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Chapter 769

Seeing that Alvin was really ready to go to bed, Alyssa asked angrily: “Are you like this in other people’s homes?”

Alvin closed his eyes and slowly said, “How?”

Alyssa asked, “You don’t know how to write the word ‘Polite’?”

“Talking to friends is polite, so I’ll see you outside.” Alvin turned over and changed into a comfortable posture. It seemed that he didn’t plan to get up again.

“You’re really welcome…” Alyssa murmured, seeing that Alvin was really lying down and couldn’t do anything to him, so she turned and went to the kitchen.

Opening the refrigerator, Alyssa looked inside. There were some dishes inside, but she didn’t particularly want Alvin to be happy.

What if he also plays to eat at her house in the future?

Alyssa thought for a while, took the vegetables and eggs from it, and cooked two bowls of egg noodles with vegetables.

She brought out two bowls of green vegetable egg noodles, put them on the table, and shouted to Alvin, “Alvin eat!”

Alvin was just taking a nap, and didn’t fall asleep.

Hearing Alyssa calling him, he turned over from the bed and sat up: “It’s all right so soon! You’re here.”

Alvin rushed to the table eagerly and saw the two bowls of noodles, but he couldn’t react for a while.

Alvin pointed to the surface on the table and asked Alyssa in disbelief: “Just eat this?”

“You don’t want to eat?” Alyssa stretched her hand over, as long as he said “I don’t want to eat,” she would take the noodle bowl.

“Eat, eat, let me eat!” Alvin hurriedly walked over, and reached out to bring the noodles to him, for fear that Alyssa would take him away.

The two sat down to eat noodles face to face.

Alvin ate very elegantly at the beginning, but later he “sucked” and ate so much that he didn’t care about the image.

He quickly finished eating the noodles, staring at Alyssa and complimenting her: “Your cooking is so delicious, you see, I ate it all.”

As he said, he turned his bowl to Alyssa and motioned her to look.

She didn’t raise her head, but just said “um”.

“Your noodles are so delicious, so your cooking skills must be better?” Alvin dragged his chair towards Alyssa, tilting his head to look at her.

Even without asking, Alyssa knew what Alvin was thinking.

“Just leave when you’re full.” Alyssa issued the eviction order and went to the kitchen with the bowl.

Alvin followed in: “What will you eat tonight?”

Alyssa turned her head and glared at him, and Alvin touched his nose: “I’ll leave soon…”

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.

The two looked at each other, and Alvin said, “May I open the door for you?”

Alyssa pushed him aside: “No need.”

In her home, where does Alvin need to help her open the door?

She walked to the door, glanced out of the cat’s eyes, and was a little surprised to see Smith standing outside the door.

She opened the door, looked at Smith, and said in surprise: “Mr. Smith, why are you here?”

Why did Smith come to her house at noon?

Smith looked serious and said, “Can I come in and sit?”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t expect to make such a request by Smith, nodded and said, “Of course you can.”

She stood aside, remembering that there was still Alvin at home, and Smith explained: “However, you have other guests.”

“Is that inconvenient?” Smith had already stepped into the door with one foot.

“It’s okay, he will leave right away.” Alyssa finished speaking and looked inside and found that Alvin had walked out.

Alyssa opened the door a little bit more, and said to Alvin, “Aren’t you going to leave? I won’t send you down, I have a guest here.”

Alvin raised his eyebrows, looking a little dissatisfied, but did not say anything.

As he walked out, he was looking at Smith. When he was about to go out, he suddenly stopped and asked, “This gentleman looks familiar. Have I met you?”

Smith was Karl’s special assistant, and he was almost inseparable from Karl. Alvin would say that he had met him, it was normal.

It’s just that the scene at this time is a bit out of date. Alyssa directly ignored Alvin’s words and smiled and said to Smith: “Sit inside.”

Alvin saw that Alyssa’s attitude towards Smith was so good, compared with her attitude towards him, it was completely the opposite.

He snorted coldly, then strode away.

Seeing him leaving, Alyssa closed the door and turned around to pour water on Smith.

“Is there anything important? You came to the door in such a hurry Mr. Smith?” Smith usually doesn’t look for her. If it is a trivial matter, he’ll just call.

