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Chapter 771

Miana is a brainy woman, and Alyssa’s words are reasonable, she also knows.

She and Karl have been together for so long, and Karl has never touched her. Only she knows this, and no one else.

Although she is thirty years old, she is well maintained, and there are many people who chase her. She thinks she is still charming, but Karl has never touched her, which is a shame to her.

She will not tell anyone about this, let alone let anyone know.

And Alyssa’s proposal can just solve the problems Miana is facing now.

Go to bed with Karl, and expect another child of Karl.

In this way, she can safely be Mrs. Adams in her life.

She thought so much in her heart, but Miana’s mouth did not immediately agree: “I want to be pregnant with Karl’s child, just discuss with him, why should I be threatened by you?”

“I know you understand me, so don’t pretend to be stupid with me anymore.” Alyssa saw the way Miana thought before, and she knew that Miana could understand her.

“If you don’t cooperate with me, I won’t be able to get the custody of Grace. You will live under the same roof with Grace in the future, and now you have a chance to get rid of her effortlessly, right? Don’t you want to hurry up?”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she stood up slowly: “Think about it, and call me when you think about it.”

Alyssa turned around and counted in her heart as she walked: One, two, three…

“and many more!”

Miana’s voice sounded behind her.

Alyssa stood still with her back facing Miana, and didn’t look back, just stood there quietly, waiting for Miana to speak.

“I am willing to help you. I will find a way to be pregnant with Karl’s child. As long as I am pregnant with Karl’s child, no matter whether your lawsuit wins or not, you must take your daughter away!” It did no harm her, and of course she would not let this opportunity pass.

Alyssa said, “Waiting for your good news.”

She opened the door and went out.

Miana leaned on the head of the bed and thought, how could she let Karl take the initiative to t0uch her.

Especially her legs are not convenient now.

But her opportunity soon came.

The next afternoon, Karl came to see her.

After Miana let the nurse go out, she said softly, “Karl, I feel back pain recently, can you help me rub it.”

Karl sat on a chair far away from the hospital bed, without a trace of waves on his face: “See a doctor for back pain.”

Miana bit her lip and looked aggrieved: “I don’t want the doctor to look at my body…”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “In the eyes of doctors, there is no distinction between men and women. You have been studying abroad for so many years. You still don’t understand this?”

Miana felt that she had been ridiculed by Karl and was very shameless. She turned her head aside and said angrily: “You…you go, I’m tired and want to rest.”

It’s simply that the oil and salt won’t get in!

Had it not been for Grace’s live little girl, Miana would have doubted Karl could do it!

However, she was talking about it, Karl even said this seriously…

“Then I’ll go now.” Karl didn’t realize his mistake at all, and he stood up and walked out.

He has made great strides and made it in time, as if he was impatient to leave here.

When Miana raised her head, Karl’s figure had already disappeared.

She was so angry that she smashed the pillow: “I’ll just talk about it, you are really gone!”

She was angry just now, so she drove him away like that.

But the true thoughts in her heart didn’t really drive him away.

As soon as Alyssa came out of the elevator carrying soup, she met Karl.

Karl had come to see Miana.

She just paused, and soon returned to normal, and walked past Karl without expression.

Without squinting, she didn’t look at Karl too much, and naturally she didn’t notice him. After she left, Karl stood and looked at her for a while before entering the elevator.

Alyssa watched Tina finish the soup and received a call from Miana as soon as she left the ward.

“You come to the hospital, I want to see you now!” Miana said in a bad tone, and immediately hung up the phone after she finished speaking like an order.

Alyssa chuckled lightly, put the phone up, and went directly to knock on Miana’s ward door.

Seeing Alyssa, the nurse looked wary: “Why are you here again?”

“The woman inside asked me to come.” Alyssa pointed towards the ward inside.

At this time, Miana’s voice happened to be heard from inside: “Let her in.”

The nurse opened the door and let Alyssa in.

Miana hugged her hands in front of her, staring at her coldly.

