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Chapter 767

Alyssa paused and walked in the direction of Karl’s car.

She looked at it, and there was no one in the front row, so she opened the back seat door and sat in.

After Alyssa sat in, she didn’t even look at Karl, and said businessly: “If you have anything, please tell me, I have something to do.”

Karl seemed to change his posture, and she felt the slight vibration of the back of the chair.

Afterwards, Karl’s low voice rang slowly in the car: “When you look for a lawyer, don’t you ask about the origin of the other party? A lawyer like Alvin, you still want to rely on him. Win the lawsuit against me?”

“I want to correct you. I am not delusional, but I have trust. I believe Alvin will definitely win this lawsuit.” Alyssa knew that Karl had mostly received a subpoena from the court.

“Blind trust, affection!” The short words, inexplicably implied a sense of helplessness.

Alyssa turned back to look at Karl, only to see his cold side face and the corners of his lips slightly pursed.

She chuckled, “Mr. Adams is worried that I will lose the lawsuit? I didn’t expect you to care about me so much.”

Karl looked sideways at her, with a cold expression: “We are husband and wife, but I don’t want you to lose too ugly.”

Alyssa was choked by him, bit the corner of her lip, her tone was a bit aggressive: “That’s my business, it has nothing to do with you.”

After she finished speaking, she pulled the car door and got out, slamming the car door.

After she left, Smith returned not long after.

He just stood not far away. When Alyssa got out of the car, the movement of the door slammed was a bit loud, and he saw it all.

Smith took a look in the rearview mirror, Karl was sitting by the window, looking out the window slightly, not knowing what he was thinking, but the low air pressure in the car let him know, Karl was in a bad mood at this time.

“Did Boss talk to the young lady about Alvin? I have investigated that Alvin, and he is not completely innocent. When he was at school, he helped people win a lot of lawsuits, but later he spent time drink. He’s not working as a lawyer…”

Karl looked back at him suddenly, his eyes darkened and terribly dark, and he silenced Smith unconsciously.

Before Karl asked him to check Alvin’s information, he could guess that Karl’s approach to Alyssa was about Alvin.

He could feel that Karl looked down on the lawyer Alvin, but based on Smith’s experience, Alvin’s ability might not be that bad.

Karl said blankly, “Do you really admire Alvin?”

“No, I just think…” Smith wanted to say something, but seeing that Karl had his eyes lightly closed, he had to swallow the rest of the words.

Smith started the car and drove to the Adams Group.

Karl opened his eyes and looked at the roof of the car, slightly distracted.

Alvin’s information has been investigated carefully by Smith, and even the kindergarten he went to was found.

Just because there are so many things that can be found, this also shows that Alvin’s background is very simple.

Even if he is Wilfred’s son, his life is much simpler.

Bereavement at a young age, go to school, make friends, spend a lot of time after graduation, no different from ordinary dudes.

Such a resume is considered clean to people like Karl.

Although Alvin spends time drinking wine, he is principled and open-minded.

So far, this is the simplest and most upright growth environment among the men Alyssa has met.

The former Norris had an unbearable life experience, hiding it deeply and using many tricks.

Later, Clifford had no purpose when he approached Alyssa from the beginning, and Alyssa was wary of him.

As for himself…

Karl laughed mockingly and stopped thinking.

Alvin gave him a sense of crisis inexplicably.

This sense of crisis comes from his intuition. As for why he has this intuition, he himself is somewhat unclear.


Alyssa was angry all the way because of Karl’s words.

She was talking to herself while driving.

“Who should I look for a lawyer. He has anything to do with it?”

“Do you think I will lose before you start?”

“Who does Karl think he is?”

Alyssa thought about it more and more, and after stopping the car on the side of the road, she called Alvin: “I think your previous proposal is feasible.”

“Which proposal?” At this time, Alvin hadn’t gotten up yet, listening to Alyssa’s words, he still felt that there was a cloud in the mist.

Alyssa explained: “The child’s proposal.”

“Ah? Child?” Alvin jumped out of the bed with a carp, “Alyssa, don’t scare me early in the morning, what child, we are nothing!”

