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Chapter 763

Alyssa didn’t want to talk to Alvin, but as soon as she looked up, she saw his disappointed eyes and asked, “Why?”

“When I was born, my mother died of dystocia. My father was very busy. I was basically the only one eating at home when I was a child. Later I went out to live in high school. Since then, I have been eating out. During the holidays, if my father thought of his son, he would also come back for dinner.”

Alvin’s tone sounded calm, but his eyes betrayed him.

His eyes were full of regret, disappointment, and unwillingness.

It may be a disappointment to his father Wilfred, or it may be a disappointment to himself.

Alyssa could not guess, but grasped the point: “You had a bad relationship with your father?”

“He had so many adopted children, all of whom are better than me, such as that Clifford…” Alvin laughed disdainfully, as if he did not want to go on, summing up in one sentence: “In short, except for his own son, he had everything. All of his adopted children are excellent.”

Hearing this, Alyssa paused slightly, put the last lunch box into the bag, and asked, “Is this the reason why you are at odds with Clifford? Because he is so good.”

Alvin glanced at her, “What do you think?”

“I don’t think you are jealous of Clifford, you are just jealous that your father spent too much effort on him, presumably among all your father’s adopted children, Clifford is the best, and your father has spent the most effort.” After Alyssa analyzed it, she said slowly.

Alvin’s gaze flickered: “Alyssa, I find that your imagination is quite rich.”

Alyssa’s gaze moved down and found that Alvin’s hand was holding the armrest of the chair slightly, which was a manifestation of nervousness that was exposed.

She guessed Alvin’s thoughts, but Alvin was so stiff that he did not want to admit it.

Alyssa did not expose him, and followed his words: “You don’t you know that I am a screenwriter? The screenwriter’s imagination and feelings are very rich.”

Although Alvin was straight-eyed, he was not a fool. How could he not see that Alyssa was following his words and showing him down the steps?

He stared at Alyssa for a few seconds, and then said quietly: “Before Clifford reminded me, let me stay away from you.”

Alyssa was a little surprised: “Why?”

Alvin heard Clifford’s words before, and only thought that Clifford himself was interested in Alyssa, so he didn’t want him to approach Alyssa.

However, the more he gets along with Alyssa, the more he understands that there are reasons why Clifford would not let him approach Alyssa.

After Alyssa cleaned up the dining table, she took the information she had compiled and started discussing the lawsuit with him.

He flipped through the files She had given him: “These are all the information on Karl you have compiled?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded.

Alvin glanced through it and said: “Children under two years old will definitely be sentenced to their mothers. If Children are over ten years old, you can refer to the child’s own wishes. But Grace is four years old this year. Her thoughts cannot be used as a reference. The game is with Karl…”

Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly, clasped her hands together, put them on her lap, and said, “I know, you have said this before.”

“Karl has no serious diseases, no infectious diseases, no disability, and he has never abused Grace. He is healthy and has a rich family background. There is no bad effect on Karl living with her. These are all the advantages of Karl. But you are weak.”

Alvin tapped his finger on the desk, and seeing Alyssa’s face calm, he continued: “One more thing is that the parent who has no fertility any longer can be given priority.”

Alyssa’s eyes lit up when she heard the words, and Alvin raised his eyebrows and said, “Take away the thoughts in your heart. This one just allows you to be prioritized, rather than winning.”

Alyssa pursed her lips, remembering something suddenly, and said: “It is said that if the other party has other children, the one without children will also be given priority.”

This time it was Alvin’s turn to be happy: “What? Does Karl have other illegitimate children?”

Alyssa’s complexion darkened slightly: “No.”

“Oh.” Alvin was disappointed and suddenly said, “But…”

“But what?”

In Alyssa’s surprised eyes, Alvin smiled badly: “He has no other children now, so he can make a child.”

Alyssa was dumbfounded before reacting, “You mean, make Miana pregnant”

“Miana? Karl’s fiancée?” Alvin said non-committal: “It doesn’t have to be that Miana is pregnant, other women are fine.”

