Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1432

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Chapter 1432


Bai Yi’s face turned pale suddenly, and she fell to the ground with a thump, already crying:

“No! I didn’t mean it, I didn’t pretend! I just don’t know…”

It turned out that Lin Zuo arranged this for the first lady!

It turns out that she is dreaming of all this!

How could she have such a good life for Bai Yi to make the whole Jiangnan congratulate the New Year?

She is too naive!

That’s why Lin Fan is capable of hosting such a top-notch and luxurious wedding banquet!

“It’s you! You are deliberately harming me!”
Bai Yi cried and accused Shen Jian and his wife.

She understood everything no wonder the Shen family arranged for her the wedding banquet venue, why Shen Jian and his wife would take her here so enthusiastically.

It turned out that he wanted to put her to death through the hands of Lin Zuo!

At this time, she was indeed defeated!


Mr. and Mrs. Shen Jian suddenly smiled insidiously, and naturally they would not admit it at this time.

At the moment, he said solemnly:

“Bai Yi, you pretended to be the first lady and were exposed, are you so embarrassed that you want to pull us into the water?”

“It’s a pity that the eyes of the masses are sharp. Everyone knows what is going on at a glance.”

Hearing this!

The faces of the big guys are even more angry!

And everyone in the Bai family recovered from the horror, with a thick grin on their faces.

“Grandpa, did you hear that? Bai Yi is not the first lady at all, she is posing!”

Bai Yifan laughed, his face glowing Deep joy:

“Let me just say! Lin Fan’s trash, how could it be Lin Zuo?”


Elder Bai also snorted coldly, his face instantly gloomy:

“Dare to pretend to be the first lady, this bitch is really reckless!”

All the Bai family members breathed a sigh of relief at this moment.
Then, a deep contempt and ferocity appeared on his face.

They also think that this must be a mistake!

Lin Fan’s trash has been like a dog in their Bai family for three years. How could such a guy be Lin Zuo?

On the side, Zhou Peize also laughed loudly:

“Who is this idiot? You dare to spoil the wedding of Lin Zuo, don’t you want to live?”
“That’s right! Don’t look at your own virtues; are you worthy to marry Lin Zuo? Mrs. Lin Zuo that must be a strange woman in the world!”

Li Xian also snorted coldly, looking towards Bai Yi’s eyes were full of deep disgust.

And now!

Even Li Xiuyun shook his head. The girl in front of her looked good, but she was too self-righteous. Can this first lady pretend to fake it?

Lin Zuo is not an idiot, how could he not know his wife?


Everyone condemned Bai Yi, and the harsh humiliations pierced Bai Yi’s heart fiercely at this moment.

He made her pretty face completely pale!

“I didn’t, I really didn’t! I was framed!”

Bai Yi was already crying so hard, tears painted her makeup, and she fell helplessly on the ground, facing the cold eyes in front of him, they were so desperate and helpless.

“Bai Yi, stop acting! The overall situation is determined, you are dead!”

Cuiping laughed wildly, her eyes full of hatred.

Shen Ling, have you seen it?

Mom avenged you!

Today, the Bai Yi family must die!

“Come here! Gets this bitch pretending to be the first lady!”

Old man Shen also yelled and stared at Bai Yi maliciously.



A group of Shen family members walked towards Bai Yi with a grinning face.

“Who would dare to hurt my daughter?”

Baishan roared, took a table knife, stopped in front of Bai Yi, his eyes were red with blood. Everyone present.

He has a posture of desperate old age!

“Baishan! I can tell you that Bai Yi has already suffered a catastrophe. If you dare to nosy, even you will be ruined and destroyed!”

Old man Bai Roared, his face was extremely gloomy.


“I believe my daughter, she was framed! She would never do such a thing!”

Baishan gritted his teeth this is the ghost of the Shen family!

The Shen family wants them to be destroyed, their family is destroyed!

He Baishan will never agree!

Even if they fight this old bone, he will never let them touch his daughter’s hair!

At this time!

Shen Yumei’s body trembled, but she also held a fork and stood stubbornly in front of Bai Yi.
“Dad! Mom! Go! I’m too stupid to blame others!”

Bai Yi couldn’t cry, she had already confessed her fate.

Pretending to be the first lady, Lin Zuo and Madam Lin must be furious, she is already dead.

But she doesn’t want to drag her parents down!

“It’s stubborn, since you are looking for death then just do it with you!”

Old man Bai said in disgust, and then ignored it.

“What are you doing in a daze? Do it! Let the family reunite in Huangquan!”


This is what I said!

A violent voice rang out from the deepest part of the tunnel!

“Who dares to touch one of their hairs, I will let them die!”

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