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Chapter 773

Alyssa stood outside the door, and heard the movement inside. There was no major change in the expression on her face, but it was colder again.

Miana was late, so Alyssa had to call her.

After the call was connected, no one answered.

Why isn’t Miana coming?

They planned this matter before, so Miana should be very active.

Not long after, Miana’s figure appeared at the corner, and a caregiver was following her.

After Alyssa saw Miana coming over, her heart not only didn’t fall, but she hung higher.

She shook her head, refused to think about why she was so upset in her heart, discarded all unnecessary thoughts, and just let herself think about it.

After Miana approached, Alyssa looked at her with an unsullen expression: “Why did you come on time?”

Miana glanced at Alyssa, her tone of disdain: “My leg is still hurt. It is not convenient to come over on crutches. What’s wrong with it?”

Although Miana and Alyssa have always been rivals, she knows very well that Alyssa is reliable. What’s more, this time it was for her daughter Grace, and Alyssa would definitely do her best to get it done.

Seeing that the wife of CEO Adams is already in her bag, she is not so anxious.

She would not let go of any chance to step on Alyssa.

Miana slowly curled her lips, revealing a vicious smile: “You can help me to get him to the room, my legs are not convenient.”

Alyssa clenched her hand on her side involuntarily. She sneered and looked at Miana: “Why don’t you let me sle3p with him directly, so you save trouble?”

Miana glared at her when she heard this, “Alyssa! Pay attention to your own attitude! You are now begging me to do something!”

“You can leave it alone.” Alyssa took out her cell phone, “Although Karl is not sober now, if she calls Mr. Smith now or calls 120, he should be able to wake up quickly.”

Miana looked panicked and immediately snatched Alyssa’s mobile phone and said loudly, “Are you crazy!”

Alyssa didn’t even blink her eyes, looked at Miana and said coldly, “Aren’t you going to stop it?”

“You…” Miana was choked by Alyssa, speechless.

It was clearly a cooperative relationship, but Alyssa still crushed her, this feeling made her uncomfortable.

But now she has no other choice but to let Alyssa threaten her.

“If you want to do it, hurry in, I’m leaving, and wait for your results.” Alyssa finished speaking, took back the phone in Miana’s hand, turned around, and left in strides.

In Miana’s view, Alyssa was in a panic.

The novice sent Karl to her, Alyssa must feel uncomfortable, right?

Miana showed a successful smile, opened the box door and walked in.

There were pieces of broken glass on the ground, and the dishes on the table barely moved, and Karl was sitting on the sofa with his head up, with several buttons on his shirt unbuttoned, revealing a large solid chest.

He stared slightly, breathing fast-short, looking very uncomfortable.

Miana walked over with a cane and asked very gently: “Karl, what’s wrong with you?”

Karl didn’t say anything, he didn’t even move. If it wasn’t for his rapid breathing, Miana would think that Karl was just asleep.

The man she chooses is naturally the best, even at this time, he still is in control of his body.

Thinking about this, Miana was even happier.

She stretched out her hand to touch Karl’s face. Usually, Karl would barely let her get close. At most, he would ask her to pull his arms, hold hands, no k!ss-k!ss, let alone go to bed.

And now, she finally has a chance…

However, before her hand touched Karl’s face, she suddenly turned her head and avoided it.

If she hadn’t opened her eyes, Miana thought he had avoided deliberately.

Although she felt a little dissatisfied, she still suppressed it abruptly.

As long as tonight passes, this man will be hers completely, she doesn’t have to rush for a while.

“Karl…” Miana no longer touched him, but whispered to him in his ear.

Karl opened his eyes at this time, and his eyes, which were dark as if they were about to be soaked in ink, were stained with lu$t, which made his whole person feel a bit more s3xual.

Normally he always looks extremely cold, but at this time, the contrast between him and his normal life is too great, and Miana is very excited.

“Alyssa called me suddenly and asked me to pick you up. What did she do to you?” Miana pretended to be ignorant and asked him suspiciously.

Karl spoke with a hoarse voice: “I want to rest.”