“Thank you.” Smith took the water cup and thanked him, took a sip, and then became silent again, looking a little restless.

Alyssa felt more weird in her heart, she suddenly thought of a possibility, and her face turned pale: “Did Grace have something wrong?”

“No, no, Grace is in kindergarten and is well.” Smith quickly denied.

The more he denied it, the more suspicious Alyssa’s heart became.

Suddenly, a bell rang.

Smith seemed to have been waiting for this call, and immediately took out his mobile phone to answer the call: “I’m outside… well, yes… how could this be? I’ll be back soon!”

When he hung up the phone Smith stood up and said, “Miss Alyssa, there is something urgent in the company, I’ll go back first.”

After he finished speaking, he couldn’t wait to go out.

“Eh, you…” Alyssa stood up and saw the back of Smith hurriedly leaving.

Alyssa frowned slightly and stood there for a moment.

Why is Smith weird? He is the most reliable in handling things, how could he make a special trip to the door and say nothing, answer the phone and leave?

As soon as Smith went out, he sighed with relief and murmured: “Next time I will resolutely not do this for Boss.”

When he walked to the elevator entrance, Dave’s door opened. He looked at Smith and said with a smile, “Karl asked you to help him catch someone red-handed?”

Karl had also called him before, and he had decided not to help Karl with such things, so Karl had to call Smith to come over.

Smith sighed and ignored Dave.

Dave didn’t care, closed the door and went back to the room.

When he left the community Smith saw the pink sports car still parked there.

The next moment, the door of the sports car opened, and Alvin got out.

Smith stopped and watched Alvin walk towards him.

He curled his lips, his eyes were confident and determined: “Go back and tell Karl that I will win the lawsuit between him and Alyssa!”

After Alvin left the community, he remembered that Smith was the assistant that Karl had brought with him at that time, and he stayed in the car waiting for Smith to return.

Before Karl asked for Alvin’s information, he personally investigated it, so he knew exactly what happened to Alvin.

Chapter 770

Smith said with a faint expression: “Mr. Mann is really enthusiastic. He doesn’t care about his own father’s death at all, but is so enthusiastic about other people’s affairs.”

“What do you mean?” Alvin’s expression changed, staring at Smith closely.

“Mr. Mann really thinks that your father died in an accident? Do you know what your father had been doing?” The hour ends, and there is no plan to say more, so he will leave.

Alvin took Smith’s arm: “Speak clearly!”

“This is Mr. Mann’s business, how can I be an outsider to say clearly?” Smith didn’t even blink his eyes, his complexion calm and stable.

“Heh! I see, you told me this deliberately to distract me, so that I might lose Alyssa’s lawsuit!” Alvin let go and sneered: “Go back. Tell Karl, tell him not to use these messy methods to bully a woman, what kind of ability is this? Not to mention Alyssa was his woman before!”

Alvin is a playboy, and he is very good to every girlfriend.

Women are delicate and should be pitied.

He is a pitiful person.

Smith felt that Alvin didn’t understand anything. He and Alvin were playing the piano to a cow.

After he returned to the Adams’ Group, he went directly to Karl.

“Sir, I think you take Alvin too highly, he is not our opponent at all, he is just a playboy.” Smith’s remarks can be said to be vague, to be more blunt, he thinks that Alvin is in the head simple.

Karl was silent for a while before lowering his voice and said, “Smith, you are not me, you don’t understand.”

Smith’s thoughts were different from those of Karl, but after Karl said this, he stopped talking too much.

In the evening, Alyssa routinely went to the hospital to deliver soup to Tina.

For several days, she gave Tina soup in a variety of ways, and Tina’s complexion was ruddy after drinking.

“I drink like this every day. What if I get fat? If the legs are well raised and the person is fat, I can simply pull back.” Tina said on her mouth, but she still carried Alyssa’s hand in her hand. The soup was delicious.

Alyssa came to the hospital today and had other things besides delivering soup.

She asked Tina, “Do you know which ward Miana lives in?”

“I know, it’s next door…” Tina raised her head from the soup bowl and said, then lowered her head: “Why, are you going to find her?”

