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Chapter 755

Tina’s agent seemed to have something to say. Alyssa gave her a surprised look and asked, “Have other people who worked with this company ever had such a big incident?”

The agent shook his head: “Never before. This organizer is famous and respectful of artists.”

Alyssa furrowed her eyebrows tighter, took a short step forward, and whispered to the agent, “Do you suspect that someone might have instigated this matter?”

The agent didn’t say anything, it was acquiescence.

Alyssa’s face suddenly became serious: “Has Tina offended anyone recently?”

“No, the last drama she has just finished filming, and the next one has not yet started. In the meantime, there are some activities that have been discussed before. She hasn’t had any unpleasant things with anyone recently.” The agent said to Tina. The itinerary and interpersonal relationship are well understood, and Alyssa believes that what she is telling is the truth.

Since the agent has said so, it shows that she does have doubts about this matter.

Alyssa said, “Where did Tina participate in the event at the time, would you please give me the address?”

“OK.” The agent read Alyssa an address, and Alyssa wrote it down.

Before leaving, Alyssa said again: “Don’t tell Tina about this, let her get well.”

The agent nodded: “I know.”

Before Alyssa left, she asked Tina’s attending doctor again to confirm that Tina’s injury could be recovered, and then left with confidence.

As soon as she got out of the hospital, the phone rang.

She walked to the parking lot while holding her mobile phone.

After seeing who the caller was, Alyssa paused, then laughed, and then answered the phone.

Alyssa said teasingly: “Why is CEO Grant calling me suddenly?”

Peter didn’t know that Alyssa was making fun of him on purpose. He didn’t mind, and asked directly, “Alyssa, have you seen Tina? How is she?”

The tone sounded very anxious, he was always nervous and depressed.

The more anxious he was, the more Alyssa called him, and said indifferently, “Don’t you know what happened to her? if you don’t go and see for yourself?”

“Alyssa, I know you are the best, don’t you…” Peter began to beg Alyssa softly.

“It’s okay, you can talk to me.” Alyssa couldn’t stand his soft tone, and said sternly: “She didn’t take the injury seriously, but the injury was quite serious. She broke her leg and was put in a cast, her forehead and arm are also injured, so she could only stay in bed and rest for the time being.”

Her voice fell, but the phone was quiet.

Tina’s temperament is carefree, and she suffered some injuries when she was going to school, but it was the first time that Alyssa felt such a serious injury, let alone Peter.

Alyssa comforted him: “Don’t worry too much. I asked the doctor. As long as she recuperates, it won’t have any effect.”

When Peter spoke again, his voice was a little hoarse: “How did she get hurt?”

“When participating in the event, a shelf fell over and hit her,” Alyssa told Peter what Tina’s agent had said.

Peter sneered, his voice was rare and cold: “How many artists in AdamPic Media, there are not tens of thousands of large and small events in a year, but there are also thousands of events. There has not been such a big accident in the past five years! The probability of a minor accident is also very small.”

Peter’s words sounded very reasonable for Alyssa, and she became more and more sure that Tina’s injury was not just an accident.

Alyssa said: “Tina’s agent also thinks this accident is a bit weird. I plan to visit the place where Tina participated in the event.”

Peter immediately said: “I will come too.”

Alyssa thought for a while and said, “Where do we meet?”

Although Tina and Peter have not been together, she certainly does not want Peter to take care of her affairs, but this time the matter is a bit serious. Anyway, Peter is also the CEO of AdamPic Media and the boss of Tina. He intervenes in this matter. Things make sense.

“I’m at the entrance of the hospital, you can see me when you drive out.”

Alyssa had walked to the front of her car and just opened the door. After hearing Peter’s words, she turned her head and saw a white car flashing its lights not far away.

Alyssa hung up the phone and walked quickly towards the car.

After approaching, she found that Peter was sitting in the car.

Peter lowered the car window, and Alyssa asked him, “Are you here to see Tina?”

