Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063

“But on the way I was escaping, I was watched by a man. When he assaulted me, he was killed by the chasing Akko. Although it was a legitimate defense, there was a suspicion of excessive defense, so Akko went to jail. “

Qiulian sobbed, “Ayue, I also know that I am not worthy of you, because my past is so unbearable. I am like an ant living in hell, struggling to escape the terrible purgatory, but no one wants to. help me.”

Jacob closed his eyes, shutting down his sympathy and pity for her. Even though this man is pitiful, he has something to hate.

Qiulian said: “I finally met you. I thought I would have suffered all the hardships in my life, but I never expected that Akko came out. He threatened me to go back with him…”

When Qiulian said this, her emotions suddenly lost control, and Dou Da’s tears rolled down, “How could I still be willing to go with him? Ayue, look at the scars on my body, they are all left to me!”

Qiulian rolled up her skirt, the shocking scars on her thigh, and various scald marks made Jacob frown.

Qiulian begged Jacob, “Ayue, I beg you, don’t push me back to hell, okay?”

Jacob looked at her coldly, his eyes with a breathtaking deterrent. “Answer me a few questions honestly.”

Qiulian nodded.

“I am not your husband, am I?”

Qiulian hesitated, the despair and unwillingness in her eyes surged.

“Ayue, I picked you up just to make you my husband. Otherwise, how could I raise you for three years…”

“Shut up!” Jacob shouted hoarsely.

Qiulian shrank in fright and looked at him fearfully.

The appearance of his tantrum was like Shura leaning over, giving people a sense of the verge of death.

Jacob slowed down his tone, although his voice returned to calm, but the entrapped ice cold became even stronger.

“From now on, I don’t want to hear your words a second time.”

Qiulian’s tears were rustling, and all her longings seemed to disappear into nothing.

“Ayue…you can’t do this to me. If you even abandon our mother and child, then we really have only one dead end.”

Women’s unique skills: one cry, two troubles and three hangs.

Jacob’s eyes filled with disgust, “You use my amnesia to tell me a big lie. Qiulian, it stands to reason that it is not enough for me to let you die ten times.”

His voice was bitterly cold.

“However, you are the savior of me and Jincao after all. I don’t like the favors owed to others. I will help you solve the problem of Akko. From now on, you and I will return to the bridge, the road to the bridge, and the road to each other. Irrelevant.”

Qiulian roared hysterically, “But Huzi is your son.”

She only has this trump card.

Jacob’s eyes were frozen, “In the hospital, why don’t you draw blood?”

Qiulian was startled slightly, wondering why he suddenly mentioned this matter.

Jacob asked and answered, “Because you are afraid that I will discover the fact that the tiger is not my flesh and blood?”

Qiulian shook her head, “It’s not like that, Huzi is really your son. Ayue, you believe me…”

“Mom. Dad.” Huzi stood at the door, and his tender voice interrupted the quarrel between Jacob and Qiulian.

Jacob looked at the tiger, the small body, the child who was born with blood coagulation dysfunction, felt a touch of sympathy in his heart.

“Take the child back to the room.” Jacob ordered.

Qiulian was relieved and hugged her baby and left.

That night, Jacob stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, staring straight ahead.

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