Staring at Alyssa for a while, Miana said: “Karl is unwilling to let me conceive a child before getting married. He thinks this is very irresponsible. He said that he can only consider having a child after marriage. So we must use some other means for this matter.”

She said these words to deceive Alyssa, and she had never talked about it with Karl.

Miana has her own dignity, she will not talk about giving birth to a man who has never touched her.

Alyssa asked her: “What do you want to do?”

“You ask Karl to go out, give him medicine, or get him drunk, and then just call me.” Miana simply stated her plan, with calculations in her eyes, without a trace of emotion.

Alyssa looked at Miana coldly, and slowly laughed.

Karl, this is the woman you like. She is thinking about the position of Mrs. Adams’ CEO, and she is planning to be pregnant with your child. She doesn’t really love you at all.

Alyssa sighed, and said, “Miana, your abacus is so good. Ask me to ask Karl to come out and give him medicine, because you want him to hate me, right?”

“Originally, you took the initiative to find me to cooperate. We each contributed half of our efforts. This is a very fair deal.” Miana said disapprovingly.

“I understand.” Alyssa’s smile narrowed.

What Miana said was right, she took the initiative to find Miana to cooperate, and she and Miana each contributed half of their strength, there was nothing wrong with it.

“Wait for my news.” Alyssa left these words and went out.

When she left the ward, Alyssa’s expression on her face became colder and colder, and her hand holding the bag became tighter involuntarily.

Do you really want to do this to win the lawsuit?

Even if Karl uses power to oppress her, does she really want to calculate Karl like this?

Alyssa leaned against the elevator wall, her eyes widened and her thoughts drifting far away.

She hesitated.

This must be wrong, but she doesn’t know whether to do it or not.

Miana didn’t really love her, she was full of calculations to achieve her goals, but she didn’t mean to Miana.

Chapter 772

Alyssa sat quietly on the sofa for a long time, her eyes falling straight on the mobile phone placed on the coffee table.

The hand resting on the leg tightened and then loosened, and finally reached out and picked up the phone.

That string of familiar numbers was unconsciously pressed by her just like that.

The thumb was hung on the dial button, and she hesitated for a long time, but she couldn’t press it out.

At this moment, Alyssa thought a lot.

The scene of Karl and Miana together, the matter of Karl driving her out…

But what should Grace do?

If she hesitates at this time, Grace will live with Miana under the same roof.

Alyssa shook her head subconsciously, she couldn’t put Grace in danger.

She took a deep breath, determined to be average, and pressed the dial button.

After the phone was pulled out, Alyssa pressed her lips tightly, waiting for the call to be connected. After the call was connected, it rang several times, and the person on the other end answered the call.

Karl’s deep voice came from the phone: “What’s the matter?”

The voice was cold, without a trace of extra emotion.

Alyssa calmed down and said calmly, “I want to talk to you.”

“What can we talk about? You shouldn’t try to collect strong evidence to win the lawsuit now?” Karl’s tone was cold and without a trace of emotion.

“I want to talk to you about the lawsuit.”

“What capital do you have to talk to me?”

Alyssa suppressed the discomfort in her heart, and said in a strong tone: “I am Grace’s biological mother, I am qualified.”

Karl was quiet for a moment, and said, “Okay, then I’ll talk to you.”

“Tomorrow at eight o’clock, Best Day.” Alyssa said the address time and hung up the phone.

She reached out and grabbed her hair, took a heavy breath, picked up the phone and dialed another number: “Alvin, you can help me find some medicine.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, Best Day.

Alyssa booked a box in advance, the dishes have been served, and the wine has been poured.

It was already eight o’clock, but there was no movement outside the door.

Just when Alyssa thought that Karl would not change his mind temporarily, the box door was pushed open from outside.

Karl walked in, only glanced at Alyssa, and sat down opposite her.

As always, he was wearing a straight suit, with a brilliant temperament and a cold complexion.

