoughts back.

“I ordered a dress here before, and you help me see if it looks good.” The woman’s words sounded like she was talking to someone else.

However, after what she said, no one responded.

Alyssa felt that the sound was familiar, and when she turned her head and followed the sound, the woman who was talking also looked at her.

The eyes of the two collided in the air, and they were all startled.

Chapter 634

The two looked at each other for three seconds, and then consciously looked away.

Rostenvel is so big, but the chances of seeing acquaintances are too great.

It’s just that she came out to see the dress, and can meet someone she hasn’t seen for a long time.

It’s really a narrow road.

At this time, Mattie also came out.

“Alyssa, what do you think of my dress?” Mattie asked her with a smile. It was obvious that she was very satisfied with this dress.

This dress is indeed better-looking than the previous ones, and Alyssa also nodded.

“Then you need this one!” Mattie smiled and turned her head, the smile on her face disappeared.

She leaned to Alyssa’s ear with a vigilant face and asked, “When did Miana come?”

Miana was the person who just looked at Alyssa.

Alyssa did not look in Miana’s direction, and replied calmly, “Just here.”

Mattie carefully observed Alyssa, trying to find a trace of other emotions on her face, but Mattie was finally disappointed.

She didn’t see any other emotions on Alyssa’s face.

Miana had had an affair with Karl before. Although Adams’ official blog finally came out to refute the rumors, most people still felt that “no wind can pass without making waves”.

Including Mattie, they also feel that there is no such simple relationship between Karl and Miana.

However, she felt that the relationship between Karl and Alyssa might be even more difficult.

But Alyssa’s mouth was too strict, and she could hardly detect anything.

Mattie gave up the idea of ​​listening to gossip from Alyssa, and guessed, “Is she going to any dinner party tonight?”

Mattie’s words reminded Alyssa.

Miana also works in a television station, and it is not unusual to participate in such activities.

“Go and change clothes.” Alyssa didn’t want to stay here too much, and directly pushed Mattie into the locker room.

Mattie closed the door and said, “Wait for me, I will come out soon.”

Alyssa turned around and found that Miana didn’t know when she was approaching her.

It is too late to pretend not to see her.

“Miss Alyssa, it’s been a long time since I saw you, how do you feel that you have lost a lot of weight.” Miana stood in front of Alyssa, raising her chin slightly. Although there was a smile on her face, the arrogance in her bones could not be hidden.

The Miana in front of her is like a replica of Claire.

It’s just that Miana is more reserved than Claire before.

Alyssa raised her eyebrows, sitting on the sofa and didn’t even bother to move, her tone was lazy: “Thanks to Miss Palmer’s concern, you seem to have gained a lot, right now the food must be good?”

Alyssa suddenly remembered that when Miana was talking, she seemed to be talking to another person. But at this time, there was no one else around Miana.

Who came to see the dress with her? Why did they leave suddenly?

Miana was choked by Alyssa, her complexion was slightly stiff, and she didn’t know what she thought of, and quickly recovered: “Miss Alyssa joked. This is not necessarily due to eating problems, it may also be due to Happy things…”

Miana curled her lips, smiled deeper, and said meaningfully, “Ms. Alyssa’s complexion is not very good. Isn’t it because something sad has happened?”

Alyssa narrowed her eyes to look at Miana: “What sad thing does Miss Palmer want to happen to me?”

She always felt that there was something in this Sumian talk.

“Why do you think of me that way? After all, we have known each other for so long. Of course I hope that all you encounter are happy things…”

Alyssa looked at Miana without making a sound.

She glanced in the direction of the dressing room, frowned slightly, why didn’t Mattie come out?

Mattie might have felt Alyssa’s anxiety, and the locker room door that had been tightly closed was opened from inside the next moment.

Mattie walked out, took out the card and handed it to the waiting salesperson: “Wrap up this dress.”

Only then did Alyssa stood up, “Are you allowed to go?”

“Well, right now.” Mattie responded with a smile.

The clerk moved quickly and sent the packed gowns without asking them to wait long.

Mattie took the packed dress and took Alyssa away.

From beginning to end, she never said a word to Miana.

Mattie naturally knew Miana, but there was no positive intersection.

In other words, Miana did not like Mattie, and Mattie did not like Miana.

But there is no competitive relationship between the two. If it is not necessary to deal with each other, the two will basically pretend not to know each other.

After leaving the store, Mattie went gossiping next to Alyssa and said, “I was in the dressing room just now and heard you talking to Miana. Although I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s cheap. Miana just has no good intentions.”

“Really?” Even Mattie felt the same way, and Alyssa felt that maybe she felt right. Miana didn’t talk to her for no reason.

“If you don’t talk about her, you will be disappointed by mentioning her. Let’s go see others…”

Mattie took Alyssa to buy shoes again. In the evening, she changed her hair and changed her dress to the event.

Several sponsors were invited to this event.

When Alyssa went there, she found that there were more people at the event than she thought.

This is not a big event after all. It stands to reason that there should not be so many people here.

As soon as Mattie arrived at the event, she went to have a chat with her contacts.

Alyssa sat in the corner alone, looking bored at the people coming and going, and didn’t drink much after taking a drink once.


Mattie ran over suddenly.

“What’s wrong? Why so anxious?” Alyssa glanced at the chair next to her, motioned Mattie to sit down and said.

“I won’t sit down anymore. With the latest news I just heard, Karl will come over later!”

Hearing the words, Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and murmured, “No wonder…”

It’s no wonder that so many people came to participate in the event tonight, it turned out to be Karl as well.

Mattie saw her silently, and asked, “What’s wrong with you, just say something.”

“He comes as soon as he comes, what does it have to do with me.” Alyssa picked up the untouched drink next to her and drank it in one go.

When a waiter happened to pass by, Alyssa took a glass of champagne and drank half of it in one breath.

Mattie opened her mouth, watching her snorting with champagne, and secretly said: Is this also okay?

It seems that it’s not only related, but also big. ,

But Mattie didn’t say this.

At this moment, the crowd suddenly looked in one direction, and there was still a small voice of discussion.

Alyssa knew without looking, it was Karl who came.

Seeing that Alyssa had no plans to get up, Mattie went over to watch the excitement alone.

But soon, Mattie returned.

With a complicated expression on her face, she said to Alyssa, “Karl brought his female partner! You can never guess who his female partner is!”

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