Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 879

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Chapter 879

At this moment, both Baishan and his wife looked at each other, especially thinking that if this old man Mai is true after their family eats 15 million in a day, they only felt their scalp numb.

But this is more than that.

Afterward, they both saw that the old man’s face was full of excitement and respect, and asked:

“May I ask your son-in-law, Mr. Shaun, where is he now?”

Baishan and Paula also noticed the attitude of the old man, and seemed to be more respectful, and ask curiously:

“Old man, do you have anything to do with my son-in-law?”

Hearing this.

The look of the old man Mai hesitated slightly.

He seems embarrassing.

But in the end, he bit his head and said directly:

” I want to be his pupil!”


Baishan and Paula got completely dumbfounded.

Shaun is just a 20-year-old hairy boy, and the old man in front of them is at least 80 years old.

An old man in his eighties, wants to be the pupil of a person in his twenties?

This…what a joke.

“Sorry, old sir, my son-in-law is out for a business, and we don’t know where he went?”

Baishan looked at the old man Mai and said like a lunatic.

Do not know?

Hearing this, the old man Mai’s face showed a deep disappointment.

But just when he wanted to stay at the Bai’s house and waited for Shaun to return, he heard a footstep at the door.

They saw the neighbor next to them, Aunt Zhang walked to the door and said:

“Baishan, Paula! Just now Shaun went out, he also confessed to me that he went to Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital to handle something! He will come back later! He told me to tell you!”


Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital!

Hearing Aunt Zhang’s words, the look of the old man Mai suddenly became excited.

At the same time!

The entrance of the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital was extremely crowded. Many passersby had blocked the surrounding of the entrance, pointing to the inside and talking a lot.

“Oh! That young man is so amazing, he has cured eight patients in less than an hour!”

“Yes, it’s a pity that the doctors at the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital! Their medical skills are not bad, but they are much worse than this young man!”

“Eight defeats in a row! I don’t know if the old man can save the face of the hospital this time!”

“Look at Xuan, look at the old man’s forehead, he has starting to sweat, but the young man is calm, and he has already made a judgment!”

The passers-bys talked a lot and looked at the center of the crowd.

And at the moment!

In the center of the crowd.

There are two tables and chairs, one old and one young, and two doctors are seeing a patient.

Look, smell, ask, cut!

The four-step TCM diagnosis method was brought to the extreme by the two.

And when the diagnosis is completed.

The old man and the young man wrote down the patient’s illness in their medical records.

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