Alyssa did not say “yes” or “no”.

Tina was anxious: “If you really go find her, take me with you.”

Alyssa was taken aback, and asked, “Tina, you know?”

“I got it.” Alyssa did not explain, but Tina knew that Alyssa was talking about Miana buying through the staff who caused her to break her leg.

Tina put down her lunch box and looked at Alyssa and said, “Yesterday afternoon, Peter came to see me and told me.”

At that time, Peter was still very disappointed and said that he was looking for someone to break Miana’s leg, but he didn’t expect that the villain Miana would break her leg first.

In this regard, Peter repeatedly expressed great disappointment.

Alyssa sighed, “What will I take you to?”

“If you negotiate with her, I can give you a shock. If you fight with her, I can watch and shout for you.” After Tina finished speaking, she laughed first.

“Okay, good one.” Alyssa got up, put away the insulated lunch box and planned to go out.

Tina didn’t know what Alyssa was doing with Miana, but she was like this, and she could only add chaos to the past, and simply did not follow.

Alyssa walked to Miana’s ward and knocked on the door.

After the nurse opened the door, she saw Alyssa and said, “Is this Miss Palmer? What’s your name?”

Alyssa glanced at the nurse and smiled slightly: “My name…”

After only saying two words, she squeezed in directly, while the nurse relaxed her vigilance.

“Hey, you can’t go in lady, what are you going to do…” The nurse hurriedly followed, trying to stop Alyssa.

Alyssa had already prepared, bypassing the nurse and entering the ward inside, and locked the door back.

Miana was leaning on the bedside reading a magazine. She heard the movement outside and said impatiently, “What is the noise!”

“It’s me.” Alyssa approached, staring at Miana and said blankly.

Miana’s eyes were still on the magazine. Hearing Alyssa’s voice, she immediately turned around and looked at Alyssa vigilantly: “What are you here for?”

“What are you afraid of? I’ll come to see Tina and take a look at you by the way. Are you unhappy?” Alyssa was very satisfied with Miana’s scared look. It is a good thing to know that she has a guilty conscience after doing bad things.

Miana still stared at Alyssa vigilantly, guessing her intentions, while her other hand was reaching out to the mobile phone placed on the bedside table.

Alyssa noticed Miana’s movements and smiled and took Miana’s mobile phone from the bedside table.

“What the hell are you doing!” Seeing Alyssa put away her mobile phone, Miana became even more afraid.

When she faced Alyssa, she was still a little guilty, mainly because Alyssa’s eyes looked a little scary.

Alyssa’s eyes were not fierce, and there was a clear light in her eyes, which made Miana more afraid.

“Don’t be afraid, you also got the retribution you deserve, what can I do? Am I going to kill you?” Alyssa knew that Miana was afraid of this, and said this deliberately.

Miana realized that Alyssa had deliberately scared her, and was very angry: “You…”

Alyssa interrupted her and said seriously: “I’m here to find you to cooperate.”

“What kind of cooperation?” Miana looked suspiciously at Alyssa, not quite convinced of Alyssa: “What can we do to cooperate?”

Alyssa leaned forward and slowly said, “Do you want to give Karl a baby?”

“What the hell do you mean, just say it!” Miana’s eyes flashed brightly, obviously she was very interested in Alyssa’s proposal.

Alyssa said in a hurry, “I will help you, and all you have to do is to get pregnant with Karl’s child and give me a list of confirmation of pregnancy.”

Miana thought for a while, and understood what Alyssa was going to do.

She smiled and said, “Are you fighting for custody rights with Karl? Why should I cooperate with you, and why should I help you?”

“You don’t like Grace, so naturally you are not willing to let her stay with Karl. When she grows up, she will share Adams’ property with your children.” Alyssa hit the point, Miana said nothing. It can be said.

Alyssa was right, she hadn’t used Grace for a long time.

“You’d better cooperate with me. Except for Grace, I have no relatives and no reason. If she is gone, don’t know what I can do.” Alyssa smiled very mildly: “As for Tina, You don’t want to play with her, CEO Grant of AdamPic Media is a ruthless character.”

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