Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1325 – 1326

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Chapter 1325

Tina looked at the back of Peter dangling upstairs, turned his head and said to Alyssa with a cold snort, “What is wrong with him.”

Alyssa laughed and changed the subject and asked, “You guys came together?”

“Uh…” Tina said vaguely: “It’s not considered to be here together…”

Peter lived in her house, and they all came to Alyssa’s house. When she was driving, Peter jumped into her car. She couldn’t consume him and could only drive.

“It doesn’t count? What does it mean?” Alyssa felt that there was a problem when she saw her hesitating.

Seeing that Tina couldn’t hide it anymore, she simply said, “Peter lives in my house now.”

Alyssa was stunned: “Huh?

Tina quickly explained as if she was afraid of her misunderstanding: “It’s not what you think, he will live in my house, mainly because his house burned down and there is no place to live. Moreover, he and I have already spoken clearly. Now, continue to be friends like we did before, and it’s normal for him to borrow for a while, isn’t it…”

“Yeah.” Alyssa also stretched the tone with the sound of “Yeah,” which seemed very intriguing.

Tina didn’t think there was anything, but at this time she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty: “I’m a little thirsty, I’ll go drink some water.”

“Okay, I’ll pour you water.”

Alyssa took Tina and sat down and poured water for her.

Tina drank water in a serious manner, and heard Alyssa on the side saying coldly: “Cathy is Peter’s girlfriend after all. If Peter’s house is repaired, let him go back to live as soon as possible.”

Alyssa’s voice was very gentle, but she seemed to give Tina a punch.

She just thought that she and Peter had already said that they could get along as before.

But she forgot, Peter now has a girlfriend.


That morning, she saw Cathy come out of Grant’s room with her own eyes.

Seeing that her face was not so good, Alyssa’s tone became more gentle: “If someone knows that you live with Peter, you might have a hundred mouths longer, you can’t tell.”

Tina lowered her eyes slightly: “I know.”

Alyssa was right, once this kind of thing was exposed, it would be unclear.

The popular actress became the boss’s junior.

How do you see this title, how violent?

At that time, everyone will only watch the excitement, make the jokes, and scold them together. No one wants to hear the explanation or the truth.


While eating, Peter found that Tina was very depressed.

When Tina came, he was happy, and when he went upstairs, Tina’s mood didn’t seem to be so depressed.

After clinking the glasses, Peter watched Tina dry a small glass of red wine in one breath, frowned and leaned over to take her glass away: “What’s wrong with you?”

Tina ignored him and snatched the wine glass with a cold face.

Peter couldn’t hold her back, so he could only let her drink, but he didn’t drink too much. When he finished eating, he remained sober.

But everyone drank and couldn’t drive, so Karl arranged for a driver to take them back.

Before leaving, Tina was stopped by Alyssa.

“Is it because of what I said? You were upset when eating.” Alyssa looked at her worriedly.

Tina hooked the long hair in her ear and chuckled, “I’m not upset, but I feel a little depressed. I feel that I’m old and I still can’t handle emotional matters.”

Chapter 1326

The night wind was a bit cold, and when it blew, they shivered from the cold.

Alyssa stretched out her hand to close Tina’s coat, and said softly but firmly: “No matter how you deal with it, there are consequences, I will stand by your side.”

“I’m so annoying, I’m saying this sensational thing again.” Tina’s tone was disgusting, but there was a smile on her face.

Alyssa glanced at Peter who was waiting not far away, and said, “Go back quickly.”

Tina got into the car and sat side by side in the back with Peter.

When the car moved, Peter leaned in restlessly: “Auntie, you were talking and laughing with Alyssa just now. Your little face is like freezing when you get in the car. Where did I offend you?”

Tina slapped Peter on the shoulder and pushed him away: “CEO Grant has a girlfriend, please stay away from me.”

“Where the hell do I have a girlfriend?”

Tina glanced at him, and then he remembered: “Oh, you said Cathy, I will ask Rubin to notify the public relations department tomorrow and send a message.”

“What message?”

“The news that I broke up with Cathy.”

If Tina hadn’t mentioned it, he would have hardly remembered who Cathy was, and where could he still remember that bit of trouble between himself and Cathy.

Now, should Tina be satisfied?

You should be happy if you are not satisfied.

“Cathy agreed?” Tina didn’t seem to be happy.

“When she ran into my room, she didn’t get my consent.” Peter was angry at thinking that she was pitted by Cathy.

Tina silent for a while: “You are still like this.”

“How am I?”

“I don’t care about you and Cathy. Fix your house as soon as possible and move out of my house.”

“Tina, you mentioned this yourself…”

Tina turned her head and looked out the window, ignoring Peter directly. Seeing that she couldn’t listen at all, Peter had to turn his head and look out of the other window, sulking.

After the car turned a corner, Tina saw a car parked in the middle of the road ahead.

This winding road up the mountain was built by Karl after living on the mountain and looking for someone to repair it. Therefore, the road was not very wide. After a car parked in the middle of the road, Tina’s car would not be able to pass.

The driver had to slow down.

Tina looked at it for a moment, then turned to pull Peter’s sleeves: “Do you think the car in front is Clayton’s car?”

Clayton walked a little bit earlier than the others, and at this time there will be no one else except them and Clayton’s car.

“Don’t you want to talk to me?” Peter snorted, raising his head proudly.

He originally wanted to take Joe, but Tina really didn’t ask him.

Because Tina was already sure that it was Clayton’s car, because Helen got out of the car.

After she saw Helen getting off the car, Clayton drove away before she stood still.

Tina looked dumbfounded: “Clayton is too nonhuman, right? You left Helen, a woman, in this ghost place and ran away at night?”

Peter also saw the previous situation just now, and nodded in agreement: “It’s really not a human being.”

Clayton’s car drove away, and Tina’s car could continue to move forward. Tina told the driver: “Stop when you pass by that woman.”

As she said, the driver stopped the car when he drove to Helen’s side.

Tina opened the car window, probed out, and shouted, “Miss Helen, get in the car.”

Helen turned her head, her face was as beautiful as a demon in the mountains in the night.

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