Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 877

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Chapter 877


At this moment, the old man Mai rushed to the front of the dining table, and then began to study carefully around the leftovers on several plates:

“This soup should have been made from eight kinds of herbs and stewed with lotus seeds!”

“These eight herbs should be Fritillaria, Pinellia, Red Peony…”

At this moment, the old man Mai seemed to be completely trapped in the study of these leftovers.

Baishan and his wife discovered it.

As the old man analyzed a kind of medicinal herb, after a sentence of muttering, the sweat on his forehead began to crackle and drop continuously.

On his face, a hint of blushing excitement and shock continued to flash out.

“Oh my God! Of these eight herbs, three belong to Yin, three belong to Yang, and two harmonize Yin and Yang!”

“Whether it is the amount of each herb and the degree of harmony between each other, it needs to reach an incredible level before it is possible!”

The eyes of the old man Mai stared roundly.

Looking at the soup, was like looking at something incredible.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, could this medicated diet formula be the rumored Eight Treasures forging?”

“The three-yin and three-yang are reconciled to achieve the effect of forging muscles and bones!”

After the old man said this, he took a breath!

Eight treasures forging!

For ordinary people, these words may not be peculiar!

But for the world’s top doctors, it is thunderous.

Because this is the prescription of the world’s most powerful medical god White Bone Sage.

According to rumors.

This kind of prescription, whether it is the ratio of the medicine or the auxiliary, has reached a level of protection against the sky, even if the prescription is available, ordinary doctors cannot accurately prepare it.

Even I have only heard some rumors, but have never really seen it.

And now…

“Is that the person?”

“Oh my God, in this world, I am afraid that only that person knows what Babao forging is! If it is him, then…”



Dense cold sweat slipped violently from the old man’s forehead.

And seeing this scene.

Baishan and Paula looked at each other.

They didn’t understand how powerful Shaun’s medicated diet was to make this old man gloomy.

However, this is just the beginning.

“Four Extremes Xuan Yang!”

“Jiuxiang return to Yin!”

“Six-fold sealing hole!”


Exclamations came from the old man’s mouth.

His whole body trembled as if sieving chaff, especially when he looked at the leftovers again as if looking at the most precious treasure in the world.

“It must be him! In this world, if anyone masters these prescriptions, then he can only be the Bone Saint!”

“Also, recently, Jiang City has been circulating the miracle of a genius doctor Lin! Could it be…”

Thinking of this!

The old man Mai hurriedly turned his head and asked Baishan and Paula:

“Two, who has made this medicinal diet? Is his surname is Lin?”

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