Alvin, who didn’t wake up in the morning, may have some brain problems.

Alyssa was too lazy to explain to him, and hung up.

She drove straight home and took a look at the week-long schedule of Miana that Dave gave her.

But Miana is already injured, is this schedule still useful?

It looked like that yesterday, Miana might not have been in the hospital either.

If you decide to start with “Karl has other children”, then the most important person is Miana.

As long as Miana tried her best to conceive Karl’s child, would her chances of winning be even greater.

As Alyssa thought this way, her hand on the table tightened involuntarily.

Miana and Karl’s children…

Alyssa got up with an ugly expression and poured herself a glass of water, her hand holding the glass trembling slightly.

At this time, mobile phone rang, and Alyssa almost fell to the ground with the cup in her hand.

She glanced at the phone on the table, calmed her mind, and walked to the table to look at the phone.

The call was from Alvin.

“Where do you live? The houses in this community are all the same, densely packed like a maze!” Alvin’s voice sounded a little frustrated.

Ask her where she lives…

Alvin came to see her?

Alyssa asked: “Are you coming to me?”

“If I don’t find you, I will go around in this neighborhood. Is it fun?” Alvin’s tone became even worse.

Alyssa felt that Alvin’s temper was getting bigger and bigger.

“Where are you? What landmark buildings are nearby, I’ll come to you.”

“Nothing, just a house!”

“Yes, you send me a position, and I will come out to find you.” Alyssa felt that if she asked more, Alvin might just run away.

Alvin hung up the phone and gave Alyssa a position.

Alyssa has lived here for more than half a year and is familiar with the neighborhood. She quickly found the address sent by Alvin. It was at the east gate of the community. There were few people coming in and out, and it was a bit remote. She didn’t know how Alvin was. Found him there.

Alvin drove a very irritating pink sports car, which was obviously painted by someone behind him.

Chapter 768

Alvin was already bored and wanted to climb onto the roof of the car.

As soon as he saw Alyssa, he said angrily: “What kind of shabby place you live in, I walk around, but I can’t find where you are.”

Alyssa has never seen a man driving a pink sports car. She circled the car and asked, “Your own this?”

“Otherwise?” Alvin patted the car body, tilting his head to look at Alyssa: “You like it? I’ll give it to you!”

Alyssa twitched her mouth: “No need.”

“If you really like it, I can really send you, I have a lot of cars!” Alvin’s tone is as relaxed as if he invites people to have a meal, and it is not at all like sending people a car worth millions or more.

Alyssa glared at him, and he shrugged: “Okay, get in the car.”

Alyssa followed in the car and showed him the way to drive to the front door.

After stopping the car, Alvin entered the community with her.

Alvin’s sulky pink sports car has attracted the attention of many people. People who can afford to drive this kind of car are not cheap and will basically not live in this kind of community.

“Have you seen it? No matter where I go, your brother is the focus of the crowd.” Alvin reached Alyssa’s ear and whispered.

Alyssa’s face was faint, and she only asked, “Brother?”

Alvin softened his throat in embarrassment, and hit his arm with her shoulder: “Don’t be like this, just give me some face.”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows: “I don’t seem to know you so well.”

“Why are you unfamiliar? We are allies now!” Seeing Alyssa ignored him, Alvin said awkwardly: “Can you tell me what you are talking about in the future? You called me before. Speaking of the child, it scared me to death!”

It was only after he drove the car out that he wanted to understand that the child Alyssa said was that Karl and another woman had a child they had discussed before.

Thinking that he had already driven the car out, he simply came to Alyssa.

Alyssa listened to him muttering all the way, and for the first time felt that a big man talked too much.

After finally going upstairs and entering the room, she quickly poured him a glass of water, hoping Alvin could shut up.

“Thank you, how did you know that I was thirsty?” Alvin took the water glass and drank it clean in one go: “Some more.”

Alyssa glanced at him, then turned around and poured him some more.

When she poured the water over, Alvin was already attracted by a box of puzzles under the coffee table.

He took out the puzzle from under the coffee table and asked her, “Is this Grace’s?”