“Okay, I’ll take you to rest right away.” Miana was about to help him, turning her eyes inadvertently, and saw that there was more than half a glass of wine left in the glass in front of him.

With a thought, she picked up the wine glass and drank the unfinished wine in it.

Karl is usually so cold, and she must be very old-fashioned in b3d. She also wants to drink some wine to help.

When Miana put down the wine glass, she caught a glimpse of the broken glass slag on the ground. She was a little puzzled. Karl’s wine glass was still there. Could the broken wine glass on the ground be caused by Alyssa?

Alyssa was really bold, daring to throw something in front of Karl.

The effect of the medicine was very fast, Miana stretched out her hand to help Karl, but her b0dy became weak, and she was a little unsteady at all, and fell softly.

When she slid down, she dimly stretched out her hand to hold Karl.

But her hand touched the man’s arm, and the man’s arm was pulled away.

Immediately afterwards, the man’s clear voice: “I will take you to the room to rest.”

It was Karl’s voice, she was going to “rest” with Karl.

Miana said softly: “Okay.”

After Alyssa got out of Best Day, she went straight back to her car.

She knew that what she should do at this time is to drive home to sleep like an okay person.

However, after plugging in the car key, she did not start the car for a long time.

What is she waiting for here?

Just now, Karl was drugged by her and delivered to Miana.

Karl and Miana will stay in Best Day to “rest” tonight. From then on, Karl has nothing to do with her.

Their only relationship is Grace’s father and mother.

Grace will be the only connection between them.

If it were possible, she might never see Karl again in her life.

She is the behind-the-scenes screenwriter of the entertainment industry, and Karl is a wealthy businessman, a top wealthy, and he goes to and out of the Adams’ and business evenings, which have nothing to do with her Alyssa.

She is just an ordinary Alyssa, an ordinary divorced woman, and a single mother.

When Alyssa thought of this, she couldn’t help laughing.

She was smiling quietly, but at the end of the laugh, her voice gradually became louder.

At this time, her cell phone rang.

Alyssa took a closer look and found that Clifford was calling.

She answered the phone: “Clifford, you are right, Karl and I are not suitable.”

Chapter 774

After Alyssa finished speaking to the phone and sneered again, she hung up the phone.

After that, Clifford made several consecutive phone calls. But Alyssa did not answer or hang up.

The ringing of the mobile phone made Alyssa warm and impetuous, so she turned off the mobile phone, opened the door, and got out of the car.

She didn’t know why she had to get out of the car. After getting out, her feet seemed to be out of control and walked into the golden tripod.

She didn’t know what she was thinking or doing. After entering Best Day, she ran directly to the box where Karl ate before.

When she ran to the door of the box, she opened the door with a “bang” and found that there were only a few waiters cleaning the room.

When they saw Alyssa rushing in, they were all taken aback, and then asked, “Is there anything wrong with you lady?”

Alyssa ran in a hurry, standing at the door panting, her voice carrying a panic that she had never noticed: “Where are the people who were in this box?”

The waiters looked at each other and felt that Alyssa was weird, but they would always be more tolerant of beautiful people. The waiter said truthfully: “When we came in, there was no one in here. If it is your friend, try calling him.”

When Alyssa heard this, her complexion suddenly changed.

Her heart kept sinking, sinking into a bottomless abyss.

Seeing her like this, the waiter asked concerned: “Miss, are you okay?”

Alyssa shook her head dully, then slowly raised her foot and walked out.

Obviously it has been decided, in order to obtain Grace’s custody rights regardless of all the consequences, but why is she so sad in her heart…

Alyssa stopped and took out the phone to call Karl phone.

“Sorry, the call you made is temporarily unavailable.”

She seemed to be stunned, and dialed Smith’s phone again.

“Sorry, the user you are calling is busy.”

Karl’s phone couldn’t be reached, and Smith didn’t answer the phone.

Alyssa stretched out her hand to embrace her arm, and she suddenly felt very cold.

This was just the beginning, it was just the beginning of her and Karl’s parting ways.