Peter didn’t answer her question, only asked her: “You go in my car or drive your own?”

His expression was a little cold, and his eyes were a little gloomy, Alyssa knew that she was doing this because of the coldness.

“I drive my own car, I will lead the way, and you will follow me behind.” If she takes Peter’s car and has to come back to pick up the car, it will be very troublesome.

Peter only nodded quietly.

Alyssa returned to her car, and after driving out, she called Alvin.

As soon as Alvin answered the phone, he said impatiently: “When are you coming?”

She had previously made an appointment with Alvin to discuss the lawsuit. She knew that Tina was injured and came to the hospital directly. Although she also called Alvin and said that she had something to do, she had to wait for a while, but Alvin also waited a long time. For a while, resentment was already high.

Alyssa said apologetically: “I’m sorry, but there is something else temporarily, let’s meet again another day.”

“What is more important than your lawsuit? Now for us, one more day will give us one more chance of winning.” Alvin’s tone already had obvious anger.

This was the first time Alyssa saw Alvin’s anger so obvious.

Alyssa could understand Alvin’s intentions, and said calmly: “My best friend has something wrong, custody is important to me, and my friend’s matter is also very important. I will organize the information and contact you later. Sorry.”

This “sorry” Alyssa said sincerely. Although Alvin was still angry, he didn’t say anything more.

“Okay, it’s your business anyway.” Alvin’s tone could be heard that she was still angry, and she hung up after speaking.

Alyssa put the phone aside and started to concentrate on driving.

After driving for nearly an hour, Alyssa arrived at the address given to her by her agent.

After she stopped the car, she unfastened her seat belt and opened the door.

Peter followed her closely, got out of the car, and walked to her in two to three steps: “Is it here?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded in response. Just as she was about to speak, she noticed a few people with cameras on the other side.

She looked horrified, then fell silent, pulled Peter aside, and whispered, “There are reporters.”

Chapter 756

Peter followed Alyssa’s gaze and saw several men in peaked caps sneaking together over there and talking.

“I’m afraid of what they do!” Peter raised an eyebrow and walked over to the reporters indifferently.

Alyssa had to keep up.

Peter approached, and the men who were talking together also just raised their heads. One of them whispered to the other two people: “CEO Grant of AdamPic Media…”

Peter lifted his chin slightly, pointed at their camera, and asked, “What did you take.”

One of the reporters replied: “We didn’t photograph anything, we just came, and now the major media are changing the law and want to know why Tina was injured.”

Seeing that they didn’t know anything, Peter didn’t ask much, turned around and walked inside.

At this time, he heard the “click” sound of taking pictures behind him.

Peter turned his head and glanced at Alyssa, and Alyssa said softly, “They are photographing me.”

Peter fell back again and slapped the person on the top of the head: “What kind of shot did you take? Did I let you do it? Don’t you want to be a reporter?”

“I… didn’t take anything, I’ll delete it right away… I’ll delete it right away…” The man’s face changed in fright, shaking his hands and began to delete the photos.

AdamPic Media is the leader of the entertainment industry. Peter wants to keep a reporter in the industry. That is to say, it is a matter of stretching his fingers. The average young person really dare not provoke him.

After Peter patted him on the shoulder, they looked at him as if: “Delete it clean, you know?”

The man nodded repeatedly: “Know!”

“Let’s go, go in.” After Peter finished speaking, he turned to Alyssa and said.

The two walked in one after another.

The staff inside saw the two of them rushing inside and wanted to stop them.

Peter’s eyes stared: “Look clearly, I’m Peter from AdamPic Media. You stop me and try?”

“CEO Grant, you…” The staff naturally didn’t dare to stop, but they didn’t plan to put Peter in just like that.

But how could they stop Peter, he rushed in.

The venue for the event fell off because of the desolate incident yesterday, and today there are other events temporarily canceled.

Some of the decorations in the venue were still there, but they did not see the so-called “shelf” on the scene.

