Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1433

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Chapter 1433


Everyone was shocked!

It is all looking towards the deepest part of the passage!

“I saw that a man walked out with a gloomy face, his body was full of ferocious aura, as well as a domineering and cold arrogance that looked over the world!”

“Xiao Fan?”

The moment he saw Lin Fan, Li Xiuyun was immediately stunned.

Follow along!

There is a bad feeling in his heart that Lin Fan knows this unlucky family?
Still out for them?

This is absolutely impossible!

Even if he is the God of War, if he offends Lin Zuo, it is still a dead end!

“Xiao Fan, don’t be nosy!”

Li Xiuyun hurriedly shouted to Lin Fan, for fear that Lin Fan would come in disorder and have a good future for him.


Lin Fan glanced at him faintly, and said solemnly:

“That’s my wife! My mother-in-law! My father-in-law! How can I just leave it alone?”

Lin Fan’s words directly caused Li Xiuyun and others to blow up their hair!

Is this woman Lin Fan’s wife?

“Hahaha! Uncle Li, is this the man you are looking for? Even if you dare to pretend to be Lin Zuo and Mrs. Lin, he will definitely not be able to keep the position of God of War!”

“If Li Xian really marries him, your family will have to be dragged down to death by him!”

Zhou Peize laughed wildly, and he wanted to clap his hands in excitement.


Without him, Lin Fan would just play with himself!

His wife has caused a terrible disaster, and he has to be implicated. The position of God of War is definitely not preserved!

“God of War? I think I will be a dead man soon!”

Li Xian also laughed happily.

In her opinion, Lin Fan is already dead!

“Lin Fan, your trash has finally come? I’m afraid you will run away! Its fine now, your family can go to Huangquan together!” Cuiping said grimly, her eyes there was a strong hatred, as if he wanted to smash Lin Fan’s body into pieces.

It’s not just her!

The Shen family and the Bai family are also sneered with contempt at this time!

Lin Fan is here, but what can this waste do?

It is just for funeral!

Right now, the people of the two families are staring at Lin Fan, eyes full of viciousness and gloat.

Seeing Lin Fan arrived, Bai Yi was not at all happy, but cried out:

“Lin Fan, you go! Go!”

Lin Fan remained motionless, but squatted down, hugged her in his arms, and said with a smile:

“Today, but our wedding, where can I go?”


Just listen to this!

Everyone was completely stunned!

At this time, they all wondered if they had heard it wrong.

Originally, Bai Yi just wanted to die, but even her husband was so ignorant?

She dares to say that this wedding belongs to him?

Even though Bai Yifan laughed wildly, he was almost crazy with excitement:

“Lin Fan, you dare to say that Lin Zuo’s wedding is yours? You really know how to live and die!”

“When the Lin Zuo arrives, I will see how you die! Hahaha!”
And now!

Li Xiuyun also sat down on the ground with a puff. The whole figure seemed to be ten years old in an instant. He shook his head in tears:

“It’s over! Everything is over!”
As soon as Lin Fan said these words, it would be hard to save the real god!

If Lin Zuo knew he was so arrogant, he would definitely not spare him lightly!


Bai Yi was also in tears, and she blamed herself very much:

“It’s my entire fault! It’s my entire fault! It’s me who dragged you down!”

Now, she also feels that the reason Lin Fan said this is that she intends to go to Huangquan with her family!

The guests present also shook their heads and sneered.

This family is really reckless, first posing as the first lady, and then as Lin Zuo?

He is so impatient!

And Mr. Shen smiled bitterly, staring at the Lin Fan family:

“Today is not your wedding, but your funeral!”

“Catch them up for me! Let Lin Zuo let go!”

This time!

It’s not just the Shen family!

The Bai family, Zhou Peize, all the big guys present, all ordered their bodyguards to capture the Lin Fan family!
This is a great opportunity to take credit for Lin Zuo!

How can they miss it?

But right now!

“Who dare I see?”

An extremely angry voice suddenly resounded!

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