Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 880

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Chapter 880

Two prescriptions!

Senior:’Patient’s complexion is dark, tongue coating is yellow and purple, hands are paralyzed, accompanied by intermittent convulsions, symptoms-transient ischemic attack.’

‘Prescription: 50 grams of astragalus, 40 grams of ephedra, 60 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, combined with 100 grams of Polygonatum, 100 grams of raw Cornus, three cups a day, morning, afternoon and evening! ‘

Young:’The patient has severe hair loss, dull eyes, numbness in the left hand, pain in the right hand, slight tumor in the armpit, accompanied by twitching of the body, and the symptoms-transient ischemic attack! ‘

‘Prescription: 50 grams of astragalus, 60 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, combined with 100 grams of Polygonatum, 100 grams of raw Cornus, three cups a day, noon, noon! ‘


At this moment, when the old man and the young man put their diagnosis and prescriptions in front of everyone.

Everyone got shocked.

Diagnosis of symptoms, the same as-transient ischemic attack.

But the only difference between the prescriptions prescribed by the two is.

There are 40 grams of ephedra in the old’s prescription!

And there is no ephedra in the prescription of young one.

After reading the old man’s prescription, the young man seemed to have seen a big joke, and a thick and wild smile suddenly appeared on his face:

“Ephedra? Hahaha! Old fellow, you dare to say that you are not a liar!”


A word from the young one changed the expressions of Elder Gao and everyone around him.

The diagnosed symptoms are the same, but in the prescription, the two differ by one medicine.

Why is the old man a liar?

Looking at the frantic smile of the young man, whether it is the passers-by around or a famous doctor, they got confused.

“Little guy, you can eat food indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense! The prescriptions issued by you and me can treat transient ischemic attacks! Adding ephedra can have faster effects and immediate results!”

“In contrast, your prescription will take longer!”

The old man’s complexion was green, and he stared at the young man angrily and retorted.

And hearing this.

Many doctors around nod their heads.

Gao Lao is right, adding ephedra can indeed stimulate the blood supply of the heart, and the recovery effect of the patient can be improved by as much as 20%.

And the prescription from a young one can only be said to be quite satisfactory, nothing more.

By comparison.

Gao Lao’s prescription is better.

It’s just that everyone can’t understand why a young one is still laughing at seniors.

As if seeing everyone’s doubts, the youth snorted, his mouth was full of thick sarcasm:

“Huh! What a bullsh!t Jiang City’s No. 1 Chinese Medicine Doctor! Old fellow, you are just vain!”

The young man took his prescription and brought it over.

Then, at the end of the diagnosis description, he added another line.

‘At the same time, the patient has a myocardial infarction! Do not use irritating drugs! ‘


After seeing the line added by the young man, Gao Lao and the other doctors changed their complexions.

Myocardial infarction!

If it is true that this patient has a myocardial infarction as written by this young man, then the ephedra wrote by the old man is probably not good medicine, but a poison.

Even the best result will completely lose the therapeutic value of the whole prescription.

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