Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 876

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Chapter 876

“Yes! Old man, how do you know?” Paula was taken aback and nodded.

And hearing this.

The old man Mai continued to say:

“That’s right! Generally, people with broken legs will experience abnormal pain when the broken bones overlap in the first week! The pain will never go away!”

“Only after two months, a tingling sensation occurs! According to your current progress, I am afraid that you will be able to walk freely within a few days!”

The old man Mai looked at Baishan and Paula again, and his eyes became brighter and brighter:

“So, I can be 100% sure now that you both must be taking some incredible miraculous drug!”

“Otherwise, there is not anything which can affect like this!”


Magic drug?

Baishan and Paula looked at each other.

For some reason, the first reaction in their minds was what Shaun did…medicated food!

“Could it be that this incident has something to do with the medicated food Shaun made?” Baishan said incredulously.

And Paula only felt like she was dreaming.

She couldn’t imagine that it was just a simple medicated diet, could it have such a heaven-defying effect?

How can this be?

“Medicated diet?” The old man squinted his eyes and then said shortly.

“Can you take me home! I can help you find out if the medicated diet works?”

Take to home?

Baishan and Paula frowned.

They carefully observed the old man Mai, and after confirming that the old man did not look like a bad person, the couple nodded.

“We will take you! However, at this time, my son-in-law may have already disposed of the remaining medicinal food!”

Baishan said hesitantly.

Just hearing this, the old man Mai shook his head and smiled:

“Don’t worry, even if there is no medicinal food leftover, I only need to look at what kind of medicinal herbs it is, and I can figure it out!”

Looking at the old man Mai swearing.

Baishan and Paula had no choice but to agree.

At the moment, both husband and wife rushed home with the old man Mai.

When they opened the door, they discovered that Shaun was not at home, and even on the dining table, the leftovers were there.

“Old gentleman, the medicinal food we are talking about is in the plates on the table!” Baishan pointed to a few plates and said directly.

And his words just fell.

They saw that the old man couldn’t help sniffing his nose vigorously, and then a few horrified colors appeared on his face:

“This fragrance is strong and not scattered!”

“It’s just the remaining smell, I can feel it, my bloodline seems to have fluctuated! Unbelievable! God, this…what kind of medicated diet is this!”

The old man Mai was shocked.

He practiced medicine all his life and saved countless people.

There are 10,000 medicines I have seen and known.

As for medicated food!

What he knows is countless.

But now, only the residual air of this medicated diet has surpassed what he has seen and heard in his life, which makes him incredible.

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