Alyssa turned around on the stage and said, “I don’t know what the agent said that it hit Tina’s. It was cleaned up so quickly. It must be a guilty conscience.”

“It must be a guilty conscience.” Standing in the center of the stage, Peter said, facing the audience, “I just rushed back from the field in the morning, and the idiots in the company didn’t know that they came to the spot to check. They only knew to question the staff , Let them clean up the scene.”

Peter pressed his tongue-head against his chin, getting more and more angry, and kicked a chair on the side that was too late to be removed.

Alyssa asked, “What kind of activities are there? There should be photos and videos?”

“It is said that it was just a rehearsal. don’t know if there are any video photos or the like.” Peter walked back and forth on the stage, looking very anxious.

After a while, he took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go back and check the artists who have recently competed with Tina.”

“I don’t think it’s very likely. Tina’s agent told me before that she hasn’t had a grudge with anyone recently.” Alyssa paused and continued: “The person who can have grudges with Tina must be with me. She has a competitive relationship. Those who have a competitive relationship must be in the same position as her, but does the artist who shares the same position in her have the ability to buy the organizer’s staff?”

Peter listened to Alyssa’s words, and he nodded thoughtfully: “Alyssa, you go on.”

“This organizer has cooperated with you several times, and they must also be very clear that AdamPic Media has given Tina a good resource. He is very concerned about Tina, let alone hurting Tina, even if it is easy to neglect. But yesterday Tina was injured, so blatantly attacking Tina, it shows that the person who bought the organizer’s staff has a strong background.”

“At least this behind-the-scenes master gave a lot of benefits to the staff member who was bribed. This benefit made them not hesitate to offend AdamPic Media.”

The more Alyssa analyzed it, the more weird she felt.

“It makes sense.” Peter sneered: “I don’t even know when Tina offended a big man who even AdamPic Media doesn’t care about.”

Alyssa murmured, “Perhaps it wasn’t Tina who offended someone, but…”

“What?” Peter heard Alyssa say halfway and stopped talking, and asked, “Why didn’t you say it?”

Alyssa shook her head with a thoughtful look, but did not speak.

Peter didn’t ask too much: “I will look for the video and photos of the scene at that time to see if I can find something.”

“Okay,” Alyssa responded, walking out a little absent-mindedly.

The two separated at the door.

After Alyssa drove the car for some distance, she stopped again.

She sat in the car for a while, then dialed the phone to Mattie.

Mattie was very quiet on the other side, she teased: “Is the sun coming out from the west today? Since you will take the initiative to call me!”

Alyssa asked her: “Do you have Miana’s phone number?”

“I knew you were nothing but the Three Treasures Hall’.” Mattie sighed and asked, “Why do you want Miana’s phone? Last time you asked for her address, this time you want her phone number. Do you have a crush on her?”

“Just forget it if you don’t know.” Alyssa said, she was about to hang up.

“When did I say I don’t know! I know Miana’s phone number, I’ll find it for you!” Mattie was walking, and the sound of her heels on the ground was clear: “You don’t know how to be gentle when I ask for help.”

Alyssa grabbed her hair a little irritably, trying to calm her tone: “Thank you.”

“Okay, I’m used to it.” Mattie turned for a while and found Miana’s phone number: “I found her number, I read it to you… But why are you looking for her?”

“There’s something, thank you.” Alyssa was afraid that Mattie would ask more, and said directly: “Goodbye, I won’t disturb you.”

“I’m not busy…” Before Mattie finished speaking, Alyssa hung up the phone.

Alyssa looked at Miana’s call that had just been saved on the phone with a serious expression.

In the past few years, Tina’s resources are very good, but it is the kind of good that does not show the mountains and the water. There are no negative comments in the shows. The shows are not necessarily the protagonists, but they are very pleasant Assumingly.

There are actually a lot of such people in the entertainment industry. They are not so popular, but they are not jealous.

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