Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1323 – 1324

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Chapter 1323

Seeing Peter’s contemplative appearance, Tina pursed her lips, and said coldly: “There is so much nonsense, I’m done with it.”

“Where to go, I said I came to borrow,” Peter said with a straight face.

Tina: “Did I promise you?”

Peter: “No.”

Tina looked at him: “Then you are not conscious?”

Peter didn’t make himself feel discouraged because of Tina’s refusal, but spit out bitterness at her: “But I have no place to live, and you know that my house is burned.”

“What about your other house?” Tina knew that Peter also had a large villa, which was in a very good location and had been bought early. The price has now risen to hundreds of millions.

“The water pipe has burst. It is being refurbished. It isn’t possible to live in a year or a half.” Peter pretended to sigh with sorrow, “My life is so bitter.”

He sighed pretentiously while watching Tina secretly. He was talking about it, so should Tina agree?

Tina stared at him for a moment, and then said leisurely, “I remember you have an exclusive guest room in Best Day.”

Peter also has shares in Best Day, and like Karl, he also has an exclusive guest room in there, the kind that he can live in at any time.

Moreover, as one of the shareholders of Best Day, his service is naturally first-class. He has people helping to do everything from washing and cooking, and living there is more convenient.

Peter was choked for a while, but quickly reacted: “… Recently, Best Day’s business is so good. A room can earn hundreds of thousands a year, so I withdrew the room.”

“What does it matter to me?” Tina still did not back down.

Now that she didn’t get let him in, he had no choice but to resort to his killer tactic.

After Peter bowed his head and cleaned the food on the plate, he slowly picked up the paper towel and wiped it, and then said: “Tina, because of our friendship, it’s not okay to stay here with you? Do you think I’m here to borrow? Is living still feeling for you?”

The corners of Tina’s lips moved slightly, not opening her eyes slightly.

Peter saw her reaction in his eyes, and continued: “Then you don’t have to think like this. I am a big man who can afford to put it down. I come here to borrow, but I don’t want to stay in a hotel. You also know that I have a problem. I can’t sleep well in an unfamiliar place, and I have to adjust to it for a long time every time I move.”

Tina knew what he said.

Peter not only likes to eat, drink and have fun, but he is also very pretentious and exquisite.

Ordinary people recognize the bed and can sleep well after changing the bed.

Peter really recognized the house. He changed to a strange house and couldn’t sleep. He could only sleep well in a familiar house.

“Okay, if you really don’t want to, I’ll rent a house by myself… Well, I thought we were all talking about it, but I didn’t expect you to let it go. It’s fine if you don’t live with me, lest you live with you. Yes, you are thinking all day long…”

Tina immediately sneered and said with disdain: “What am I thinking about? Do I need to think about anything?”

Peter spread his hands: “You know it in your heart.”

“Isn’t it just borrowing to live? Okay, how long do you love to live for how long!” He stood up and went back to the bedroom.

Peter’s expression was faint: “Thanks.”

With a “bang”, Tina slammed the door shut.

Peter’s calm expression disappeared instantly, and he jumped up from the chair with excitement.

Chapter 1324

The next moment, the door of the master bedroom was opened again.

Peter was already so excited to dance on the spot, he stood upright as soon as he heard the movement, and looked at the door of the master bedroom sternly.

Tina saw Peter’s appearance: “What are you doing?”

Isn’t he made stupid by her tomato scrambled eggs, like a second fool?

Peter smiled: “I’m going to wash the dishes.”

Lies come as soon as they speak, without psychological burden.

Tina didn’t suspect him: “Wash it up.”

She opened the door and came out, originally wanting Peter to wash the dishes.

Peter nodded solemnly: “It is necessary, your bowl will also be mine in the future.”

“…” Tina felt that Peter was really stupid.


After a few days, Tina went to Alyssa for a party.

When Tina arrived, she discovered that Helen, whom Clayton had mentioned before, was also there.

Tina and Peter had a dispute over whether to put oil on the omelet for breakfast, which was delayed for some time, so they arrived at the latest.

As soon as Tina entered the door, she saw Helen.

Because the people in the whole room only have Helen’s fresh face, plus Helen is also beautiful, so she can naturally be seen in the cold at a glance.

Approximately feeling the cool gaze, Helen turned around, nodded slightly at Tina, and showed a right smile: “Miss Weber.”

She moved her gaze to Peter next to Tina: “Mr. Grant.”

Peter smiled politely on the surface, but quietly leaned into Tina’s ear and asked, “Who is this?”

He leaned a little closer, and the heat sprinkled on her ears, her whole ears itchy.

Tina was a little annoyed, moved a step aside, rubbed her ears, her tone was not very good: “You have also attended the same dinner with her, don’t tell me you don’t know her.”

“I know?” Peter scratched his head, then turned to look at Helen.

Helen greeted them and found that Alyssa had not noticed that Tina and Peter had arrived, so she went to remind Alyssa.

Alyssa turned her head to look here, and hurriedly walked over: “Tina.”

Tina showed a smile to Alyssa, and was about to go there when Peter grabbed him: “This is Alyssa’s friend? Does Alyssa have other friends besides you?”

Tina couldn’t stand the stupidity of Peter.

“Helen! The one Clayton said to get married before!” Tina was also afraid that Helen would hear their conversation, and carefully glanced at Helen, and found that Helen was looking at something with her mobile phone and didn’t notice it. Only slightly relieved.

“It’s her…” Speaking of Clayton’s marriage, Peter remembered: “I said it was a bit familiar, it turned out to be the socialite.”

Alyssa had already approached her, and she had heard what Peter had said, and she called him disapprovingly: “Peter.”

Peter understood what Alyssa meant: “I know, I’ll keep my voice down.”

“I was talking to a servant just now, but I didn’t notice that you are here.” Alyssa looked at Peter: “Karl and Clayton are in the study. Go up and find them.”

“Okay, then I will go up.”

Peter didn’t leave immediately after finishing talking, just turned to look at Tina, as if waiting for Tina’s response.

Tina looked inexplicable: “You are not leaving yet, what do you see me doing?”

Peter just curled his lips and smiled: “Then I will go up.”

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