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly, not to mention letting others conceive Karl’s child, just thinking that Karl would sle3p with other women, she felt that she was not in the mood.

The less she feels, the more uncontrollable thinking about those things in her mind.

Karl’s fingers are clean and slender. Those hands will touch the skin of other women, and Alyssa’s eyes will become dark because of other women’s emotions…

“Oh…” Alyssa suddenly felt nauseous, retching, and quickly ran towards the bathroom, covering her mouth.

Seeing this, Alvin stood up anxiously, “Alyssa, what’s wrong with you?”

Alyssa didn’t have time to answer him, lying on the side of the sink, retching all the time, feeling the stomach churning is uncomfortable, but she retched for a long time without vomiting anything.

She turned on the faucet, held the water and poured it on her face, her face was a little scary.

Alvin followed and took a look, then turned around and poured a glass of water over.

He held water in one hand and a towel in the other hand to Alyssa.

“Thank you.” Alyssa’s voice was a little hoarse, she took it, wiped her face, and drank some water, her complexion still pale.

Alvin looked at her for a while, then hesitated and said, “I heard that you women seem to vomit when you are pregnant…”

“I’m not pregnant, it’s just a bad stomach.” Alyssa sniffed and walked out holding the cup.

Alvin followed up: “Go to the doctor if you are sick.”

“I will…” Alyssa put down the cup and towel and picked up her bag: “I am a little tired and want to go back first.”

“Okay, I’ll take you down.” Seeing her face so ugly, Alvin picked up his coat and wanted to send her off.

Alyssa rejected his kindness and said in an alienated tone: “No, I’ll just go down by myself.”

Alvin frowned, a trace of displeasure appeared on his face: “How come there is so much nonsense, I will just send you to the gate of the community.”

Seeing that he insisted on giving it away, Alyssa didn’t want to shirk him. The two went out in silence all the way.

Chapter 764

Alvin sent Alyssa to the gate of the community and stood on the side of the road waving to her, his tone a little awkward: “Go back and rest.”

Alyssa gave him a surprised look: “You go back.”

Alvin shrugged and stood on the side of the road without moving, as if he was about to wait for her to get in the car before going back.

Alyssa didn’t care about him, and drove away after getting in the car.

She saw in the mirror that Alvin had also walked towards the community.

At this time, her cell phone rang, and there was a new message reminding her.

Alyssa slowed down, took time to look around, and found that it was a new mail notification.

Yesterday Dave said that he would find Miana’s nearly one-week trip to her this morning, most likely Dave sent her an email.

Alyssa didn’t open it immediately, but put the phone back.

The phone rang again just after returning.

This time someone called her.

Alyssa glanced at Mattie’s call.

Mattie kept dialing when not getting the answer.

don’t know what is so urgent.

Alyssa had to slow down again and picked up the phone to answer Mattie’s call.

There was a noise in the background of Mattie’s end, as if it was outside.

Alyssa asked her: “Are you shopping outside?”

Mattie seemed to have taken two steps, and the murmur in the background was a little lower. She should have found a corner where no one was there, and then she said, “There is a good thing to share with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Alyssa thought for a while, but couldn’t think of any good things Mattie wanted to share with her.

The drama under Mattie’s hands was also very popular some time before, which is not a rare occurrence.

“Just now in a bridal shop, Miana fell down the stairs and was taken away by an ambulance. They said she broke her leg hahahahaha…” After Mattie said mysteriously, she couldn’t help but haha.

Happy misfortune is obvious.

“Miana broke her leg?” Alyssa asked with some confusion.

“Yeah! I just walked in when she fell down the stairs! I just wanted to laugh at the time, but I had to hold back in front of so many people…” Mattie’s tone was very excited.

Alyssa parked the car on the side of the road and asked, “How did she fall?”

