Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064

As long as he remembered that his life had been maliciously tampered with by Qiulian, he would have a kind of anger that had nowhere to vent fled in his limbs.

The melodious piano sound suddenly sounded in the quiet night, and the sound was so soft as the wind, blowing into people’s hearts can comfort the restless emotions.

His irritability slowly faded.

At this time, it suddenly occurred to him that he told Faith’s mother about resignation. Faith’s mummy has not returned to him yet.

He doesn’t know what the situation is?

Under the hypnotism of the piano sound, he slowly developed sleepiness, and soon fell asleep when he returned to bed.

The next day.

Irene came to the basement of Huanya’s waste dump early. Guan Xiao and the ghost members waited outside. Seeing Irene, they respectfully said, “Hello, President.”

Irene took off her white coat and threw it to Guan Xiao, and asked, “Have you confessed yet?”

Guan Xiao said, “This person has a very strong psychological quality. No matter how we tortured him, we won’t show any clues.”

Irene’s blood-red lips evoked a coquettish arc, “Take me in.”

Guan Xiao led Irene into the basement. Akko was sitting on a top chair, with his hands and feet tied back to the chair, and a black plastic pocket on his head.

Irene sat on the chair in front of him and motioned to Guan Xiao: “Let me see his face.”

Guan Xiao hesitated slightly, “President, this kind of person is not worth seeing.”

Irene knew that Guan Xiao was thinking about her safety, but it was Jacob. Why was she afraid of risk?

“Open it.”

Guan Xiao couldn’t help her, so he walked to Ake and removed the plastic pocket on his head.

Akko’s black vision instantly regained its brightness, and the Rat Eye looked at Irene with his eyes, “Who are you?”

Guan Xiao said coldly, “You don’t deserve to know.”

Irene began to interrogate him, “Why is Qiulian’s card on you?”

“Qiulian, who is Qiulian? I don’t know?” Ake laughed, “Beauty, those people couldn’t ask me anything from my mouth yesterday, I think you still have this heart.”

Irene said on the side: “I advise you to explain it honestly, because you will end up miserably if you go against me.”

Ake smiled evilly, “I’m so scared.”

Irene gave Guan Xiao a wink. Guan Xiao walked slowly in front of Ake, and suddenly kicked in Ake’s crotch unpreparedly, making Ake pale with pain.


Irene said, “Do you know that I am terrible now?”

Akko said angrily: “I want to sue you! Illegal kidnapping good people…”

Irene got up from the chair and walked to Akko, “You sue me for kidnapping you illegally? And I want to sue you to join your wife and imprison the former president of Media Asia for many years. I want you to sit in prison.”

Akko showed a sense of panic on his face, saying: “I didn’t imprison her…You are spitting blood.”

Irene said: “You will not die until the Yellow River.”

A violent cold light shot from the bottom of the eyes, “Why did the bank card I gave to Ah Yue appeared in your hand?”

Akko also wanted to play stupid, “What bank card? I don’t know.”

Irene said: “Don’t admit it, it’s okay. I will teach the police the evidence at that time. This card is the evidence that you and Qiulian are embarrassed.”

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