“Yeah.” she lowered the water cup and went to wash the fruit again.

She came out with the fruit, Alvin was already playing puzzles.

Alyssa sat opposite him, watched him fight a few pieces, and said in a low voice: “Naive.”

He can also play with the puzzles that children play!

Alvin installed a piece of the puzzle in his hand, pointed in Alyssa’s direction, and said without raising his head, “You said bad things about me, I heard it.”

Alyssa didn’t bother him, and waited for him to finish before talking about business.

Not long, Alvin said, “What’s the matter, I can’t find this piece.”

“Where?” Alyssa leaned over and took a look, and she was still one piece short.

Before Grace was playing puzzles in the living room, Alyssa thought for a while and said, “Not under the coffee table?”

After she finished speaking, she went to look for the puzzle piece under the coffee table, and Alvin followed the probe to find: “Where?”

Alyssa squatted on the ground and looked under the coffee table. She quickly found the puzzle piece. She picked it up and raised her head sharply: “I’m looking for…”

She didn’t know that Alvin was also looking for the puzzle. As soon as she raised her head, she met Alvin’s face. Alvin looked at her condescendingly, and their faces were only five centimeters apart.

Alvin didn’t expect that she would suddenly look up, and he was stunned.

It was Alyssa who stepped back first, stood up, and threw the piece of puzzle she found to him.

Alvin blinked his eyes, looked at Alyssa, then at the puzzle piece, touched his nose, and whispered: “You look pretty?”

Alyssa pretended not to hear what he said and asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Alvin twitched the corners of his mouth, a little coldly.

Afterwards, he put the jigsaw away and put it back under the coffee table: “Talk business!”

When it was time to talk about business, Alyssa said sternly: “I thought about your proposal and thought it is feasible. The important thing now is to get Karl’s fiancee Miana pregnant, and now Miana’s leg is injured. She wants to marry Karl so much, she must really want a satisfactory wedding, and she will definitely wait for her leg injury to heal before marrying, so we have plenty of time again.”

Her voice was a bit obscure at first, but after speaking, it became smoother.

Alvin looked at her so calmly, and a suspicion flashed in his eyes: “Are you really willing to let Karl and other women have children?”

Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly and her voice was unusually calm: “Why don’t I, our marriage relationship over long ago, and we have nothing to do with each other. If it weren’t for Grace, I don’t want to interact with him again.”

Looking from Alvin’s direction, he could only see Alyssa’s firm face. As for the emotions in her eyes, he could not see.

“Okay, since you have decided to use this plan, we will start with Miana.” Alvin stared at Alyssa for a few seconds before saying: “As far as I know, Miana and you are rivals. Will she be willing to cooperate with you?”

“She wouldn’t want Grace to stay with Karl.” Alyssa couldn’t be more clear about Miana’s Forbidden Thunder Method.

Miana regarded her as a thorn in her eyes and would not treat Grace kindly, and naturally she would not want Grace to stay with Karl.

Miana hates her, and naturally hates Grace.

Miana has always been at odds with her, but if the two have a common goal, they can naturally cooperate.

Alvin nodded when he heard the words, “It makes sense, but how to do this?”

Alyssa looked up at him: “I have Miana’s contact information, I will handle this matter.”

Alvin nodded and said nothing.

Alyssa stood up and said, “I will send you out.”

“I’ve been driving the car for so long and I got lost. I came to talk to you, so you can drive me away and don’t care about it?” Alvin knocked hard on the coffee table a few times, expressing his dissatisfaction.

Alyssa checked the time. It was eleven o’clock, and it was indeed lunchtime.

“Let’s go.” She took the key and stood up.

Alvin asked: “Where to go?”

“Didn’t you mean eating?”

Alvin pointed to the kitchen: “You can cook, right? Your kitchen seems to be used often.”

Alyssa narrowed her eyes slightly: “You are very careful to observe.”

“Look for what I want…” Alvin said with a smile, and put his legs on the sofa, clasping his hands together behind his head: “I woke up in the morning and didn’t sleep enough. I will rest for a while. You can call me when food is ready.”

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