Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1261

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Chapter 1261

And now!

After leaving the hotel, Mr. Mingzhe was unwilling, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Young Master, I have seen Shaun trash.”


The man on the other end also seemed to be surprised and slightly taken aback.

But after a while, he sneered with extreme disdain:

“I know, that waste was living Jiangshi!”

Mr. Mingzhe’s face sank, and he said with uneasy face:

“Young Master, he seems to be different. I saw even Jiangbei Li’s family in awe for him!”


On the other end, laughter burst out, full of mocking:

“Mr. Mingzhe, he has fooled you!”

“What the Li family is afraid of is not that waste at all, but his wife, Elvira!”


Mr. Mingzhe’s expression changed rapidly, and his eyes were full of shock.

“As far as I know, his wife is Elvira who is now in full swing in Jiangnan.”

“Before the Li family had offended Elvira, so it was commercial sanctioned by mysterious forces. The Li family was afraid that it was because of the dust that Elvira had touched, so they had to look for this waste!”


At the corner of Mr. Mingzhe’s mouth, a resentful smile appeared:

“In that case, it seems that he is a real trash!”

And the guy on the other end of the phone sneered:

Realizing that he was being fooled, Mr. Mingzhe got embarrassed, and his eyes filled with spiteful anger:

“That damn dog thing, I will never let him go!”

“Mr. Mingzhe, that waste is nothing, but that Elvira is not easy to provoke. According to the information I know, the one standing behind her is probably…”

“Shan Lin!”


Hearing this, Mr. Mingzhe immediately legs weakened and he collapsed to the ground.

His face was full of horror!

Shan Lin?

One of China’s four major military seat holders, the supreme authority, is known as the country’s most important person, the most daring existence!

Is he a friend of Elvira?

This is incredible!

Mr. Mingzhe only felt short of breath and was frightened at this time.

No wonder that Elvira, who was able to turn out to be born, became the co-lord of the entire Jiangnan because behind her stood an existence standing at the peak of China’s power.

Mr. Mingzhe swallowed fiercely.

Then, a lewd smile appeared on his face and he said:

“Young Master, you said that if I soaked that Elvira and put a green hat on that waste, would Elvira continue to protect him?”

Mr. Mingzhe is very confident!

With his background and appearance, Elvira will be able to get into bed with him.

In his eyes, he is more than a hundred times better than Shaun?

The young man was taken aback, and then said with joy:

“If you can successfully put Elvira into your bed, it would be invisible, and you can help me win favor from Shan Lin. With such a terrifying help, then the position of the head of the Lin family must be me, Lin Zekun!”

“If you can really get what you want, I can guarantee that as long as I inherit the position of Patriarch, in the Ming family, you will have 10,000 people under you!”


The other party’s promise immediately caused Mr. Mingzhe’s heart to thump wildly, and even his breathing became extremely rapid because of his excitement.

“Master, don’t worry! I will live up to your expectations!”

When the call got disconnected!

On Mr. Mingzhe’s face, there was a hideous smile:

“Shaun, your wife, I want her!”

“Your life, I want it too!!!”

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