Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1260

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Chapter 1260

Hear these words!

Jiang Xin suddenly wailed like an electric switch and fainted with grief.

“Hold it down!”

Li Huairen coldly gave orders to the opponent.


Li Huairen pointed to Zou Xiaoqin and asked Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, what about this b!tch?”

Hearing this!

Zou Xiaoqin suddenly trembled, and her face turned pale.

“This kind of little person is not worthy of my attention.”

But Shaun said with contempt.


For some reason, Zou Xiaoqin, who heard this, was not at all grateful but felt that her heart was severely cut.


She had a feeling that Shaun regarded her as stinky sh!t.

At this moment, Zou Xiaoqin suddenly felt that his self-esteem was trampled on.

Tears of shame slid down from her eyes.

She never dreamed that the man she despised would now become an unattainable existence.

Even the Li family looks like a dog in his eyes!


What makes her more painful is yet to come!

Li Huairen wave his hand and said to Shaun respectfully:

“Mr. Lin, this dog is stupid. She destroyed the tens of billions of jewels and necklaces you gave to your lover. It’s a crime!”

“In order to redeem the crime, my Li family decided to purchase the equivalent jewels to compensate you at an international jewelry exhibition in Jiangshi a few days later. I hope you will accept it!”

Ten billion?


For a moment!

Zou Xiaoqin was dumbfounded, and she trembled frantically as if she had a cold.

Her expression has been completely distorted!

Is there an auditory hallucination?

This guy gave his wife a jewel worth tens of billions?

For Shaun, all the wealth of a top rich man is just a necklace of money from his wife?

Zou Xiaoqin only felt that her heart is thumping wildly, and she stared at Shaun!

To what extent is this man a tyrant?


She understood why the Li family feared Shaun this much!

Why even a queen like Kelly favors Shaun!

Throwing tens of billions, just for his wife’s happiness?

This is simply an emperor’s handwriting!

She even wondered if Shaun was a rich king!

At this moment, her face was instantly grayed out, and then a deep look of regret and pain appeared.

It turned out that it was not that Kelly was blind, but that she had no eyes.

She missed it, this man is an emperor!

If she didn’t insult Shaun before, then maybe she has a chance to get Shaun’s favor.

Judging by Shaun’s horrible handwriting of tens of billions of dollars, even if she is a junior, that is the blessing of eight lifetimes!

But she missed such a great opportunity for life!

Zhou Xiaoqin’s face was ashes, and her body seemed to be drained, weakly limp to the ground.

Her dream in this life is to marry a rich family!

And Shaun is the richest among all!

But this kind of existence was missed by her, and now her heart has completely collapsed.

That kind of remorse made her have an urge to commit suicide!

And now!

She saw that Shaun took Kelly and left.


Zou Xiaoqin suddenly collapsed, struggling to run over, and said in a sad voice:

“Mr. Lin, I was wrong, please give me another chance! I want to be friend with you!”

She can’t miss this opportunity, this is the only chance for her to become a phoenix.

Before Shaun could speak, Li Huairen kicked her out with a look of contempt:

“Friendship with Mr. Lin? What do you think, are you worthy to be friend with Mr. Lin?”


Zou Xiaoqin was completely stunned, isn’t this what she said to Shaun before?

Now, it was returned back to her with verbatim!

Slap hard!

Immediately, Zou Xiaoqin was hysterical and cried!


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