Mattie said: “I don’t know, there are a lot of people who come to see the wedding dresses. There are so many people upstairs and downstairs in the bridal shop. Who knows if she fell down by herself or someone else pushed her…”

Alyssa was slightly lost, she hadn’t done anything yet, Miana broke her leg first, wouldn’t it be a coincidence?

With doubts in her heart, Alyssa dealt with Mattie a few words, and drove back hurriedly.

She returned to her community and knocked on Dave’s door as soon as she went upstairs.

Alyssa knocked several times, but there was no response inside, is there no one inside?

After waiting for another moment to make sure there was no one inside, Alyssa returned to her house.

Before, Dave sent her Miana’s schedule for nearly a week. Alyssa opened it and looked at it and found that it recorded her itinerary in great detail, including the specific time.

There is a party at a club at 10 o’clock on Monday morning, and an appointment at 3 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon…

Even though Alyssa had known Dave’s abilities a long time ago, she realized what kind of bodyguard she had hired after seeing this detailed schedule.

There are also records on the wedding gown this morning.

After scanning, Alyssa put her mobile phone aside, thought about it, and opened the door again to see if the opposite Dave was back.

The door was still closed, and Dave hadn’t returned yet.

Alyssa was about to close the door when she heard the sound of the elevator stopping on this floor.

Alyssa paused with her hand about to close the door, poking out her head and looking at the elevator entrance.

The next moment, Dave’s figure appeared at the elevator entrance.

“Dave!” Seeing that it was him, Alyssa called his name and strode towards him.

After Dave got out of the elevator, he stood there and waited for Alyssa.

After Alyssa approached, he asked aloud, “Miss Alyssa is waiting for me?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, and said, “I received what you sent me. It’s very detailed.”

When Alyssa spoke, she also looked at Dave calmly.

Dave wore a rare shirt today, pure gray, and he looked a little gloomy.

“Do you know that something happened to Miana?” After Alyssa looked at it, she returned her gaze to his face again.

“I know.” Dave paused, then added: “I did it, it’s easy.”

Alyssa originally thought about how to ask, but Dave took the initiative to confess.

“You…” Alyssa hesitated and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Dave: “You can add money to me. I’ll go back if there is nothing else.”

Alyssa looked at Dave’s back, a little lost.

Did he really do it like that?

This is not in line with Dave’s character. He takes money to do things, is very principled, and will never be nosy.

Adams Group.

As soon as Karl signed a stack of documents, he opened the door and walked in from outside, holding a paper bag in his hand.

Hearing the movement, he raised his head and glanced up, and when he saw it was Smith, he didn’t say anything, so he lowered his head to continue processing the file.

Smith took the paper bag and walked to Karl: “Sir.”

Karl raised his eyelids and asked, “What’s the hesitation?”

After a pause, the paper bag in his hand was handed to Karl.

Karl’s gaze had already been retracted, and it fell back on the file on the desk. He asked, “What is it?”

“The summons sent by the court.” Smith finished speaking, carefully watching Karl’s reaction.

Karl had a whole meal, like a movie with the pause button pressed, frozen.

After a few seconds, Karl’s deep voice sounded slow: “Let things down, you go out.”

Smith had already read it and knew that it was Alyssa’s subpoena for changing Grace’s custody rights, and Karl naturally knew better what it was, and he didn’t need to say much.

During the meetings these days, Karl had been a little absent, guessing from time to time that he was probably waiting for this.

Smith went out and after that Karl slowly processed the documents in his hand, he moved his arms before going to get the court’s summons.

He stared at the paper bag for a while, then threw it aside, got up, took the cigarette case and lighter on the table, and walked to the French window.

He lit a cigarette, stood at the floor-to-ceiling window and looked out, his eyes blank.

The spit out smoke swirled around his face, and when it dissipated, Karl’s eyes were slightly red.

He took a few more deep cigarette puffs, choked up too quickly, causing him to cough violently.

He twisted his eyebrows, and he was just about to pinch the cigarette, the phone rang.

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