Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1431

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Chapter 1431

Congratulations from the whole city!

How shocking?

Li Xian and other female relatives are staring!

I’m afraid, even superstars don’t have such honors, right?

Then, the picture turned again!

“Yunlan City, congratulations to Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin, happy wedding!”

“Qingzhou City, congratulations to Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin, happy wedding!”

“Xiushan City congratulations to Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin, happy wedding!”

All the cities in the south of the Yangtze River, all the residents, congratulations!


Live broadcasts one by one, all appeared before her eyes, all to congratulate her on the newly married.

Bai Yi’s scalp was numb, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Is this really me?
She is qualified to let the whole Jiangnan congratulate her on her new marriage?

The whole province, congratulations on the New Year!

How shocking and incredible is this?

I’m afraid of being a woman I will be crazy about it!

She even thinks is she dreaming?

And when she saw the champagne roses all over the venue, she burst into tears completely.

He is Lin Fan!

He is really Lin Fan!

Only he knows that his favorite is the champagne rose.

For this belated wedding, she waited for too long and too long, and after a long time she no longer had any extravagant expectations.

But today, it is finally here.

And came unexpectedly!

She couldn’t believe it, the whole Jiangnan gangsters gathered here to congratulate her on her new marriage.

Even more did not expect that everyone in Jiangnan would congratulate her together, as if she was a superstar in the limelight.

At this time, she finally understood what it meant to be all suffering.

Lin Fan’s promise has been fulfilled!

Now she has become the happiest woman in the world, and the shock of happiness made her almost faint!

Even if she died on the spot, she has no regrets!

And below!

Bai Shan and Shen Yumei also kept wiping their tears, feeling happy for their daughter at this time!


This happiness did not last long!

Old man Shen suddenly smiled viciously and winked at Shen Jian and Cuiping.

The couple laughed unkindly!

And then!

Shen Jian stepped forward and yelled:

“Bai Yi, you are so bold! You dare to pretend to be the first lady! You are Lin Zuo and Mrs. Lin Is it dead?”


This simple sentence immediately shocked everyone in the audience!

Pretend… Pretend?

When Shen Jian’s words sounded, everyone was dumbfounded on the spot, and a pair of eyes were filled with deep disbelief.

Could it be that this woman in front of you is not Lin Zuo’s original match?

For an instant, they were shocked and dared to pretend to be Lin Zuo’s original partner. Isn’t this looking for death?


Lin Zuo took a lot of trouble to organize such a century-old wedding for his wife, and made the whole Jiangnan congratulate her, but in the end, let a strange woman enjoy it?

Lin Zuo, what is your mood?

How will the first lady be furious?

They can’t believe it!

At the moment, everyone stood up together, their expressions gloomy, and their eyes stared at Bai Yi coldly.
And now!

Bai Yi’s family of three also felt a cold current rushing to Tianlinggai.

Bai Yi said in horror:

“This wedding was not prepared for me?”

But Long Jiu Mingming also said that this is Lin any wedding prepared for her, is it really wrong?

Is this, Lin Zuo’s wedding?

“Joke! What are you? Have you forgotten what kind of trash your husband is? Is he qualified to make the whole Jiangnan congratulate?”

Cuiping laughing wildly, staring at Bai Yi with a spiteful expression:

“This is a wedding specially planned by Lin Zuo for the first lady. You dare to impostor? Bai Yi, you are completely finished! Hahaha!”

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