Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 878

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Chapter 878

Is his surname is Lin?

At this moment, after hearing the question from the old man Mai, Baishan and Paula got stunned:

“That’s right! These medicinal meals are cooked by my son-in-law, and his name is Shaun!”

Baishan didn’t conceal the slightest and said directly.


Hearing this name, the pupils of the old man Mai shrink.

“That’s right! It seems that this Shaun is the genius doctor Lin who has recently become famous in Jiangshi! Moreover, the couple doesn’t know his true identity!”

“Because of him, he is the Bone Saint!”

A trace of shocking sky and waves, in the heart of the old man Mai, constantly surged.

He did not tell Shaun’s identity to Baishan and Paula.

After all!

The Bone Sacred Hand is the god in the hearts of global doctors.

This kind of character hides his identity and lives in a small third-tier city like Jiangshi. He must have his reasons.

The old man Mai dared not say anything.

“Old man, are these medicated meals made by my son-in-law valuable?” Baishan asked curiously at this moment.

He also wanted to determine whether his recent physical improvement was related to Shaun’s medicated diet.


Hearing this, the old man Mai’s mouth twitched slightly, and then said with a wry smile:

“Your family is a blessing from your previous life! These medicinal meals are not only valuable but worthy!”


The words of the old man Mai completely shocked Baishan and Paula.

Value against the sky?

This… Isn’t this just a few simple medicated meals? Even if it is valuable, how valuable can it be?

Haven’t waited for Baishan and Paula to ask.

Both husband and wife saw that the old man Mai pointed to the lotus seed soup, with a deep reverence on his face, and said:

“Do you know that eight Chinese medicines are used in this lotus soup! And these eight Chinese medicines are very elegant, and they are divided into three yins and three yangs!”

“The combination of materials and dosage ratio must be accurate to the milligram level to be effective!”


The old man Mai looked at the eyes of Baishan and his wife, with deep envy and jealousy:

“This lotus seed soup is worth a million!”


Worth millions?

After hearing the words of the old man Mai, both Baishan and Paula were completely shocked.

They both looked at the old man Mai stupidly and even suspected that the old man had lost his mind.

It’s just a soup and medicated diet.

The medicinal materials used are not expensive, how can they be worth millions? Isn’t this a joke?

Seeing the unbelievable look of the husband and wife, the old man Mai’s smile grew stronger:

“You don’t understand! Because of this medicinal diet, only your son-in-law can match it in the whole world!”

“If you are known by the top big guys in the world, let alone millions, even if you spend ten million, people who want to buy are like the Qing Dynasty!”


With these words, he suddenly subverted Baishan and Paula’s worldview.

They could see that the old man was extremely serious.

Could it be that the medicated diet made by Shaun is so precious?

A medicated diet is worth millions.

And their family has three meals a day, four dishes, and one soup for each meal!

That is, 15 million in a day?

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