Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1262

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Chapter 1262

In a few days!

Baishan’s family suddenly received an invitation from Mr. Shen, which made them feel very inexplicable.

Because since the last time, the Shen family and their family have completely cut off contact, and Elvira’s identity has also been ordered to be concealed. The Shen family can’t know her identity as the Jiangnan Communist Party.

In that case, what will suddenly show good?

Baishan and Paula did not think this much.

Especially, Paula, this is her natal family after all, so it is best to ease the relationship.

“How do I feel, if there is no good feast, there will be no good feast?”

Shaun suddenly said something jokingly.

These words immediately made Paula’s face gloomy and said unhappily:

“Why is there no good feast? You have to think that my family is going to harm you?”

“Since the Shen family has taken the initiative to make peace, then forget about the past.!”

Shaun laughed dumbly, after all, without refuting, he closed his mouth obediently.

But Elvira on the side frowned because she also felt that there was something strange!


When Shaun’s family arrived at Shen’s house, Shaun finally confirmed his guess.

Because he saw a person who shouldn’t show up in the Shen family.

Mr. Mingzhe!

And now!

Mr. Mingzhe also noticed Elvira at the first glance, and was completely shocked by her stunning appearance!

Beautiful as a crown jade!

This woman is simply a stunner in the world!

Mr. Mingzhe swallowed involuntarily and suddenly felt dry. He had met countless women in his life, but no woman could compare with Elvira in front of him.

This person is more moving than the one on TV!


In Mr. Mingzhe’s eyes, there was strong jealousy, staring straight at Shaun, wishing to break his body into pieces.

This waste is simply not worthy of such a peerless beauty!

Such a woman should become his woman!

“This is Mr. Mingzhe, a young man from the Ming family in Beijing, why don’t you come over and say hello to him.”

Old man Shen’s face sank, and he commanded the Baishan family in a bad tone.

Ming Family in Beijing?

Elvira and others got shocked because they had also heard of such a top power family.

Then, they hurriedly greeted Mr. Mingzhe:

“Hello, Mr. Mingzhe!”

“Hahaha, uncle and aunt, you are welcome!”

Mr. Mingzhe walked over with enthusiasm.


Baishan and Paula got dumbfounded!

both of them are just ordinary people, how can they be qualified to let Mr. Mingzhe call them uncle and aunt respectfully?

Just, the next scene!

It made them thoroughly understood!

Needless to say, Mr. Mingzhe took Elvira’s slender hand and complimented:

“Miss Elvira, you are ten times more beautiful than on TV!”

While speaking, he deliberately stroked the back of Elvira’s hand with his thumb.


Provocatively, he looked at Shaun!


Then provoke!

This behavior made Elvira extremely uncomfortable so that her face was already covered with frost.

It even made Shaun’s eyes flash with cold light:

“Are you looking for death?”


Shaun’s words immediately caused the entire Shen family to be in an uproar!

All the Shen family members went crazy at this moment.

This lifeless idiot, dared to threaten Mr. Mingzhe?

This is simply looking for death!

“Shaun, what kind of thing are you, you dared to threaten Mr. Mingzhe, I think you are bored of life!”

“Damn trash! I order you to apologize to Mr. Mingzhe immediately and don’t drag down our Shen family!”

“It’s just a handshake, it makes you like this, you trash, are you so inferior?”

All the Shen family members are extremely angry!

Then the overwhelming humiliation was spilled towards Shaun one after another.

Especially the Cuiping family!

Before, because of Shaun, Zhou Xian’s future was ruined, but now they see Mr. Mingzhe molesting Elvira in public, and their hearts are full of gloat.

Happy to the extreme!

And now!

However, Mr. Mingzhe slowly let go of his hand, and at the same time looked at Shaun with a scornful look, and sneered:

“Miss Elvira, is this the man you like?”

“He doesn’t look so good!”

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