Alyssa curled her lips slightly and said with a smile: “I thought you were not coming.”

“Why won’t I come?” Karl raised his eyes, still with that indifferent expression: “What is your fear?”

“Hmm.” Alyssa sat down, her expression was very pale.

Her gaze stayed on the glass of red wine in front of Karl for a second, then she naturally moved her gaze away and held up the wine glass in front of her: “Drink a glass?”

Without any suspicion, Karl directly raised the wine glass in front of him, raised it to Alyssa, then raised his head and took a sip.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, then raised her head and took a sip.

Today, she asked Karl to come out, she paid a lot of money, and the wine was also very expensive.

It stands to reason that such an expensive wine should feel good in the mouth, but when drinking it in Alyssa’s mouth, it feels a bit bitter.

Karl took a sip of wine and also picked up his chopsticks and ate something.

He didn’t seem to have thought that Alyssa would do something in the wine and vegetables.

Alyssa had mixed feelings in her heart, and she also took an order in silence.

“Let’s talk.” Karl quickly put down his chopsticks and looked at her: “What are you going to talk about?”

“Can’t you really give me the custody of Grace?” If she can tell Karl to give her custody of Grace, then she won’t have to do anything today, everyone is happy.

“I’m very busy. If you just want to talk about this, then I don’t mind repeating it again, it’s impossible!” Karl’s expression turned cold, obviously angry.

“You and Miana are going to get married soon. You will have other children. Can you put yourself in the position and think about Grace?” In fact, Alyssa knew very well in her heart. She said that these were just wasted efforts, but she still thought there is a glimmer of hope.

“I don’t think we need to talk anymore.” Karl said, standing up, making a gesture to leave.

Alyssa immediately said: “Wait!”

Karl stopped and looked back at her.

Alyssa looked at Karl calmly, with a trace of nostalgia in her eyes: “If you don’t want to talk about this, just forget it. You can go after dinner. This may be the last time we have dinner together.”

What made Alyssa a little surprised was that Karl was actually moved by her, and he really turned around and sat in front of Alyssa, and took a big sip from the wine glass.

Alyssa’s gaze fell on the wine glass in front of Karl again.

In that wine glass, she put the medicine ahead of time, and Karl took a sip immediately without warning.

So far, there is not much left in the glass.

The amount he drank should be…enough.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Karl’s complexion to turn red.

Frowning slightly, he reached out and unbuttoned two more buttons on the shirt: “Turn down the temperature of the air conditioner.”

Alyssa looked at his expression and asked him: “Are you very hot?”

Karl just frowned and didn’t speak.

Upon seeing this, Alyssa sent a text message to Miana, with only a very brief word: “Come.”

After sending the text message, she looked up and saw that Karl, who was sitting opposite, had reached out and held his forehead.

Alyssa asked faintly: “Are you uncomfortable?”

Karl raised his head suddenly, his face was abnormally red, but his eyes were horribly bright: “Alyssa, do you dare to put medicine in the wine?”

“Grace is everything to me now, you have to take her away, there is nothing I dare not do.” Alyssa looked at him blankly, her eyes extremely cold.

Karl suddenly laughed: “Very well, you dare to fix me!”

As if feeling angry, he repeated it again: “Very good!”

Alyssa smiled and looked at him: “I used to think that we would be together forever until death separates us. But if you don’t want me, then I don’t want you anymore. I only want Grace now. Wish you and Miana grows old with a white head.”

Karl stopped talking, but fixedly stared at Alyssa.

Alyssa knew that he had no strength to stand up at this time because of the effects of the medicine.

She picked up her bag, stood up, looked at Karl at last, and walked towards the door without reluctance.

“Alyssa!” Karl gritted his teeth behind her.

Alyssa straightened her back and slammed the door away.

As soon as she went out, Karl, who should have no strength to stand up, slowly sat up straight, and slammed the cup in front of him with his hand.

Alyssa dared to give him away to others!

He took this account down.

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