Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048

Irene’s mouth was lifted, but she stopped talking.

Jacob must have misunderstood Janice as a woman with no self-respect.

But Janice just treats him as an older brother?

“Brother Yue, Janice was joking with you.” Irene said embarrassedly.

Jacob said coldly: “Sure enough, things are gathered by kind, and people are divided by groups.”

Irene: “…”

Does this classify her as a woman who does not respect herself?

Seeing that he was in trouble, Janice hurried to escape, “You guys, I’m going to toast.”

Irene wanted to toast several directors very much, thanking them for their support to Janice.

But Jacob was sitting in the corner like an ice sculpture, and Irene didn’t want to leave him alone. Can only die with the gentleman and sit in front of him.

At this time, the female stars found the Jacob in the corner and were attracted by his dignified appearance.

“That man is so handsome, who will invite him to dance?” someone said.

“I’m going.” An actress in a low-neck suspender dress came to Jacob gracefully with a glass of cocktail.

Other actresses are eagerly waiting. They all want to know how the porn star Mei Huazi surrendered the beautiful ice sculpture.

Mei Huazi walked to Jacob and handed the cocktail in her hand to Jacob.

Jacob stared at her indifferently. But did not reach out to pick up her wine.

Irene didn’t want to make too many enemies for Janice, and treated the stars of the crew warmly. Seeing that Mei Huazi’s expression became a little uncontrollable, she quickly helped Jacob pick up the wine.

Jacob glanced at her sharply, and Irene smiled badly, “I’ll drink it for him.”

Mei Huazi probably doesn’t know who Irene is, after all, Irene, president of Media Asia, is rarely in public view.

Seeing Irene so soft and cute, he thought she was cowardly to be deceived. When he was about to take the cocktail back, he said with a black face: “Miss, this wine is not for you. I invite this gentleman to drink it.”

Jacob looked at Irene’s shriveled expression, and his eyebrows were dyed and smiling.

Irene said: “Sorry, he doesn’t drink.”

He grabbed the cocktail again and drank it with his neck up.

After drinking, return the empty glass to the plum. “The wine is good, thank you.”

Mei Huazi gazed at Irene suddenly, and left angrily.

Jacob looked at Irene, his voice was cold, and he said insincerely: “The amount of alcohol is good.”

Irene chuckled dryly.

Mei Huazi went back to the pile of messy women with a black face and whispered a few words to them.

Then the women came in an endless stream to toast Irene, and Irene drank various wines they handed over.

No one refuses to come.

Jacob’s face became more and more ugly.

Finally, even male stars began to join in the fun.

“This beautiful lady, can you please dance with your face?”

Irene drank slightly, looking sideways at Jacob.

Jacob said in a dull voice: “Your own business, your own decision.”

The actor looked at her drunk, and the man didn’t care about her, so he became interested. He stretched out his hand to pull Irene, his voice could not hide his wretchedness, “Let’s go, miss.”

Jacob’s eyes were gloomy in his eagle eyes.

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