Now she just couldn’t get through Karl’s phone. After that, Karl would definitely black her out, and would not even look at her when he saw her on the road.

Alyssa walked out with a shallow foot.

Don’t know how long it has been, someone blocked her way.

Under the dim street light, the first thing that came into view was the men’s hand-made leather shoes and those slender legs.

Alyssa raised her head fiercely, but after seeing the man’s face in front of her, her eyes dimmed again.

Clifford called her: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa took two steps back slowly, looked straight into Clifford’s eyes, and asked coldly, “How do you know I am here?”

“Why?” A smug flashed in Clifford’s eyes: “You should have understood that Karl is not as good as you thought, nor as powerful as you thought.”

Alyssa didn’t say a word, letting Clifford speak.

Seeing that she didn’t say a word, Clifford didn’t even have a superfluous expression, his eyes went cold.

He looked at Alyssa, with a cold voice in his lowered voice: “As early as when Adams’ caught fire and he left you and escaped by himself, you should have understood that Karl is just a mean man, not worthy of you!”

“Whether he is an affectionate man, he deserves it, it’s just a matter between me and him! It has nothing to do with you!” Alyssa didn’t want to see Clifford, nor did he want to deal with him.

She turned and walked towards the parking lot.

Clifford stepped forward and took her arm, his tone no longer as calm as he was just now: “Alyssa, Adams’ fire was caused by me. I want you to see that you and Karl are not the same at all. You think so well!”

Clifford’s tone sounded very excited.

Alyssa was puzzled, she always felt that Clifford’s hatred for Karl was not so deep, but instead seemed to be jealous.

“Why do you hate Karl so much?” Alyssa turned her head, squinted slightly at Clifford, and said mockingly, “Karl is not as good as you thought. How good are you? Hiding in a dark corner. How good is it to use a woman to deal with Karl’s and with a three-year-old child?”

If she will still marry and live with another man in the future, then that man definitely cannot be Clifford.

A vicious look appeared in Clifford’s eyes: “Alyssa! You don’t have to anger me like this!”


Another male voice came from behind.

Alyssa turned her head and saw Alvin running towards her carrying a suit jacket.

Alvin ran to the front and saw Clifford there, and he sneered and looked at him: “Oh! What are you doing here at night?”

After he finished speaking, no matter what Clifford’s expression was on, he stretched out his hand to embrace Alyssa’s shoulder and walked to the other side, still in a silly tone: “Please have supper, I’m starving to death without dinner.”

After Alyssa was held by him for a while, she moved aside, avoiding Alvin’s hand.

Alvin didn’t care, and looked down at her face: “What happened to you and Clifford? Why did he put on the expression that you failed him?”

“What are you doing?” Alyssa said blankly, looking straight ahead.

“Aren’t you going to attack Karl in Best Day tonight? I come over to see if things go well. If it doesn’t go well, you get caught by him, I might still save your life.”

After Alvin finished speaking, he looked up and down at Alyssa: “There are no missing arms or legs. It seems that you succeeded.”

Alyssa ignored him and returned to her car.

Alvin got into the car from the other side and got into the passenger seat.

Alyssa looked at him coldly: “Get out of the car.”

Alvin put the suit jacket on the back of the chair, looked sideways at Alyssa, and followed the gesture to reason to her: “There is a traffic jam over there, I’m afraid that you will be caught by Karl when things are not going well. Yes! You can’t think that I really care about you, invite me to have a meal?”

Hearing what he said, Alyssa realized that Alvin was still a little panting, and his hair, clothes and shirt were a little messy.

Although Alvin always looks like a playboy, he lives more real than anyone else, and Alyssa knows what he said is true.

Alyssa didn’t say much, and drove him to find a place to eat.

Alvin tilted his head to look at Alyssa. There was no expression on his face and he couldn’t see what she was thinking.

He asked tentatively: “Should I drive?”

He always felt that Alyssa was very dangerous to drive like this.

But Alyssa didn’t say anything, he didn’t say much, just buckled his seat belt silently.

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