Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1259

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Chapter 1259


Upon hearing this, Jiang Xin’s legs trembled and she looked at Shaun with horror:

“it’s none of my business!”


Listening to this brazen excuse, Shaun laughed angrily:

“Killing the artist, forcing the artist to sleep with her, and forcing her to be unfulfilled and ruining her, is this none of my business?”

“I’m all for her good!”

Jiang Xin quibbled, her legs could not stop shaking, this time she was crying.

She also didn’t expect that Shaun, a trash man, would have such a terrifying background.

“For her good?”

In the depths of Shaun’s eyes, a strong murderous intent appeared:

“I think you are doing it for your own good?”

“If I’m right, Mr. Mingzhe promised you a lot of benefits, right?”

Hearing these words!

Jiang Xin suddenly trembled. Mr. Mingzhe indeed promised her that as long as she could help to have Kelly, he would let her be the major shareholder of his company.

It wasn’t a big deal to sleep with him all night, so she sold Kelly without hesitation.

What’s more, she even prepared an aphrodisiac just in case, she was going to coax Kelly into taking it.

After Mr. Mingzhe got Kelly, she took a few nude photos of Kelly as a threat. She didn’t believe Kelly would not submit.

Originally, she was already dreaming of becoming a major shareholder.

But the appearance of Shaun completely ruined everything!

“No… I didn’t! You’re talking nonsense!”

Jiang Xin suddenly panicked and turned to Kelly:

“Madam, do you believe me! Your boyfriend is framing against me! I did all this for you. I was worried that you would ruin your future because of your impulse, so I decided to help.”

Hearing these words!

Kelly suddenly hesitated.

Shaun smiled coldly:

“You have a bottle of potent aphrodisiac in your pocket, that is for Kelly!”

“Also, if my guess is correct, do you plan to take some nude photos of Kelly afterward as a threat?”


Jiang Xin immediately showed an expression of seeing a ghost and looked at Shaun in disbelief.

How does this guy know her plan?

Even more, he knows that she has brought an aphrodisiac.

Does he know how to read the mind?

This is simply incredible!

From Jiang Xin’s expression, Kelly could already see that Shaun was right.


Her delicate body was shivering with anger, eyes full of tears of shame and anger.

She had always treated Jiang Xin as her sister, but she never expected to treat her back this way.

This is simply trying to ruin her!


Jiang Xin, who was already weak to quibble, sat slumped on the ground, her face was already dead.

“Help me! Madam help me! I know I was wrong, you give me another chance, I will never dare to anything wrong anymore!”

Jiang Xin suddenly knelt in front of Kelly, cheeky begging Kelly for forgiveness.

Kelly’s pretty eyes were tearful, but her face was already pale, and she couldn’t even speak.

And now!

Shaun looked at Jiang Xin coldly:

“Resign from the brokerage company and retired from the show business world!”


Hearing this, Jiang Xin was immediately stunned, and a deep regret suddenly appeared on her face.

Everything about her is in showbiz!



But now, Shaun wants to kick her out of the showbiz, then she will have nothing and she will have to start from scratch!

Shaun’s move is tantamount to ruining her!

Now she is really stealing the chicken and losing the rice. Not only did she fail to get the benefits that Mr. Mingzhe gave, she also is beaten back to her original form by Shaun.

Without Kelly, her villa, luxury car, and Chanel will all disappear.

Jiang Xin regretted it!

Unfortunately, it is too late!

“No, please give me another chance!”

Jiang Xin turned to Shaun and pleaded bitterly while crying.

Shaun glanced at her in disgust:

“I knew so, why bother?”

“Now you, there is no room for bargaining! Get out!!!”

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