Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1633 – 1634

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Chapter 1633

Tina and Alyssa are close, staying with Alyssa, she is obviously more relaxed.

Although Peter didn’t want to admit it in his heart, Tina trusted Alyssa more, but that was the fact.

He even felt that his position in Tina’s heart was not as good as Alyssa’s.

But there is no way.

After all, broken feelings need time to repair.

During the years he left, Alyssa accompanied Tina.

He missed the most important period in Tina’s life.

Alyssa and Peter reached an agreement.

After returning to the room again, Alyssa took advantage of the gap between Peter and Tina to talk to Karl.

She originally thought that Karl would show an unwilling look, and then reluctantly agreed to stop her from being upset.

Unexpectedly, Karl had agreed simply.

“It’s okay,” he said.

Hearing the words, Alyssa looked at him carefully, trying to see a trace of reluctance on his face.

But after watching for a long time, she didn’t see a trace of reluctance on Karl’s face.

“Why look at me like this?” Karl raised an eyebrow and stared at Alyssa.

“Nothing.” Alyssa shook her head: “I just think…you are too easy to talk!”

After speaking, he showed a pleasing smile.

Karl immediately grasped the keywords in the words.

“You mean, you always think I can’t talk, it’s difficult to communicate?”


Alyssa is now very good at judging the situation and knowing what to say and not to say in front of Karl.

Sometimes it’s easy to get along with this man, just use the set of dealing with Grace to deal with him.

After Alyssa and Karl finished talking, they sat next to Tina again.

“Tina, your hand is hurting anyway. Peter is busy at work and has no time to take care of you. You can stay at our house during this time. We haven’t lived together for a long time.”

Alyssa said, still showing a look of expectation.

When Alyssa made such a request, Tina had no reason to refuse, but after all, there was Karl, which she found inconvenient.

She didn’t immediately agree, and looked up at Karl.

Karl said leisurely: “I have been busy with work recently and have no time to accompany Alyssa. If Miss Weber doesn’t mind, you can stay with her for a few days in our house.”

With Karl’s temperament, these words he said were definitely not polite, but rather sincere and enthusiastic.

Not to mention Tina was shocked, even Alyssa was a little surprised.

She didn’t expect that Karl could still say such things.

Karl spoke, and Tina naturally had no reason to refuse.

“Then … I just… Excuse me.” She squatted, still a little surprised.

Karl nodded slightly and spoke no more.

When Peter left, Karl went to see him off.

In the short 2-3 minutes journey from the hall to the gate, Peter frequently turned his head to look at Karl.

Karl didn’t bother to care about him at first.

But Peter really watched too often, Karl couldn’t even ignore it.

“What’s the matter with you?” Karl stopped and turned to look at Peter.

“You…” Peter opened his mouth with a hesitant expression, but didn’t continue.

Karl had no patience with him, frowning impatiently: “If you have had the [email protected], let it go.”

“Do you think in your house, Tina, is very beautiful?” Peter specifically emphasized the word “your house”.

Chapter 1634

Karl squinted his eyes, his tone was full of danger, “If you don’t speak well, you will die”: “What do you mean?”

“I just feel that you are quite gentle to Tina.” Peter cleared his throat and said in a tactful way that was not so undue.

Karl: “Are you a fool?”

Peter curled his lips: “Hey, why are you talking like this again? Let me tell you that I have been emotionally unstable recently, and you still stimulate me…”

Today, Karl took the initiative to let Tina stay, and Peter was also surprised.

This is not Karl’s acting style at all, no wonder he thinks too much.

Karl glanced at him, clearly “ignoring fools” in his eyes.

Peter didn’t really think that Karl had any wrong thoughts about Tina, but that Karl’s attitude was a bit abnormal.

When he reached the gate, Karl said coldly, “It’s not you who are emotionally unstable.”

Karl’s words were endless, Peter did not understand, and asked, “What?”

“Did Tina talk very little recently and lose her appetite?” Karl asked again.

“Yes, how do you know?” Peter’s expression also became serious.

Karl asked so, and he also felt that things were not easy.

“Alyssa…” Karl paused, as if he didn’t want to recall the past.

After a long while, he continued: “It was like this for a while.”

Peter thought about it carefully, and finally remembered it, as if there was such a thing, his expression suddenly changed.

During that time, Alyssa had a problem with her leg and couldn’t move, and then she fell into depression.

“You mean, Tina, she…” Peter’s face turned pale: “But she is under my eyelids every day, and I didn’t find anything unusual about her…”

Peter thought about it seriously. After much deliberation, he didn’t even think about it. Recently, there was something that could have such a big impact on Tina.

“You don’t be nervous, things are not that bad, I just feel that her state is a bit like Alyssa before.” Karl patted Peter on the shoulder, and said something comforting.

“I see.” Peter pulled the corners of his mouth, trying to smile, but couldn’t.

Karl: “Go back early, she stays in our house, don’t worry.”

Peter nodded: “Okay, trouble you for that.”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “It’s kind of polite.”

Peter smiled: “Isn’t this touching, it’s great to have you.”

Karl did not speak.

Who isn’t it?


Stephanie called Tina and reported on work.

“Ms. Tina, I have posted a statement on Twitter about your injury, have you seen it?”

“Saw it.”

There are few words, but the explanation is very clear, not offensive, and well written.

“Is your injury okay? I am so busy that I have no time to see you now. I will see you tomorrow morning and bring you breakfast.”

“No, I’m not at home.”

“Where is that person?”

Stephanie felt that her agent had failed. Tina was injured before she had time to see it. She didn’t even know where Tina had gone.

“At Alyssa’s house, I have been living at her house in recent days. If you come to see me, please come to Alyssa’s house to find me.”

“Okay, I see, then you have a good recovery, I will take care of other things, don’t worry. There is also the work of the studio decoration, the progress is also very fast, and it should be completed before you enter the group…”

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