Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066

“Ah!” Ake’s tragic cry came from behind.

Irene walked out of the basement, the sorrow and grief in her heart was swept away by the bright scorching sun outside.

Her mood improved slightly.

At least, behind this heartbreaking story, it is not all things that disappoint her.

At least she knew that the relationship between Brother Jie and Qiulian was not love.

She let Brother Jie return to her, just around the corner.

After a long time, Guan Xiao walked out of the basement. A white shirt, stained with blood.

Irene was stunned, Guan Xiao, this is to cast all the anger accumulated in his heart on A Ke.

After all, Guan Xiao’s feelings for Jacob are both his father and teacher. Akke dared to pluck the hair on Jacob’s head and fell into Guan Xiao’s hands.

“Guan Xiao, find an opportunity to return A Ke to Qiulian.” Irene said.

A wicked sneer appeared at the corner of Guan Xiao’s mouth, “President, this is really a good idea.”

Irene’s move was the best punishment for Qiulian.

Qiulian deceived Jacob’s feelings, which was really hateful. But no matter what, she is also Jacob’s savior.

Irene hated Qiulian, and she was grateful for her.

So intimidating Qiulian is the most discouraging way.

Wei’an Garden.

When Jacob woke up naturally, Qiulian had already made breakfast. Encourage Huzi to call Jacob, “Hurry up and call Dad to eat.”

Huzi staggered to Jacob’s room, and said in a gruff voice: “Dad, eat.”

Jacob looked at the tiger, a little mixed.

Qiulian said Huzi is his child?

Although he was sure Qiulian was lying, he didn’t want to shirk his responsibility without conclusive evidence.

Don’t even want to hurt innocent children.

He picked up the tiger and walked to the table.

Qiulian pleased him with some vegetables, “Husband, this is your favorite…”

Before she finished speaking, she felt the stare of a cold knife from the other side. Qiulian was startled slightly, and quickly changed her words: “A Yue, you eat.”

Jacob put the tiger on the children’s dining chair, then stood up, his voice was cold and his expression was cold, “I will move out as soon as possible.”

Qiulian was so scared that all the bowls and chopsticks in her hand fell on the table, “You…really decided not to let us mother and child?”

Jacob corrected angrily: “Don’t try to tie me and you together. That’s stupid.”

“What about the child?” Qiulian shouted, “Is the child yours?”

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