Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1258

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Chapter 1258


On Mr. Mingzhe’s face, strong anger suddenly appeared.

How is this possible?

“Shaun, I advise you not to seek death! Insulting me is equivalent to insulting the Li family. You will die without a place to bury you!”

Mr. Mingzhe’s eyes were full of hatred, threatening Shaun.

Shaun sneered:

“It seems that our young master Mingzhe hasn’t figured out the situation yet!”

“Li Huairen, break his leg!”


In an instant, Mr. Mingzhe was completely blown up.


This guy is really crazy!

He didn’t talk about hurting him, but now he still wants to break his leg?

Is he really planning to stay with them and live forever?

Hearing this, Li Huairen’s face suddenly showed a hideous look:

“No problem!”

Then, he winked, and a group of people walked towards Mr. Mingzhe.

This scene made Mr. Mingzhe horrified even more, as he screamed:

“Li Huairen, are you crazy? You are making enmity with our Mr. Lin family!”

Not only Shaun is crazy, even you are also crazy!

How could a local snake like the Li family be the opponent of the Ming family?

But Li Huairen obeyed Shaun’s instructions to break his legs?

Hearing the threat from the opponent, Li Huairen sneered:

“For Mr. Lin, the Ming family is nothing more than an ant!”

Shaun is a dignified Chinese forest seat holder!

What is the Ming family?

How they are worthy of threatening Shan Lin?

However, his remarks made the audience boil completely!

To Shaun, the Ming family is an ant?

Shaun had said these words before, but they sneered at him, thinking that Shaun was bragging.

But now!

Li Huairen said the same words, so they had to believe it!

For an instant, everyone was extremely frightened, and they all cast a ghostly look at Shaun, and they were extremely uneasy.

What a terrifying background this guy has.

Can Li Huairen give such a big affirmation?

On the side, Mr. Mingzhe was completely frightened, his eyes were full of shock, and he couldn’t believe his ears.


He also stared at Shaun, and suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart, what exactly has this waste experienced over the years?


“Kneel now, or die!”

An extremely fierce violent shout suddenly burst out of Shaun’s mouth.

His eyes are covered with brutal cold light!


Immediately, Mr. Mingzhe knelt on the ground with a face of shame, and a touch of extreme resentment appeared deep in his eyes.

Let him kneel down as a wealthy young man.

This is more painful than killing him!

In his heart, there was a crazy hatred for Shaun.

Shaun didn’t care what he thought at all, and said in an extremely cold tone:

“You should be glad that you are not from the Lin family.”

If Mr. Mingzhe was from the Lin family, then he had already died at this time.

But Mr. Mingzhe disapproved of Shaun’s forgiveness.

On the contrary, Shaun’s lofty tone was so harsh to him, it was simply a humiliation.

This rubbish, dared to surpass?


He is damned!

Mr. Mingzhe lowered his head, his eyes were bloodshot, filled with spiteful hatred, and he swore in his heart that he would smash Shaun into pieces!

Shaun spits out a word indifferently.

Mr. Mingzhe stood up with a gloomy expression and then left angrily towards the door, with strong hatred.

“Mr. Mingzhe, please save me!”

But at this time, Jiang Xin was crying and pleading with Mr. Mingzhe.

Mr. Mingzhe didn’t even look at her, as if turning a blind eye.

Upon seeing this, Shaun suddenly sneered, staring at Jiang Xin scorchingly:

“Now, it’s time to clean up you!”

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